Underhand Vs Overhand Lat Pulldown | WHICH GRIP BUILDS A BIGGER BACK?

What’s going on Nation? Today We’re going to be talking about which is the best way to maximize your muscle building potential with the cable lat pulldown machine And we’ll be comparing the underhand grip versus the overhand grip But before we get started be sure to click that notification bell so you never miss a new video upload now obviously the objective here is to pick the Variation of the lat pulldown that will help you build a wider and thicker back But which exercise is best for you will depend on a couple things number one is your back lagging in a certain area For example maybe your upper lats are well-developed, but your lower lats are just not flaring out like the wings you’d hope they would be or Maybe your workouts already consists of a few movements that target your back in the same way the lat pulldown does and you need to Choose the right variation to ensure that you’re not wasting your time repeating the same movement patterns But before we get into all of that. Let’s go over proper form for the movement with both variations Alright guys so proper form for this movement stats off with adjusting this pad right here You want to adjust this so that when you’re sitting down you can get your feet underneath And you can actually push off your toes into this to help lock you into place. This is gonna. Help you lift heavier weight for more repetitions if you’re not able to do this you’re gonna slide out of the machine and Obviously it’s gonna go against how much weight you can lift Once you get that set up you’re gonna stand up grab out Just outside of shoulder width and we’re doing the overhand grip version of this first grab Just outside of shoulder width pull it down get yourself locked into place And then adjust yourself so that you can sit up straight like this with your core nice and tight and that when you pull this By down you can bring it to the top of your chest and keep Your elbows in line with your wrist the entire time so all the way up get a full stretch at the top and then bring It back down and pull it to the top of your chest Now if you want to do the underhand version of this exercise all of the setup down here is the same But what you’re going to do is grab a bit closer to the center of the bow like this So instead of being outside of shoulder width you’re going to be probably just about shoulder-width or a little closer And then once you grab these inside handles the main differences here is That what you’re gonna Do is actually slightly lean back just a little bit because for this movement you’re gonna try to bring the BAA down to the top of your ribcage so Instead of leaning forward and bringing it here to the top of your chest what you’re gonna. Do is lean back Just slightly and pull it all the way down to the top of your ribcage this is where you get that really hard contraction that really had flex so if you’ve been doing this movement and Only pulling it down. Just below your chin or to the top of your chest You’ve been doing it wrong and not maximizing the full range of motion of the exercise you want to sit up straight and bring it all the Way down to the top of your ribcage flex your back as hot as you can and then go back up to the top of the position and Repeat four reps and that is how you do proper form for each movement all right? So now that you understand proper form let’s discuss how each exercise targets the lats if your goal is to work on the upper portion of the lats then the variation you want to use is the overhand grip What else is great about the overhand grip is that when it comes to maximizing? The stretch of the lat to the top of the movement This version is superior to the underhand grip if you guys remember We just did a video about how to hack the pull-up for muscle gains without doing any reps and it was basically a way to dead hang and you can check out that video by opening up the cot over here now the Stretch here is very similar to that and the reason why you can get more of a stretch with this variation Versus the underhand grip is because at the top of the movement you can actually get the BAA over and behind your head Whereas with the underhand grip the stretch at the top is obstructed by your shoulders? But the underhand grip does have its benefits as well First and foremost it will activate more of the lower lats and while the over here grip provides a better stretch the underhand grip provides a far superior flex or contraction of the lats at the bottom of the movement This is because the range of motion when using an underhand grip will allow you to bring the bow all the way down to the top of your ribcage Secondly guys this variation really activate your biceps And why that’s more beneficial to you is because you’ll have more strength to pull down more weight to Overload your lats as much as possible for growth now when it comes to applying these two Variations to your overall back workout you want to make sure that you don’t perform Multiple exercises in a row that follow the same movement patterns for example if you statue back workout with pull-ups Then moving into an overhand grip lat pulldown It’s not a waste of time But you’re targeting the lats the same way which isn’t the best use of your time? The same goes for chin-ups Moving into an underhand grip lat pulldown after chin-ups is the same movement pattern and not the most effective way to train so if you start your workout with pull-ups It would be best to use the underhand version of the lat pulldown for your second exercise Also guys keep in mind what your next? Exercises are going to be is important as well the easiest thing to do would be to just remember your hand position on each Movement and make sure that you’re alternating underhand grip two overhand grip when possible But don’t forget about the neutral grip too guys if anything It’s best to Statue workouts with neutral grip movements like a t-bar row for example Because you’ll always be able to lift the most amount of weight and overload your back for more growth with a neutral grip I actually did a video Comparing the various grips in my bent over row versus t-bar row video so make sure you check that one out After this one is over another way you can maximize the benefits of the different grips is instead of alternating the grip on each exercise Try doing two sets of an overhand grip followed by two sets of an underhand grip for a total of four working sets per movement typically for muscle gain you want to be in the eight to ten rep range per set But you can always easily apply my cheat and recover technique to these back exercises as well for those of you who are not familiar with cheat and recover you perform eight cheat reps with as much weight as possible using a spotter or a bit of momentum to skip the concentric phase of the movement and then focus on fighting the negative as much as possible on each rep and as Soon as you finish eight cheat reps you immediately lower the weight and come we ate recover reps with perfect form But if you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend using this method because if you have poor mind muscle connection You’ll not be able to maximize the benefits of the cheat reps and could possibly injure yourself remember guys the basis behind cheat and recover training is taking advantage of being 40% stronger in the eccentric portion of the movement During the cheat and then once you’ve pre Exhausted your muscles doing the cheat reps you’re gonna Fuse more volume into the set by doing the recover reps if you enjoyed the video be sure to smash that like button Subscribe if you haven’t already and be sure to leave your suggestions for future videos That you would like to see in that comment section below Also guys if you’re in need of a full 12 week program Be sure to check mine out on muscularstrength.com all of my programs are for beginners or advanced lifters And you’ll have the support from me and our entire community to ensure that you’re reaching your goals and as always guys More good stuff coming soon. 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  1. great info .following !
    .. buuut : its hard not "HOD" , targets , not tog-gets , card not cod. bar not bahh , far not fahhh. starts not stahts. beginner not beginnuh,

  2. Thank you, I used to use similar hand placement no matter if I was doing underhand or overhand. Excited to try it out tomorrow! #chest&shoulderday

  3. i like this video .. now i know why underhand and overhand.. and also doing with chin up and pull up.. Very informative! … tks so much !

  4. Hi Mr Scott Herman. If i do pull ups and chin ups, would it be preferable to do either of the underhand and overhand lat pulldown as well? is it ok for me to start a pull up/lat pull down or is it better to start with rows? your response is well appreciated thanl you.

  5. Thanks, jef-i mean Scott. Gotta say, I've seen that necklace… And shirtless style… And intro music…. And hand movements before.

  6. How would vertical grip pull-ups affect the different factors? Is it the middle-ground between overhand and underhand?

  7. Can you show more footage of the camera in front of you?As I like to see where the bar goes, when you are referring to above the rib cage etc in relation to your nipple line, thanks :).

  8. Do not do underhand grip lat pulldown, this is how i tore my bicep. Also do not deadlift with one underhand grip and the other overhand grip. The underhand grip is in a position to tear. Do a youtube search of bicep tears compilation and you will see that almost all of them were the underhand grip bicep that tore.

  9. I absloutely love your videos! definitely some of the most helpful! listening to the way you talk is also pretty awsome. haha annnnnd geezus youre easy on the eyes 😧 if only i were lucky enough 😂

  10. You can train 140% more on the eccentric than the concentric. Why would you do the "cheat" thing which hurts you back. Just put 140% so for instance 140 KG in stead of 100 KG and use your whole body to lower it. Use a jump for instance or ask people. So you are in the lowest position with 140 KG and can slowly move the bar upwards in the eccentric phase. 1) less dangerous for under back and 2) better effect. A concentric-eccentric set will never be optimal because you can lift way more eccentric.

    An even better option would be to use a one hand only in eccentric and use two hands in the concentric phase. So use both hands to go down and only one to go up. Also much safer. But of course difficult in the wide grip position.

  11. I tried underhand grip once, got my wrist twisted. Never ever again shall I use underhand for lat pulldown

  12. Is their a way to send you a privet message i have a question that i dont want to put ib the commet section. It embarassing to me i hope you understand my email address is [email protected] hope to hear from you talk to you soon

  13. Jesus…we're all really glad you're not the only youtube fitness channel….otherwise we would all kill ourselves….

  14. YOUR FORM IS HORRIBLE. Did no one tell you that you are meant to keep your back straight and not bent…

    Jesus Christ… You would think an advanced lifter would know some shit about that…

    But hey… Some day you will snap your shit up in two and then you will learn. Albeit too late.

  15. Thank you Scott these videos are helping me get healthy again. I was a total mess when I started working out. Now after I lost 95 pounds of fat. I am making muscle gains like mad!! .

  16. Hi Scott, I really enjoyed your video. It has truly inspired me to go to the gym and work on my goal to become stronger. You’re a legend and I’m so grateful for your videos! You rock bro!❤️

  17. Doing a lat pulldown is done by elevating the scapula and depressing the scapula…. the supinated grip or front pulldown is done by pulling in an arc… your shoulders are a pivot point…. if you pull down in a straight line then it becomes a bicep exercise!

  18. A T Bar row with a narrow neutral grip has more to do with the range of motion or lack of range of motion…. it's more grip and forearm involvement…. has little to do with back development…. it's another ego exercise where you can lift stupid weights!

  19. The Jerk down on the lat pulldown is bad advice…. jerking your shoulder joints is always a bad thing….that's abusing the equipment…. nothing was mentioned about how much drag was on the weight stack!

  20. I'm fucked up scott. I started my workout with pull ups. Then proceeded to overhand lat pulldowns. Now I'm gonna do the underhand grip now. Thanks Scott💪

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