Ultimate WARM UP Cardio Workout – Boosts Energy!

Yo dudes and dudets it’s you’re friendly neighborhood JaxBlade here rocking the nice Little Macho Saitama Goku frankly Whatever one you want to say like I love you strikes It feels comfortable and today is just going to be a quick warm-up You can do just going to take five six minutes that will help you warm you up and all you can do this before any Workout that rolls weight training if you’re going running or something like that Just whatever you want to or heck you could just use this as little thing to break a sweat really quickly Or you just want to get some energy quick this will be the perfect thing for you to do and all we’re going to do Is just go through a nice little? Circuit to warm you up, and then you can go on and do any tough like the toons workout you want to do I’ll have all link at the end of the video, so let’s just get right into it real quick I want to say I do suggest drinking two bottles of water before this just like you’re nice and hydrate You know you don’t have to bring it back back because make sure to get like at least two bottles working all right guys We’re just going to get you ready so stretch up alright. Just warm yourselves up and Now let’s get to it. All right So what we’re going to do is we’re going to start with a nice jogging in place Just jogging in place 30 seconds doesn’t have to be anything intense. It’s not like you’re running away for anything Just a light little job. Just like lightly bringing up your knees This is going to warm up your legs and your upper body as well If you just slowly, you know pretend like you’re crunch up in the air like Tom cruise running away from something But yet, and then just do that lightly. We got six seconds five four three Two one then we’re going to move on to our next exercise and these are basically knee tugs All you’re doing is you’re just pulling your knee up to your chest all right do this nice slow and controlled like if you feel Any stray in your baggage you can feel any strain your back all you’re doing is pulling out that knee Churches’ getting that blood flow all through the legs and getting yourself nice and warmed up in the process It’s great to warm up your legs I personally like to warm up the lower body then go to upper body, and then like mix them together in my opinion That’s how I get the best when I do this and three two one after that We’ve got some squats with the calf raise and the shoulder press so what you’re going to do is you’re going to get in a squat make sure your Knees do not go past your toes And when you come up do a calf race at the top so shoulder press squat and calf Raise is pretty basic, and if you have knee issues, then you can just do the shoulder press part right now and then just no lightly Hop back and forth because there are other exercises where people has to be your knee issues. I have in here, but yep three two One alright now. Let’s move on to our next one these are just warming up your elbows So you’re going to bring your elbows in now? So all you’re doing is just like you’re storing a big bowl of spaghetti Whatever big-ass bowl like you’re just stirring it and then you’re doing that internally for 15 seconds Then externally for the other 15 seconds And this is just great and helping you prevent getting Elbow tendonitis because this was the thing I didn’t do this before and since I started doing it my elbow Tendonitis has gone down tremendously So add that in and three two one after that We got some classic Jumping jacks great for the shoulders the legs the whole body and remember if you have bad knees you can just walk side to side Like I’m doing right here. All right, but yeah, just get it nice and go hop back and forward There’s a nice good old jump rope jumping Jacks. Whatever have fun with it on fifteen seconds Twelve Eleven Good thankfully nothing’s bouncing. That’s too whatever But yeah, just keep jumping three two one And then we move on to our next exercise these are torso twists So just bring your knee up and what adds Added benefit if you want to work your abdominals even better your core if I can track the abs and blow out all your air At the top some movement So when the knee goes up blow out all your air and contract the core that not only warms up your core But warms up your knees warms up your legs. This is just a great fantastic exercise all around. It’s like It’s working everything working good thing right there. So make sure do it also great for the back And here we go warm-up after that We’re gonna just roll it around down. Roll it around and warming up those hips baby So you know how this is pretty basic thing. I think pretty sure they teach this in pe classes because in my pe classes They taught it So you know just go out first and then for the next 15 seconds go inward, and then it’s pretty basic You know it’s you. Just roll your hips and really focus on warming those hips up yeah have fun with it dang Yeah, I look like a model right there. Yeah, oh But yeah, just take that for 30 seconds, and then we move on to our next exercise Which is going to be this is one of my favorite exercises? I learned in physical therapy for my shoulder And it actually helped a lot so what you’re going to do is mini Pretend like you’re storing mini bowls on the wall if your arms straight and flex your wrist up And I’m going to show you in a second like how your palm should be facing Upward and your arms should be straight and what you’re doing is making mini circles like you’re drawing it out like a small mini Bowl And a small mini bowl, you’re trying to do as many circles you can you’re going up and down slowly Then after that we’ve got some rotator cuff warm-ups these are things I also did in physical therapy for my shoulder helped tremendously Just helps warm up the shoulder really focus on just using your shoulder don’t like use momentum to swing your arms up use just the shoulder and socket really Just go up and down warm up those rotator cuff muscles because they do not get hit enough properly like a lot of people Neglect them and they have shoulder issues later on in life But this is one of the best warm-ups you can do it even works better if you have those little Five or three pound weights now after that we’ve got a nice little boxer shuffle You don’t have to do it like muhammad. Ali’s the greatest of all time. You just bounce back and forth Dang. Don’t come okay? Yeah You know it just just hop back and forth nice little box and remember if you have any issues you can just you know walk side to side, but yeah This is just little thing you should be building up nice glaze a nice little glaze happening like you shouldn’t be sweating profusely but building a nice glaze because you just want to raise that heart rate up and get the body all nice and warmed up and Then in three seconds, we’re going to finish up with one of my personal favorites some goku stretches We used to do these all the time my mMA classes and what we did was we alternated When we were doing it so just to hear and remember if you’re not as flexible as I am right here Then I show you what a toned-down version, but yeah, just do that. I kind of go through threats Yeah, you can do it. How I’m doing there if you’re not as flexible But yep, just go down really stretch it out really stretch those legs out. Yeah, that’s good You feel like a frickin animated character You’re about to go whoop some ass yeah, and now you get up. Well dudes and dudets into this I hope you enjoyed today’s little warm-up video. You can literally do this before any of my tough like the toonz workout That’s what you wanna do like I made this just so you know you would have some easy to do or we just want to break a quick sweat and then This little five-minute thing will help you out with that And you know you can always follow me on my social media accounts below if you want to and then support to my patreon really Helps me out a lot. I really appreciate you guys and Thank you for watching and remember to share with all your friends that they want to get the nice quick little workout in Or just do it Anyways keep calm who you’re on don’t forget moment time now go train hard

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