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Let’s talk about proteins. I get a lot of questions about what kind of protein i should take when I should take protein and what its benefits of protein. We need to increase protein intake because we work out everyday, you need to get it adequate amount of protein into your system in able to build muscle simple as that. My personal recommendation for protein shakes I take protein three times a day first thing in the morning when I wake up obviously because I’ve been resting throughout the night so I need something liquid that my body can absorb right away the second time I take it my post-workout shake which is very very very important time of the day to take it and the third time i take it at night which helps me with my cravings my favorite source of protein it is Iso Whey Zero now there are many reasons why i love this protein but i’ll give you a few its sugar-free its lactose-free and it’s gluten-free. BioTech USA has a range of flavors that you can choose from my personal favorite is chocolate so it’s a great post in a highly recommended it has a high concentration of BCAAs if the fast-acting protein so it’s actually great for post-workout shake for everyday protein i highly recommend Iso Whey Zero it’s also very beneficial if you’re dieting on the grand for show if you prepare for show and you need a good source of protein Iso Whey Zero is the way to go.

8 thoughts on “Ulisses talks about Iso Whey Zero -BioTech USA

  1. It test so like shit I couldn’t drink it today and wondering how I’ll drink the 2 scoops for 2 months 🙂 .. diet .. diet

  2. BioTechUSA, thank you for your wonderful products. I and my family are using Protein Power (4 kg), and we love it. I wonder is there a way to check the originality of the product, because we afraid of counterfeits. For example the price in Extreme Digital is 45 euro, whilst in Sila BG is 70 euro.
    – https://b2b.silabg.com/bg/15900-sila-product.html
    – https://edigital.bg/proteini/biotech-usa-protein-power-4000-g-p449579
    The taste is different, and therefor my question is the possibility to check originality with your stamped number.
    Thank you for all!

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