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Let’s talk about bulking, gaining weight and let’s be honest guys one of the main reasons we train is the build quality muscles so I want to speak to my hard gainers on this one. How do we build quality mass your training is going good but now you need to diet to match your training for you to build quality muscles one of the easy and simplest way to do this is by increasing your caloric intake very important that we supplement with weight gainers throughout the day is a few times in the day you can take your mass gainer to help with your caloric intake and one of the most important time this post workout right after your workout it’s very important to take a mass gainer during that time. Other recommended times that you can take your mass in there will be breakfast and lunch time will give you enough energy for your training when you ready to train and then after you work out you take it again as opposed to workout shake when it comes to bulking up and get the extra calories in i recommend Hyper Mass why do I recommend hyper mass is quite simple Hyper Mass has several blends of protein matrix in there it’s got a high concentration of carbs and it also has several blend of creatin matrix which is very important Hyper Mass also taste very good this can be consumed twice a day without giving any of that bloated feeling or anything like that so i highly recommend Hyper Mass

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