U.S. doesn’t consider N. Korea’s anger when conducting combined exercises: Pentagon

while South Korea and the US are to
carry out a combined aerial exercise later this year
North Korea is angry saying it can only take that as a declaration of
confrontation but the US says it wouldn’t scale down as exercises with so
– based on the North’s anger are always on here reports the South korea-us joint
air exercise will be carried out as planned regardless of whether it angers
North Korea that’s the reaction from the US after Pyongyang’s senior diplomats
condemned the upcoming Seoul Washington exercise – The Voice of America the US
Defense Department spokesperson David Eastburn said quote we don’t scale or
conduct our exercises based on North Korea’s anger he added that the
exercises are to ensure readiness and enhance interoperability between South
Korea and US but he also explains that the exercises allowed the diplomats have
the space they need for open conversations with North Korea this
comes after North Korea expressed this fury over a planned joint military drill
between Seoul and Washington calling it a declaration of confrontation roving
ambassador of the North’s foreign ministry
hwang jeongyeon issued a statement on Wednesday he stressed that the combined
air exercise that South Korea and the u.s. are planning to carry out in
December violates the agreement set between North Korea and the u.s. at
their first summit in Singapore last year saying the exercises throw a wet
blanket over the dialogue momentum Pyongyang learned that its patience is
nearing its limit South Korea and the US are to carry out a combined air exercise
in December which has much scaled down from their usual wintertime exercise
vigilant ace it’s known that South Korea’s Air Force and the US Air Force
will each train separately and then the combined forces will check their aerial
readiness odami arirang news

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