Triceps Workout – 200 Reps (CAVALIERE VS. CT FLETCHER!)

CT FLETCHER VS JEFF CAVALIERE CT: We have plenty of differences but we have
a few, quite a few similarities also. How we get there might be a little bit different.
You might phrase it a little bit different than I. The bottom line is, we can’t escape hard ass
work. No way around it Mother Fucker. What we’re doing is called CT Fletcher Tricep
Gauntlet. 200 Rep Tricep Gauntlet CT: And now you know the training techniques
and method that I use are designed to attest and improve one’s will. Jeff: Hack away. Let’s go. Go. Go. Pump Jeff: Come on. One more CT: God Damn you’re sexy. An old man showing
off. Jeff: C’mon. I want you to get something You wanted me to do what he just did? CT: Yes. Yes. I do. CT: He gets extra credit. I weigh 220 pounds.
I don’t know what you weigh. Jeff: About 165. CT: 165. Doing the same exact weight I was
doing at 165 pounds. I want you Mother Fuckers to give him extra
credit. As you can see, he deserves it. Will power
will be tested indeed. Jeff: Aaah, fuck me. You are a crazy Mother Fucker. CT: I praise you. Beautiful form. Beautiful. Jeff: It’s only 200 reps. CT: That’s all. ‘It’s impossible to burn fat
and build muscle at the same time.’ BULLSHIT. Yes, Sir. Jeff: Those 15s. They’re insulting me now. CT: Uh, Jeff I mean, he decided to let me
call the exercise of what we would do today, and I readily admit that I can not do what
he does. But I figure he stands a much better chance
of doing what I do than me doing what he does. So, I can’t do the shit that he does, ya know.
I don’t mind admitting it. I’m 56 Mother Fucker. CT: C’mon Jeff. Yes Sir 3, 4, 5, Cmon, Cmon. Jeff: Oh shit. CT: Think you need to be strained Jeff. Work
your shit out. You make me feel good. I feel all warm and
fuzzy now inside. That’s the shit. Jeff: Ok guys. Off with the shirt. CT: A little known fact is, it helps to do
it when you get naked. So, lol Jeff: I’m trying to break out all my weapons. I don’t even have to tell you. He’ll be dancing
later. Come on. Jeff: Oh, shit. Mother Fucker CT: A shit and a Mother Fucker. I’m growing
proud. Jeff: I thought you said your father was a
preacher, but you sound like the devil when you’re laughing over there. CT: He was, and a Mother Fucker. He was a
preacher and a Mother Fucker. CT: 3, 2. Jeff: What, do more? AAAAAAH. CT: Did you see the end of the train. Great
job! Great job! CT: Fantastic. Jeff: So, guys, here’s the point. CT mentioned
in the beginning. He pushed me to my limit here, and sometimes
even we get caught in our own comfort zones. And you’ve got to be pushed. I pushed myself
today. Definitely harder than I have. Bet it looked a hell of a lot harder than
he makes it look, but the name of the game here is, You push yourself every single time. You take yourself to new levels of what you
think is possible. And that’s what CT preaches all the time. CT: Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Jeff: Thank you CT: Outstanding. Memories, he’s a lot lighter
than me, and I do this shit all the time, so. That’s bad ass right there.

15 thoughts on “Triceps Workout – 200 Reps (CAVALIERE VS. CT FLETCHER!)

  1. I don't think there is anyone to get you motivated like fletcher. I like on his channel when he starts talking while they are working out… It's like he is preaching the word of God to you and if you don't listen her will bring the wrath down upon you… Lol

  2. Ct is a piece of shit wife beater.
    Also he uses mad roids and isn't even performing a squeeze at the end of his reps.

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