Treadmill Workout Tips : Calf Stretches for Treadmill Workout

Hi, my name is Rotem I’m an exercise physiologist
and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next exercise is the calf stretching.
Now stand arms length from the wall, shifting my weight toward the wall, now I’ll place
one leg forward and I’ll bend my knee, then the other leg is backwards with the knee straight
and the heel is on the ground. Now we’ll start to push by trying to bring my hip towards
the wall, start to push it until you feel a stretch right here in this muscle, in the
calf muscle. So I’m stretching it, now I start to feel it stretch and I’m posing, holding
it between 30 or 15 seconds and then switch the legs. So now the other leg is in the front,
knee bent and start to push the hips toward the wall, feeling the stretch, holding it
and then release it.

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