Transformation of Functions

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  1. The summarization of everything helped tons so I didn't have to go back and separately think what everything meant individually. Thank you!

  2. Oh man what your doing is amazing! Teachers like you give students like me who are decent but not the best another view point or a simpler way to look at things. I'm currently taking pre cal at a local community college. I feel like watching your videos before I go to lecture and after everything makes sense.

  3. Hello ProfRobBob, Thanks for the amazing video. I was wondering if you could add graphs in your parameter functions videos. I came across some problems that require you to graph the functions in a couple off different ways including the arrows etc. Also, they require that I use function transformation rules to do them quickly. For example, x = e exp (-t+3); y= t eventually becomes a y = ln x-A function. as such it involves paramter elimination and also a transformation function to plot it. Thanks a million.

  4. Dear ProfRobBob
    Thanks so much for all the videos.I cannot tell you how much I want to thank you.I am preparing for the SAT II could you advise me on what are the chapters/topics I must pay attention to

  5. Hey prof. just finished doing a couple of assignments on mymathlab and let me just say, you sir, are a miracle worker! Seriously, I left my pre-calc. class today lost and when I saw that what our prof. had covered in class was not in the homework assignments, I freaked. Thankfully, I found your channel! Thank you and take care!

  6. in y=af[k(x-d)]+c does k have to be factored outside of x?

    so if y=af[1/3x-4]+3
    would u factor k out to make it y=af[1/3(x-16)]+3?

  7. Man you are single handedly getting me through precalculus in college. Thank you for your thorough explanations in plain english

  8. Start summer semester in Calculus 1 on monday! Getting my review in now on the pre calculus to fresh up my memory and i have rob bob to help me again!

  9. I hope you know that over here in little ol' New Zealand us year 12 math students praise you so much :')

  10. How do I transform the function f(x) into g(x)=-2f(x+5.5)-4? (i have a diagram of f(x) and I worked out that the equation is =0.9x^2-5.94x+12.301)
    I understand that the correct order for transformation is
    1. reflection
    2. stretching/compression
    3. vertical translation
    4. horizontal translation

    When I graph this on graphmatica, it gives unexpected results!!
    Thank you for reading this :))

  11. thank you so much, Prof. What textbook do you use though ?Thanks so much again . I am doing the IB (math HL) so I will be using your videos a lot

  12. Wow, the dotted lines, forming voxels, on which graph was initially drawn were also erased!!!! (at 9:27) They were drawn with chalk? How? They looked so perfect?

  13. These videos are awesome man! No joke. Its so nice that you breakdown how and why these rules and equation work when they're applied. I have read and reread my book several times and after watching this video it all makes sense now. haha.

    Thanks for the help.

  14. GREAT video. But were you trying to see if we were still awake at 13:55?  eeeek!  Hahaha You have no worries of anyone falling asleep on your clearly explained lectures. Many of us owe our passing grades to you 😉

  15. Hey ProfRob, This lecture of yours really helped a lot!! I was finally able to understand it, but if i get confused in my exam regarding the shifts of graph , is it okay if i make a small table including values of x and y of orginal function and then apply same in for the transformation, And Can you pls tell what to do if they give me coordinates of the curve and tell me to draw the transformation regarding the curve. Thanks 🙂

  16. now this is a quality vid but why not use a whiteboard maybe just me but i just cant stand the chalk scraping noise lol

  17. AWESOME!!! I have learned so much from your instructional videos over the past 6 months as a 35 yr old college student. They have helped me in maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Thank you so much! After watching some of your videos on topics I'm currently studying in precalc, I have come to a much fuller understanding of the concepts. I just made up a quadratic function, graphed it, and then produced a transformation for it and graphed it successfully. I've been watching your, and others', videos and studying, and practicing for the past six hours in preparation for my precalc exam tomorrow morning. I now feel more confident about it and am rather excited. Thanks again! You're awesome Mr. Tarrou!

  18. Thank you so much, I was struggling with this section so much and your vid finally made a lot of things much clearer for me, I feel more confident for my quiz tomorrow

  19. When I see an equation that I need/want to graph, my first reaction is to plug in positive values. But, in the case of graphing y=sqrt(-x-2), you end up with a complex number by doing that. So, I realized that if you plug in the neg values of the numbers used in y=sqrt(x-2), you get the reflection. Just an alternative that added to my understanding. I may not always recognize that it is a reflection. For instance, if I hadn't been given the first equation, and was told to graph y=sqrt(-x-2), I may not have even thought about reflection. I would have initially plugged in a positive number and been momentarily thrown off. Now I will always think of a way to make the equation under the radical a positive number. Thanks for the videos!

  20. can you do this example :The graph of y = f(x) is shown. Sketch the graph of g (x) = –2f(2x + 2)
    – 3 on the same axis. State the domain and range of the transformed

  21. I really wish I could have you as my professor! You're amazing! I love your handwriting and your way of explaining things, makes everything seem so simple and easy when it has really not been!

  22. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I am back at math in college and I know these videos are going to help me out – ONCE AGAIN. THANK YOU! <3

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