Should you train while ill ? Alright
guys and welcome to my channel Jon Sheppard fitness as you can see by the
title what i’m talking about today is, Should you train while you’re ill yes this is
something that some people say now and some people would say yeah I say it all
depends on what it’s wrong with you if it’s just a headache or you just got a
little sniffle I say go in the gym smash it out you know sweat it out you know
and it might make you feel better but it could make you feel worse I’m saying
this because this week I’ve came down with I’m not ill but I’ve got a tickly
throat and I’ve got a bum dog nose of course when you’re working out you’re
doing a lot of breathing and if you can’t breathe through your nose
it makes the workout harder so I’m at the gym now I’m just gonna go and do my
back day which is my Paul day so so why should you what I would do is if you are
ill and you’re not feeling and that good I I would say if you’re if you’re ill
and you look like me you’ve got this a little sniffle a little cough and it’s
not too bad you know you can function you don’t feel any weaker go to the gym
but if you’re feeling weak and really drained like you can’t get out of bed
well there’s no point going to gym because it could make it worse your
workouts going to be pathetic if you want to do some sort of work out of
their home and do some little sit-ups and push-ups
you know like or something like that but when you’ve got something small I would
go to the gym because it’s not going to stop in any workouts better than missing
a day off when you really could do it you know I mean if you can go to work if
you can go to work you can go to the gym right that’s why I say if you want me to
do a tutorial about one of the exercises in my pull workout which is going to
come up next just comment down below because and then I’ll bang your house
here and obviously I’m starting my new job on Friday so as I’m doing knots
I’ve got doing a big bumper pack of videos because obviously I’ll be working
nights and then after I finish at 6 o’clock in the morning I’m probably
going to hit the gym and I’m gonna try hitting the gym before as well depending
on see which ones I feel better at but I’m a bit scared of working out before I
go to work let me know if any of you do night shifts work after or before also
do you work out before you go to work or after you work out it’s finished and I
tend to work out after I finished my normal job because I still got a lot of
time and energy but this obviously is night time and then it’s six o’clock in
the morning and 10 hours on my feet so I might be physically worn out and just
want to go to bed I don’t know but I’m going to test it out both ways because
I’m not missing the gym for anything and I need also get sleep because sleep is a
very important part of your your whole gym your gym life and I’ll be doing a
video about that soon about how sleep is one of the main things you should have
in your workout routine it’s not just oil cows and you died also
sleep I always say it comes in three parts if you haven’t got all three parts
you’re not gonna gain as much you’re not gonna develop as much you’re not going
to be as strong as much you’re not gonna be able to work hair was hard and so
anyway and now when I go in the gym so I hope you enjoy this little gym workout
and I’ll see you after my gym work I wonder what went wrong today why do I
feel like I linger linger between the words to say a say the words you
remember now we’re here to take control oh I embody all the cells you’re insane
newsy Oh well hope you enjoyed it I did as much
as I could when I was talking to you before I just had the sniffles and a
little bit of a particularly throaty cough now I’ve got a headache so this
just proves sometimes when you’re not feeling too good it can make you worse I
suppose it all depends on who you are what you like you know everybody’s
different so I’ve got out as much of a back workout as I possibly could
I didn’t lift as heavy as I usually did because I might everytime I seemed to
pull a heavy weight on the tension in my head was pounding and it was hurting her
I’ve got a splitting headache now I don’t know what that is I think it’s
because because I keep on sniffing like that
oh it’s obviously giving me a migraine so there’s a little point proven
maybe you shouldn’t go to the gym at all if you’re feeling bad because you could
get worse I added an energy drink to even give me more of a bit of a boost
ball it hasn’t done nothing and for anyway I did say a a couple of vlogs ago
that I was going to do this epic car video because of my car getting fixed
sorry I haven’t got it out yet I haven’t even done a video of it because what
happened was when I got my car back Yesi about to part of video one on how
much it costs to run my car if you don’t know what my car is then I’m not gonna
tell you you’ll have to watch it and then second video will be I’ll see this
Top Gear epic video but since I’ve got my car back it’s been raining most days
and the only time it’s been decent weather is when I’ve been working so I
have enough time I have an I saw happen at anytime to actually the
video Makar and I’m a bit good today but I promised you I will get it out because
some of it some of the questions I’m gonna be doing in one of the videos is
really it’s really good because if you are if you’re thinking about getting a
car like what I’ve got maybe a think again anyway I’m gonna leave you in that
and I’m now going to go to Tesco’s and get some food shopping is late at night I haven’t been to the
gym today you know why it’s leg day hello people
yeah it’s leg day and I’m not a big fan of legs I have been recently enjoying my
leg days I’ve noticed some big gains but today I haven’t got the energy to do it
I think I will when I get there but I’ll see I’ve been a bit of a cold
there tickly fro the motivation is not up there like usual and obviously I’ve
got my little boy Chi as well now he’s fast asleep so I better go to the gym
because I don’t want no chicken legs how am I ever gonna do nights in the new job
it’s gonna be hard anyway let’s get to the gym and hit some legs you do I could but I guess I just forgot maybe
I’m spread too thin I meant what I said I just don’t know where to begin take a shower don’t miss you see No take a shot baby shot no I don’t this oh that’s a nice car oh well laughed was
a sure work out I’ll see you two always do 100kg on us on the squat it just took
him it just took it out of me you know I like I said when you’ve got an illness
like I said in my video before um it takes a toll on you
you’re obviously your energy levels are not as good as you are and when you’re
doing compound movements it it takes you out of you when you’re healthy and fit
and fine so when you’re a bit ill it’s it’s just hard work I did a few wicked
sets before and then I did that I’m definitely getting stronger I’m a bit
annoyed that I’ve got a bit of a bit of a cold because I want to go more than
100 kg I know I can because I can do six my best is 200 kgs six reps so I know I
could do more but it’s that progressive overload what I’ve been talking about in
previous videos don’t go to the gym if you’re not getting better
either stronger lifting more heavier weight gradually by time or doing that
weight and doing more sets or more reps and not to the extent of doing 20 reps
me but I mean like if you’re struggling to do 4 and then you can get to 6 and
then you can get to 8 and then you can go to 10 then the move up a weight and
then start all over again and you know just carry on doing either
if you’re getting stronger that’s all good I’m sorry for there really poor
work but you know uh can’t be Superman every
single day can you the next vlog will be on Sunday when I will tell you about my
work because I’m starting on Sunday I’m starting on Friday so tell you a bit
about it and whatever else anyway I’ll see you next time bye bye


  1. Jon, you kickin' ass brother !!! I don't train ill and I go by the old rule….if I am sneezing and wheezing I know I wouldn't like it if someone else was doing that in the gym and I won't do it to anyone else !!!

  2. I don't get sick very often but when I do I take time off. I think if the body is fighting a cold or flu it will put recovering from that above building muscle…and the fact that you go in and tear yourself down only puts you farther behind the line…now the body has to try to recover from training while recovering from the illness and I think that can make things worse…just MHO…

  3. Keep ya germs out the gym, that’s what I reckon. Gyms are full of them anyway. Take illness as a chance to take a quick deload. Rest up, eat well, sleep well and come back strong AF! ?

  4. I have been very fortunate and haven't been sick since the late 90s. But if I was sick and went to a commercial gym, I would stay home. It's rude to bring your illness to the gym and possibly get others sick. My workout time depends on my schedule. When I work, I train after work. On my days off I train in the morning. Of the two, I prefer morning workouts. Having a home gym definitely gives you the best flexibility to adjust your training times. And of course, you can't use the weather as an excuse not to train.

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