Training camp | Hemmers Gym | 2017 (+ ENG subtitles)

Today’s all about sparring Alan Scheinson… how you say your name? Scheinson. no scheisse – that means shit Yeah I know – german Putting in work. In Estonia we mostly do the same thing Which is very good. Here the training partners are just a lot more… well, real pro level So that the internal competition is at a high level – that improves everyone Wassup MTV, welcome to the crib! Well come on in! Here we have the living room. Perfect for livin’ Got everything I need… to live You know whatimsayin Ahh this one… this one is the bible Top secret Got my training plans Everything I need for next season baby The kitchen. mmm I got my goodies right here Espresso machine… Coffee machine ok… Bathroom – got my toiletries So this place is really the… fighters house for Hemmers Gym It’s 35 EUR/day When I looked at it was uh… the cheapest was about 80-90 EUR/day So, this ain’t bad at all, plus I got the whole place to myself Three floors… ain’t bad There there’s another bedroom Uh, here… another bedroom So this is where I… …sleep! You know training camp – you got to make sure your packed and stacked Got my Under Armour gear, of course The Jays the UAs. After practice I can… put away all my training stuff Got a nice view here not too bad Wish you the best! But you got to go! Get the f*ck. You get the f*ck out my crib!! Man I miss my car Here everythings nearby by itself like 1-2 kilometers walk Maybe in different directions But if you wanna have a look around then in total it’s still like 10-20 km/day And well… That’s not good for an athlete. One day I went to play ball and… I don’t know the term in Estonian, but legs are flat Ankles don’t have the bounce in them Warm summer nights, haven’t had those in a while Right now it’s over 10pm Just finished training here – at snap fitness And now it’s about 200 meter walk home Another day tomorrow. We’ll see what it’s about. There’s no group training session. But… maybe I’ll get in a private session Now it’s time to eat! Small town, but there’s a lot of shopping to do Do you have Under Armour shoes? Under Armour shoes?? The…. This one ->UA. No. No? Some kind of a swimming competition here A cool place called Belcrum Beach here There’s a beach. But the funny thing is that there’s a sand lot, but… But you can’t hop in the river In addition there’s a – basketball court Over there there’s a kind of a streetworkout spot. Worked out there once And there’s a skatepark on top of that But really a cool bball court We have a cool one next to Schnelli pond. Here it’s a different scenery, but… It’ different, but also really cool An alternative workout Ahh, like always It turned into a serious workout As soon as you step on a court, it’s impossible to take it easy Really today was planned as a rest day But I stepped on the court, some guys were out there for pick-up ball And we played 3 on 3 like 4 – 5 games Training camp successfully completed In total there was 12 training days Counted them – there was 21 full workouts Now I have to continue a bit with this intensity I’m happy that back home we are on the right path There’s not much different here With this short amount of time I can’t say that I learned much new skills But rather the thing was that in trainings everybody tries to be the… the fastest the most powerful, and the best conditioned And nonstop everyone pushes each others limits That is a positive influencer And sparrings were all out. In my career so far, I haven’t been stunned so much altogether Really high level guys here to train with And if my work schedule allows Then for sure I’d like to revisit, next summer at the latest But it’s not crucial. I think that in Estonia at Kevin Renno’s Fightsport Academy the conditions are excellent on the 8th of September it’s Fightland for the first time I’m fighting against a Dutch fighter I’m feeling great about this fight Body’s in excellent shape And I think once again my skills have improved It’s going to be a great fight See you then!

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