Trainer Yang’s team VS Gimpo gym team [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.12]

Gimpo? It’s nice. (Entering the Gimpo fitness center) Hello. I have an appointment with the CEO. I love sparkles. Can we install something like this at our gym too? (Fancy ceiling lights) – Nice lights. / – Fancy. Hello. (Greeted by the instructor of Gimpo fitness center) Hello. – Yongsik? / – Yes, we spoke over the phone. What a great fitness center. Thank you. It turns out, he worked out… Yes? At our fitness center back in the day. Hello, I’m Jeon Minsik, the CEO of this fitness center. I’ve been running this place for four years now. It’s been about 13 years since I’ve worked as a fitness trainer. 13 years… Can we drink the soda here? S-Sure. Take one each. – Can we drink some? / – Drink what? (Excited by free soda) – There’s soda at convenience stores. / – Sorry. This is embarrassing. Sorry. – They’re too starved. / – Take these. Director, are you buying it? He said we can drink it. Really? They took about $15 worth of soda. (Boss Yang and his muscle crew get a tour) (Muscle crew stops by the staff lounge) (Surprise) There’s so much food. Why is there so much food? (It’s a buffet) They have instant noodles too. They have food for employees in the lounge like that. Most importantly, look at this space. It’s huge. – Right. / – It’s so spacious. With this amount of space… (Spacious lounge) It gives you breathing space. (Stingy Yang’s cramped lounge) Broken washing machines… It’s a bit shabby. I wish we could have this much space. Looks like the laundry gets sent out. To a laundry service? – It gets sent out. / – No washing machines here. (Washed at a state-of-the-art laundromat) (Stingy Yang has a 10-year-old washer) (And only two dryers) (Employees do the laundry…) (Discovers a poster!) How much do they charge? Our fitness membership is cheaper. ($40 for a monthly membership at Gimpo) How is it cheaper in Gangnam? As the saying goes, “jealousy is defeat.” Honestly, I think that’s why we tried to justify things. They don’t need such a good refrigerator. Right. The energy efficiency grade for this… – Is only grade five. / – That’s no good. It’s only grade five. (Gangnam fridge, no efficiency grade at all) You can’t eat these while body-building. It gets in the way. (Instant noodles make me jealous…) You don’t need so much cleaning equipment. Right. You should only buy what you need. They have three vacuum cleaners. Our vacuum cleaner has great suction. They left the lights on. They left the lights on… This is a waste of electricity. They can turn three of the lights off. Leaving just one light on. They’re following in your footsteps. – People grow alike. / – Yes. They’re doing well. Hurry up. (On our way!) Come and take a look. The fitness trainers stay in great shape off-season and display their photos here. It looks great. (Gulps) I want them to tense up. They’re too unfocused. It was a blow to my pride, but it made me want to train harder. Inside, there’s our fitness center. (Touring the fitness center) It’s so pretty. (Penthouse fitness center right by a subway station) (Large-scale fitness center covering 1,652m²) It’s large. 1,652m². I can’t even see the end. It was spick and span. So neat. (A space that makes you want to exercise) – So neat. / – Really neat. With a view of Hangang. A Hangang view? (A view of Hangang out the window) It’s Hangang. They have a view. Lovely. – Lovely lights. / – Consulting rooms are here. – Consulting rooms. / – Nice and bright. Inside, there’s… Separate consulting rooms. He said “sheparate.” Ours is like a study room. – Right. / – Yes. What do theirs look like? (Neat and luxurious) For private consultations. This Gimpo fitness center focused more on individual fitness training. It’s a bit different from our gym. They might switch workplaces. (Growing desire to switch workplaces) In a place like this, working out would be effortless. It’s smooth. (Latest equipment runs smoothly) I want to work out under lights like those. – Our lights aren’t… / – Those chandeliers. Boss Yang would turn them off. (Fluorescent lights looking dark today) He’d only leave one light bulb on… – Right. / – From the chandelier. What a great place to work. (Intrigued) You’re acting like country bumpkins. We’re the ones from Gangnam. Why are we acting like country folks? – This is suburbia. / – Right. Instructor, how old are you? I’m 32 years old. – He’s young. / – You’re 32? Did you say this is your ninth branch? Yes, this is my ninth branch. (He owns nine fitness centers) He’s young and rich. He is. Right on trend. I was like him in my 20s. (Good old days!) I wanted my employees to see other fitness centers and trainers to let them learn that way. That’s why I brought them here. – For training? / – Yes. Let’s have a joint training session with your trainers and employees. Where are your employees? – My employees? / – Yes. (Getting nervous) These are your trainers? Wow, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. (Team Gimpo making their entrance) So handsome. So lovely. They have larger physique, right? You guys should get focused. (4-year trainer, Kim Min) Goodness. (5-year trainer, Park Gyeongtaek) (1-year trainer, Jeong Yeona) Is that the same person? We keep asking every week. (It’s the same person…) It can’t be the same person. The next photo will be more shocking. Look at that. (Seongsu, teased forever…) It’s a different person. Mingi, take another dumbbell. Good, good. Sit right there. Try it. (But… Where is Director Dongeun?) Show them how it’s done. (Approaching) Gosh, what’s that? – What is it? / – A rainbow outfit? You said we’ll be working out with other trainers here. She wants to look the prettiest. As usual. Where do they sell those leggings? – Instructor. / – Yes. We’ll keep track of how many they do. If our trainers lose… – I’ll buy a meal. / – Yes. – If your trainers lose… / – Yes. – You’ll buy a meal. Okay? / – Okay. Deal. Let’s work out those shoulders. Lift them up. (Team Gangnam vs. Team Gimpo) They’ll count the lifts? (5-year trainer vs. 4-month trainer) – Oh, no. / – Gimpo versus Gangnam. (18kg dumbbells for shoulder presses) I feel nervous. They set up a contest. Now start. One… (Pride on the line, competing for their gyms) (Smooth start) That trainer… – Scowling already. / – Already. Go, Seongsu! Four… And down. (With their colleagues as spectators) I’m rooting for Boss Yang’s trainers. Five… And down. He looks shaky. What are you doing, Seongsu? Six. Seongsu! Six! Go for six! Six. Six. (Team Gangnam collapses) Oh, dear. (Relaxed) The score is 1:0. Team Gimpo looks relaxed. (I don’t have to worry at all) Oh, come on. A meal is at stake. Seongsu. You should’ve done more. (Team Gangnam 0, Team Gimpo 1) This is upsetting. Jeongtae, your turn. Jeongtae can win. You can compete next. Jeongtae is up next. Come lower. (Spartan training with Boss Yang) Lower. Jeongtae trained hard. – Right? / – Yes. Again. Lower. (Time to show them his skills) Go higher. (4-year trainer vs. 2-year trainer) Up against a 4-year trainer. Get ready. Now begin! One. Two. – Jeongtae will do well. / – Three. (Formidable opponent, Trainer Kim Min) (Jeongtae looks fairly relaxed) (Battle of nerves) Their expressions look alright. They might go up to 100. (Dumbbells keep moving) (Counting continues) (Can’t back down) He’s doing well. Jeongtae is doing well. He’ll win. He can win. He can do it! 60. They reached 60? It seemed like a new training method, putting our pride on the line while making us compete as part of the training. I don’t like losing. (They won’t back down) There’s no telling who will win. (Two competitors, neck and neck) You should go home. Don’t wait for me. Just go. You can go. Go where? Please stop. Stop. (Spectators have a blast) I don’t think it’ll end. (As long as it’s not me) They should leave. (Fierce tension) 96. – Can’t tell who will win. / – 97. (Two instructors’ pride at stake) I have to lift a spoon to eat tomorrow. 100. – Is it a tie? / – A tie. Incredible. They went up to 100. (100 lateral raises) One draw and one defeat. (Team Gimpo 1, Team Gangnam 0) It makes me feel good. To see you work out so hard… Why don’t you go next? Your lower body is in great shape. You work out hard, right? Time to show us. Dongeun will do well against… – Another human. / – She’s an A.I. robot. (Steady form) He looks proud. But we’re rooting for our A.I. robot. She’s thinking, “Not bad for a human.” (World championship winner) She’s a world champion. Right. (World-class level on display) (Let’s go, robot Dongeun) Was it a tie? Was it a tie? The women’s match? Yes. The competition makes you get absorbed as if you’re watching… – A sports match. / – Right. It’s a battle of pride. It makes them train harder with greater focus. Boss Yang’s training method. – Yes. / – Setting up a contest. Well done. (Two draws and one defeat, Team Gangnam loses) I wanted our fitness trainers to refocus while training here together. But we enjoyed our time here. It makes me feel great. So today’s meal is on me. – It’s because you lost. / – You lost. (Bragging about paying for the meal) You had two draws and one defeat. (The only one defeated) (Shameless Yang won’t admit defeat) It’s a rare occasion. Let’s get changed and go out to eat. (Going out to eat dinner, paid by Boss Yang)

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