Trae Young’s All-Star Court Vision Is Built In The Lab From All Angles

– I’m tryna be the best. And everyone’s got a take. I remember from high school to college hearin’ people say I wasn’t gonna be able to translate my game to college and now to the NBA. Whenever I’m able to get by a defender and use a couple moves in traffic in the middle of the lane, it’s because I’ve worked on it. It’s because I’m comfortable with it. When you’ve worked so hard on your craft and your, your handle and certain moves, the game just slows down for you. I think, for me, watchin’ film is the best part. Technology today is definitely more advanced. The fact that you can get every angle on one shot, and it’s just like a 360 video, it’s crazy. You know, I think that’s a great technique to get better. It’s not the normal thing, goin’ to the arenas hour-and-a-half early. I know I still have a lot to work on, a lot to get better at. That’s the best part. There’s definitely a couple moves in my bag that people haven’t seen yet.

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