Total Body BOSU Ball Workout

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Runtastic Fitness Channel. Today we’re doing exercises using this. Have you seen one of these before? It’s called a BOSU ball. It has a ball side, but it also has a platform side and in all honesty this is
one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the entire world over any sort of
weight, over any sort of machine because this challenges literally everything. You
can do hundreds and hundreds of exercises on it. It challenges your stability, your control and it gives you a kick-butt workout. So today I have 10 exercises for you to try using the BOSU ball. I don’t expect you to be able to do all 10 of them right away.
Check them out and see which ones you can do/ Maybe you’ve seen this at the gym so
this will give you a good opportunity to grab a piece of new equipment, test it out
and do some cool and awesome exercises. So here they are, we’ve got 10 of them. I hope that you enjoyed these 10 exercises with a BOSU ball. Maybe you’ve seen this at the gym before and you’re like “What is this?” It’s a ball, but it’s not a ball. Now you know what to do with it! Don’t forget to leave comments down below if you have some BOSU exercises you love and don’t forget to subscribe to the
Runtastic Fitness Channel because I’m always providing fitness tips for you. This channel is all about you guys. So let me know what you want to see next. Bye!

77 thoughts on “Total Body BOSU Ball Workout

  1. Nice video. Just wondering does this ad more intensity to the plank workout things you were showing? I tend to do without but I will try this. 🙂

  2. I was looking for a new, more challenging, take on the 'Scientific 7 Minute Workout'. This is perfect, perfect. Thank you.

  3. Hi, great video and love the different workouts you can do with the bosu ball! Which bosu ball are you using as I see they offer different sizes? Which one do you recommend?

  4. Hi…luv the video but I want to know if you could please tell me the exact size and name of this bosu ball…there are several different types and sizes..also where you purchased from..thanx alot…

  5. Hello
    I am from India and a proud owner of this piece of equipment. Would you recommend that I do the HIIT routine with this on an everyday basis. I want a stronger and more defined core. Please help

  6. I'm looking for new and fun things to add to my workout. I have a legit question and I'm not trying to be rude. It is just that the only exercise that seems to have an obvious additional benefit (to me) is the squat as one would clearly be improving balance, I assume strengthening core and getting all the expected benefits of a traditional squat. Baring in mind that I don't know much about it, can someone please explain why these exercises wouldn't work just as well without equipment or with steppers in some cases?

  7. Great, quick video to give some ideas on using the BOSU. When I do push-ups, I like to grab the sides so that my wrists aren't bent (in the same way you would use push-up bars). That can assist those that find bending wrists flat to be painful.

  8. I love doing exercises on the bosu ball too! I'm a gymnast and we have to do pistol squats on bosu balls and on the balance beam!!

  9. i'm a soccer player and i want to buy a bos ball, but i don't know which i should buy… can you help me to decide?

  10. Im using this with Ems training, its one of the best thing that fitness has invented! combined with Xbody you gain lots of strenght and easily much more fat burning! i will use your clip for my clients. take care and keep them up!

  11. Thank you for posting. I've been doing these excercises as part of my HIIT and tabata workouts, but never with this ball. Excellent

  12. Just ordered 2 of these to get my 11 year old stronger in his ankles, legs, upper body, etc for ice hockey… I've seen some exercises with 2 bosu's, any recommendations or a video you could put out with 2 bosu's?

  13. A couple of additional exercises I do on the bosu are kettle bell swings, torso rotations with the cable crossover, single arm lateral raise coupled with squats with the cable crossover to mention a few. I'm 58, so I prefer exercises with an unstable base to improve my balance. Let me know what you think.

  14. I tried this workout today at the gym.
    I only did up to step 5.
    I wasn't able to do the up-down, without my feet and knees touching the floor.
    I found it to be doable that way.
    Will this still have the same results?

  15. what do you recommend if you have problems with sciatica? I really like the bosu ball but I want to be safe and fit.

  16. ThAnks for this workout ! I bought this bosu a few months ago , but couldn't find a workout I liked ! I like your workout ! I have to practice more ! So thank you ! Can u go another variation of bosu workout , it's much appreciated ?

  17. You have a very "box-like" waist. Very Mexican and beautiful. Almost like yo ass just wanna join the the Confederate army.

  18. I love the way you present your workouts. No talks just straight to the movements. More of these type of videos. ?

  19. Thank heavens there are still fitness videos out there where the people are not pumped full of steroids.

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