Hey, guys. So today we’re going to talk about
gym etiquette. Now, when I started going to the gym a long time ago, I had no idea what
I was doing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I mean, I was literally absolutely clueless about what
to do, what not to do, what is considered appropriate behavior in the gym, and I seriously
likely pissed off the biggest guys on the planet. It’s amazing I’m even alive today.
I remember walking into Gold’s Gym in San Diego, which is now World Gym, and there were
the freakin’ most biggest men and women I’ve ever seen in my life, and I know I did a bunch
of things to completely piss them off. I think I just got really lucky that they were sympathetic
and maybe just considered me a bit of a pest. So today I thought we’d talk about a few of
the gym etiquette pet peeves. For those of you who are avid gym goers, I’m sure you can
relate to some of these, and for those of you who are new, maybe you can avoid some
of the mistakes that I did. Hopefully you can avoid getting your butt kicked in the
gym as well. First, never ever, ever, ever get between someone and the mirror when they’re
working out. Not only are you a distraction, but now they can’t see themselves, and you’ve
really pissed them off. Second, no matter if you’re doing supersets,
or drop sets, or–I don’t care–alien type of sets, do not hog the weights. And, third,
absolutely do not, ever–never ever–interrupt someone when they’re in the middle of a set.
Not only is this dangerous to your safety, it’s also simply bad for the individual doing
the set. H-, hi. Hi–, hi, I’m sorry. Are you–, are
you almost done with your set? They’re pushing some pretty heavy weights–you
can put them in a pretty darn dangerous position. Yeah, oh. Oh, I’m–, sorry. And fourth, please don’t flirt with someone
when they’re in the middle of a set. Okay, we all get it. There’s some great opportunities
for single people who want to connect. Remember, people are there to get a workout. Leave the flirting for afterwards. And then
last, but certainly not least, I know a lot of us are on some pretty high fiber diets
when we’re trying to get into shape. That’s no reason to lose control. Yeah, sometimes
things just kind of sneak out. [laughs], oh. So there you have it–top five
pet peeves for gym goers. And for you noobies, I hope this has helped you maybe avoid some
of the mistakes that I did when I first started working out. Thank you so much for watching,
and I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Naked Truth and if you did, go ahead and hit
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founder of Figure & Bikini, and I sure hope to see you at the next episode of The Naked
Truth: What the Fitness Life is Really Like.

50 thoughts on “TOP GYM PET PEEVES

  1. LOL these are good. The first one happens a lot at my gym.

    One of my pet peeves is when I want to take dumbbells off of the rack or rerack heavy dumbbells, but the rack is blocked by someone doing reps while standing right in front of it.

  2. YES!!!! That's a classic one! I'm glad you like this video. It was so much fun to make. Got the meanest lookin' dude in the gym to help out. He's just a big teddy bear though – just don't tell anyone. 😉

  3. Auuuwesome! I am from San Diego! But now I'm watching you all the way from Puerto Rico! 🙂 I was also wondering, do you have any recommendations for a newbie who aspires to do fitness competitions, I know it's in me to do it! But I'm not sure where to start off? What Kind of help to look for? Try loosing weight on my own, or emedietley hire a trainer? How much should I budget? Sorry I know it's a lot to ask! Just really unsure of where to start?

  4. well I'm hoping to get on stage in a figure comp next year, already training, but everything else is very foreign to me, posing and routine are the scariest part, I would like to know any tips there!

  5. I'm so pleased you like it Vianka! Puerto Rico is so very wonderful. And your questions are great. I'll try to help as much as I can. 🙂 If I were you I would first check out all the articles on FigureAndBikini(dot)org. There is so much free information – enough to really get you going on your own. Trainers are great too, but you can spend a fortune. If you do opt for a trainer, I would make sure they specialize in competing. Don't hesitate to ask us anything here as well. 🙂

  6. Look up Sarah Sussman on the website. She's a rising star in fitness and is extremely helpful. I think her contact info is on her profile. Zip her an email or connect with her on Facebook. She's a sweetheart and can give you some great pointers. 🙂

  7. I love it..I am laughing so hard! clenching my core from the ab work out but laughing…that was great! Made my evening!

  8. she's right , never talk to a lifting addict while pumping ,gosh i hate it when girls do that !!!!! an average man maybe but not us"the biggest guys on the planet ", i think it has to do with testosterone or sth …

  9. Ha! Yeah I think all us serious gym-goers struggle with that! Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

  10. I needed this tomorrow I'm going to work out for the first time in a Gym, I'm so nervous, I've worked out at home with dumbbells but I'm a little scared to do that in public….

  11. LOL! Oh my goodness the B.O. can be so bad sometimes that I literally have to hold my breath! Too funny! With love ~Kristin <3

  12. Hi beautiful Kristin! I've been watching your videos and I find it very helpful!

    Regarding pet peeves in the gym, I have encountered some personal trainers which comment nastily about other people's weight, it really makes me frustrated upon noticing that kind of behaviour. I remember last two years ago, I tried out the body mass calculator in the gym. When I was heading towards the treadmill to do my cardio, I noticed that there was this male personal trainer who commented on my bmi and weight to his colleagues. He thought I didn't notice, but I braced up the courage to talk to one of the female trainers regarding the matter. That male personal trainer's behavior made me feel bad that I don't want feel like going to that particular gym anymore.

    By the way, thank you for inspiring me with your helpful hints, it helps me to learn and improve!

  13. This is the time of year where all the New Years Resolutioners flood the gym. I love the commitment to change one's life… y'all know that about me. The challenge for 'regulars', aka 'gym rats', is a gym full of individuals not well versed in gym etiquette. There should be mandatory class… just sayin'…

  14. The mirror thing is so true. I was working out on the floor in the studio room and instead of going an extra 3 feet around me, this idiot tries to step over me even though I'm next to the mirror.

  15. people with BO and people that know your using a machine and take the machine the second you leave for a drink and just stand at the machine not even repping…

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