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(upbeat remix music) – Right, correct me if I’m wrong, but I bet most people would love to have a fast five K under their belts, because when we’re talking
about personal best times and all that stuff, it is, pretty much, the first time that most people ask about. – Yeah, no, the five K is a great distance whatever the level you are, from beginners right through to elite, highly competitive athletes. For beginners it’s
really good just because, well it’s quite a moderate distance and for the top level competitive runner, it’s that high intensity and speed aspect that draws them to it. So, all that being said, today we thought we’d bring
you four excellent run workouts that can help you run a faster five K. (upbeat music) – Okay, the five K is a speedy distance. It’s brutal in fact, it requires
a close to all out effort for, what feels like,
that little bit too long. – Yeah, so you need to
develop your top end speed and to do that we need
to have a speed session. Ideally, you need to think about including one of these into your schedule per week, but be careful of that because before we get to be able to do that, please make sure you’ve got enough base and volume behind you. – Absolutely and I know a lot of athletes choose to do these on an athletics track to really hit those top end speeds, but you can actually perform
these wherever you like or wherever is easiest for you. Now, we have two speed
sessions for you today and the first one is a warm up of ten to fifteen minutes easy, finishing with a few fifty
to eighty meter strides or accelerations to open the legs up and get them ready for the session and then the main set is two sets of eight by two hundred meters with an RPE of nine to ten or imagine around a Three K race pace, so above that desired Five K race pace, taking two minutes
recovery between each rep, which can be an active
job recovery if you wish and then finish that with a warm down of ten to fifteen minutes easy. – [Second Presenter] But we
also have another one for you, which would be a warm up of a similar ten to fifteen minutes, finishing with those few
strides we talked about before. For a main set, we would
have four times a kilometer at an RPE of eight to nine. Now, this is somewhere
between this three K race pace and your desired Five K race pace. Obviously, the increase
distance will make it harder to dip under the Five K race pace, but give it your best shot. You may will find that you want to start at your Five K race pace
and then work from there, taking two to three minutes
of recovery between each rep. Similarly, finishing
that with a nice, easy ten to fifteen minutes easy warm down. (upbeat music) – Now, speed sessions are
all very good and well, but occasionally it wouldn’t
be the worst in the world to drop one of them and add
in a hill rep session, right? – Hill sessions are fantastic
for improving lost strength, activating muscle groups and actually also preventing injury. They’re really good during the off season, but as we move closer to the race season, as we’ve already mentioned, we want to start increasing
our speed workouts and that top end speed, but the hill sessions
are fantastic to, maybe, replace the odd speed
session every few weeks. – Yeah, exactly and what’s
particularly good about them is they still bring that
same intensity level to the table that you
get from a speed session, but crucially, because we’re
going at that slower speed, because we’re running uphill, they’re far more forgiving on our bodies and this is excellent if you’re somebody that
struggles, perhaps, with injuries because of the load that comes
from those speed sessions. So, on that note, a session that we got as
an example would be… So, a warm up of fifteen minutes steady to the hill of choice, which should be somewhere around a five to eight percent gradient, with a main set of six
times ninety seconds at a hard five kilometer race pace effort or an RPE of eight, jogging back down the hill to recover with an extra ten seconds to reset and compose yourself at the
bottom, before going again. Warm down can just be nice ten to fifteen minutes easy jogging. (upbeat music) – And, finally, for the threshold workout and this is actually one of my favorites and I attempt to try and leave
this until later in the week, so I tend to start my week
with the speed workout, somewhere around the Tuesday, and then allow myself time to recover and then do a threshold workout somewhere around Friday or a Saturday. – Yeah, now, the beauty
of these sessions are, because you’re working pretty hard, you tend to cover quite a lot of distance or working hard for quite a long duration and that means you can
actually come away from these feeling like you’ve
achieved quite a lot, right? – Absolutely, and the idea
behind a threshold session is that you’re working just
below your lactate threshold and a lactate threshold being the point at which you start to produce lactic acid at a faster rate then you
can flush it from your system and with this, you then can
work just below that ceiling, in a threshold session and cover more duration and
distance at the intensity and whilst bumping your threshold up. – Yeah, now, essentially, the more you can bump
up that threshold pace, the faster that we’re going to
go before producing lactate. I don’t know about you Mark, but I think that’s pretty
important for a Five K, right? – Ah, absolutely, now, intensity wise, for a threshold session, that should be a seven to eight
out of ten on the RPE scale. It terms of heart rate, that’s around eighty
five to ninety percent of your maximum heart
rate and so, as a pace, if we take our Five K current race pace, you want to add thirty to
forty seconds on per kilometer and for your Ten K current race pace, you want to add something around fifteen to twenty on per kilometer. – Yeah, and if you want to have
a specific session for that, then we’ve got one here. With a warm up of nice and
easy fifteen minutes jogging, we can lead into a main
set of eight minutes at threshold pace, with a
two minutes job recovery. Then, there’s a six minutes
at your threshold pace with two minutes recovery,
four minutes at threshold pace, with two minutes jog recovery and then finishing off this main set with two minutes at threshold pace with two minutes jog recovery. That gives us a total of twenty minutes of threshold intensity within the workout and finishing all that off with ten to fifteen minutes nice,
easy jogging for a warm down. – Well, there we go, there are
four Five K workouts for you and please do let us know
how you get on with them in the comments section below and if there are any
other workout or races that you’re targeting, you’d
like to know how to train for, then please do let us
know in the comments also. – Yeah and, obviously, if
you’ve enjoyed this video, please hit that thumb up like button, don’t forget to click on the globe and get all the other
videos we’ve got on GTN and if you want to see a video that we did on how to run a sub twenty minute Five K, well you can find that here.

22 thoughts on “Top 5km Run Workouts | Run A Faster 5km

  1. Brilliant, however my threshold sessions is 20min non-stop. Works pretty well. 15mins warm and 15mins cool down.

  2. Why does GTN always upload the exact video I need at the right time? It's as if they can see my entire life and are creating content just for me hahaha

  3. Great video! I recently posted about another 5k workout on my channel. Here's the gist of it: 10×500 at 5k goal pace keeping recovery short and jogging back across the infield aiming for under 1 minute (depending on your goal pace). Thanks for posting these workout videos. Hopefully people can use these workout to crush their next 5k!

  4. Why not just do 5 x 1km (instead of 4 x 1km) so you are hitting the full 5k in the session? I like doing the 5 x 1km, starting w 2 min recovery and then dropping the recovery down by 15 seconds over the course of a few weeks so the last session is 5 x 1km with just 30 sec rest. If I can hit this, I know I'm race ready!

  5. Again, no Heather. Cheeky to put her in the thumbnail when her only input is a bit of b roll. You need a gender balance. You now have two male presenters to one female who seems to be being phased out. Heather is a very good presenter, it's a mistake to relegate females on this channel, women are triathletes too.

  6. I love this, and I love the specifics and the workouts given. However your last 5k video, to me at least, gave a much more important piece of information – a 5k should hurt. It's short enough that you should be in a fair amount of discomfort, but it's bearable for a short duration. This was a game changer for me – and indeed helped me to push my paces across the board.
    I've recently had two pretty good, and surprising results that (don't get me wrong, I've trained a lot for, but) I wouldn't have achieved without the advice from this channel.
    Thank you again, as ever, for your generosity in sharing.

  7. 6:01 Why in your option the threschold bout time is steady decreasing from one repetition to another? Is there any reason you have this pattern instead of "up-and-down" mode? Like some (from my favorites) cycling training protocols have. For example: 4-6-8-6-4 or 2-5-8-5-2 minutes instead of 8-6-4-2 ?
    And another question: isn't 2 minutes bout a bit short for threschold loads?
    I'm not challenging you: my next training will be as you prescribed, I just want to have some tuning information for future.

  8. Amazing video! Already tried the second speed session this night and came home with a very satisfied feeling 🙂 These kind of videos are really helpful. Hope to have some for faster 10k runs coming up soon as well, so focus can also be put on training for 1/4 triathlons.

  9. Having done a 5k race with my personal best at 25min what is in my case my RPR OF 8-9 in terms of pace.. Thanks.. Excellent workouts

  10. Hi GTN! Been watching plenty of your videos as I start my triathlon journey this year and I totally love them.

    For the first speed workout, what do you mean by repeat 2x? Repeating the warm up and main set twice or just the main set twice?


  11. when it comes to half marathon training how long would your zone two runs up to 15miles and was wondering how much longer I should go???awesome vid as always guys thankyu

  12. Okay, nicely done as usual, and you did a particularly good job explaining the paces, but sometimes I'm struggling to tell if the video is for beginners or intermediate/advanced runners. In this case, I think the threshold workout (subthreshold to be exact) is really easy, while the 1 km repeats at 3-5k race pace and the hill reps I'd find a bit hard. I'm around the 20 min per 5k race level.
    Also I've noticed that GTN has been using the metric system. Thanks, though I'm a bit worried about UK viewers stuck with the imperial yardstick 😉

  13. For speed one session main set
    Why not 16x but 8x then repeat 2x?
    Is it mean that repeat not only main set but also do warm up again?

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