Top 5 Weak Excuses To Not Workout (Stop Lying To Yourself)

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on And in this video here we’re talking about
lame weak excuses for not working out. So this is for the people out there who want
to get into better shape, they want to build muscle, lose fat, improve their overall health
and fitness but they just can’t seem to really get started or stick to a solid training program
over any length of time. And I’ve been doing fitness coaching for a
lot of years now. I’ve talked to an endless number of different
people out there in person as well as just people who ask me online for fitness advice,
and so I’ve pretty much heard every possible excuse in the book for why a person apparently
can’t get to the gym and why they can’t follow a decently healthy diet. And with the exception of a small percentage
of cases that are very rare, most of those excuses are just not valid when it all comes
down to it. And in today’s video I’m going to offer you
some perspective by outlining five of the most common excuses I hear and the real truth
behind those excuses. If you enjoyed this video guys, make sure
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that way you’ll be notified whenever a new video is available. So that you don’t miss out on anything. So, excuse number one probably the most common
one of all which is: I don’t have time to work out. Now, I understand that some people do lead
very busy lives and have a lot going on but the reality is that it really doesn’t require
a lot of actual gym time in the first place in order to build a great physique. People seem to have this idea that anybody
who’s an impressive shape must be in the gym for hours and hours doing weights and cardio,
five days a week or more. But that’s really not the case and it really
doesn’t need to be the case either. Now, for most average lifters three weight
training workouts per week is really all you’re going to need. Intermediate and advanced trains can use higher
frequencies if they want depending on their goals. But three per week is what I would, for sure,
recommend at least for beginners as a starting point. And those workouts, with the warm ups included,
as long as you go through it efficiently they probably are going to take you any more than
about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes the most. And some people can probably get it done even
quicker than that. So if you really audit your week honestly,
you take a look at everything piece by piece, I’m pretty sure you can make time for that
if you really want to. How much time do you spend watching TV, how
much time do you spend on YouTube or on social media, how much you spend with aimless web
surfing, or playing video games, or whatever else? You almost certainly have time if you’re being
really honest with yourself. And in the rare case that three workouts per
week truly isn’t an option for you, your schedule is just totally packed all throughout the
week then the truth is that you can actually still get great results even on just two weight
training workouts per week. I did a video on this a while back that I’ll
link in the description box, but as long as things are properly structured and properly
executed, you absolutely can make consistent progress on just two sessions a week. It’s usually not going to be a hundred percent
optimal in comparison to doing three workouts or more but it’ll still be very effective
regardless. I mean, if you want to be even more efficient
time wise you can also use a high-intensity low-volume approach to your workouts. Which means that you’re going to reduce the
total number of sets that you do per workout and per muscle group but you’re going to increase
the intensity by training all the way to failure on each set. If you train to failure then you really don’t
need much total volume to see solid progress. You could probably do as few as eight to ten
total sets per workout. And it might only take you about forty to
forty-five minutes for each session. Now, I understand that there’s also travel
time to and from the gym and for some people the nearest gym might be far away so that
can make it harder. In that case the other option is to just train
from home. You really don’t need much to get a solid
workout in. A bench and a set of adjustable dumbbells
on its own is going to be enough right there to train your entire body effectively as long
as you have access to enough weight. A pull-up bar is another good addition but
that’s really all you need in order to keep things as simple as possible. So unless you are an extreme exception and
your schedule is completely filled from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to
bed, seven days a week, saying that you have no time to work out is almost certainly not
true. Because it is possible to make solid progress
with as little as two workouts per week for less than an hour if you really know what
you’re doing. And virtually anybody should be able to make
time for that if they really want to. Excuse number two is: I’m too tired to work
out. Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail
on this one because the same reasons that I just gave on the previous excuse apply to
this one as well. I can buy that your lifestyle is busy enough
that maybe you’re too tired to be in the gym, say five days a week, but again you don’t
need to be in the gym five days a week. Two to three workouts per week is all you’re
going to need. I get that you’re tired, I’m tired, we’re
all tired, but you’re not so tired that you physically can’t do two to three workouts
per week. If you feel really drained by the end of the
day like a lot of people do and that makes it tougher to get to the gym then you can
move your workouts to the morning or you can do them at lunch if possible. Move one of them onto the weekend when you
have more free time. There’s always a way to make it happen if
you truly want to. And just because you feel physically tired
doesn’t mean that you can’t use your willpower to make it happen anyway. Usually just getting off the couch is the
hardest part but once you start moving and you get into your workout you’ll realize that
you aren’t actually as tired as you thought. And you’ll feel way better once it’s all done
anyway. Excuse number three is: I have a bad back,
or a bad shoulder, or just insert whatever joint you want into that sentence. Now, I totally agree injuries are a pain. I’m not saying you don’t have a legit injury
that is making it harder to train. But unless it’s a really severe situation,
there’s almost always a way to still train around it and to still get in an effective
workout regardless. I’ve had plenty of injuries over the years
because I’ve been training for a really long time. I made a lot of mistakes in my earlier years. And I still have multiple injuries that I’m
working around right now. And it really just comes down to making the
proper exercise selections, eliminating things that cause you pain or discomfort, moderating
your training intensity, doing proper warm-ups, and also just making active steps to actually
fix the injury at its root cause. Now, I don’t want people to misconstrue this
advice because if you do have a legit injury then obviously you need to be careful. But if you really take a look at your training
and you plan it out and you test and you treat different things, you usually still can train
your entire body effectively even if you do have a particular joint that’s acting up. No single exercise in the gym is absolutely
mandatory. And there are plenty of options for each muscle
group available. You can try different variations of the same
exercise, you can replace certain exercises with something completely different, you can
try using cables or machines that give you a better angle, and you can also lighten up
the weight and train using a more slower, more controlled rep. You can also use higher rep ranges, you can
even look into something like blood flow restriction training for certain muscle groups. If you really want to make it happen then
usually there is a way. It might not be a one hundred percent optimal
training plan if you really can’t push yourself or can train certain muscles with higher intensity,
but optimal and effective are two very different things. And you can still get in a highly effective
workout regardless if you take the time to plan things out properly. Excuse number four is: I have bad genetics. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that
genetics don’t play a role in how quickly someone can build muscle or what kind of ultimate
physique they can achieve. But unless you’re on the very extreme end
of the bell curve in terms of genetics pretty much anyone out there can gain muscle, lose
fat, gain strength and build an impressive overall physique. Some people can do it faster than others no
doubt, but with the right approach, with consistent effort and with patience you can do it too. And to sit there and say, I have bad genetics
so I’m not even going to try, that’s a really weak excuse quite honestly. And I think a lot of people just use that
as a justification for being lazy even though they know deep down that they could still
make it happen. I mean, just because you’re not the most talented
musician doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even attempt to learn how to play the guitar, for
example. Or just because you’re naturally shy that
you’re just going to sit in your house all day and never go out and interact with anybody
or try to improve your social skills. Or just because you’re not the most athletic
person you’re never going to play sports. Yeah, you might not be the greatest at those
things but you can still become proficient if you put in the effort. Everybody is dealt different cards genetically. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. And, by the way, if you’ve never even stuck
to a proper workout plan over any real length of time then you probably don’t even really
know just how good or bad your genetics really are in the first place. So unless you legitimately have some sort
of medical condition that truly prevents you from being able to gain significant muscle
mass or maintain a leaner level of bodyfat, that is true for some people but it’s a very
small minority. Unless you’re in that situation the whole
genetics card is ultimately irrelevant. You can still get into great shape if you
really want to and that’s really all there is to it. And then the last excuse is: I’ve tried
everything but nothing works. If you had actually tried everything then
you wouldn’t even be sitting here watching this video right now because you’d already
be in great shape. There is no possible way for someone to have
tried everything and not gotten results. Because the truth is that building muscle
and losing fat is not rocket science. It’s actually pretty straightforward. And it’s mostly just a matter of nailing down
a few key principles and then executing them consistently from week to week. So, no, you didn’t try everything. Either your program was not properly structured
and maybe it had a few key errors in it that we’re preventing you from seeing progress,
or you did have a solid program in place but you just didn’t follow it properly, or you
were just expecting results way too quickly and you didn’t follow through for long enough. It does take time and patience to make a significant
physique transformation. And just because you didn’t gain ten pounds
of muscle in your first month or lose fifteen pounds of fat doesn’t mean your program wasn’t
working. You have to commit to this for the long run
and if your program truly isn’t working then it’s up to you to seek out the proper guidance
to find out where you’re going wrong and what to fix. But as long as you are patient and persistent
you will get the results you’re after. Because, again, this stuff ultimately is not
that complicated. So if you’ve been struggling to get in shape
and you’ve been justifying it to yourself with any of those five excuses I just gave,
I hope this gave you some insight and sparked some new motivation in you to give it another
go. If you do want to grab a complete step-by-step
plan to eliminate all the guesswork in terms of training, nutrition, and supplementation
so that you can achieve your goal physique as efficiently as possible and know you’re
on the right path towards it without the need for any excuses, then you can grab my complete
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51 thoughts on “Top 5 Weak Excuses To Not Workout (Stop Lying To Yourself)

  1. I have a question.
    For having a cheat meal we should fast all day long and save those calories or just add some extra calories to my regular diet ? I appreciate your response. 🙂

  2. here's my excuse: "I overtrained." lol. I watch your training techniques so it doesn't stop me from working out. Much love. Maybe some people don't know how to workout…i see discouragement from people at the gym.

  3. I've had a back fusion and new deteriorating disks, broken shoulder surgery and problems with my other shoulder from overtraining. I live in chronic pain every day and still make it to the gym 3-5 days a week. People are just lazy and their minds are too good at tricking them.

  4. I go into the gym and lift like I'm going to die. No excuses, if I have to wake up at 7am to workout I will.

  5. Yeah I do like an hour- hour and 30 min 3-4 days a week to work around busy schedule. People always think I’m in there like 7 days a week and I’m like no lol.

  6. My friend and I went to college together. I was a criminal justice major and he was a bio major. I’ve always tried to make him go with me but he always makes up excuses. I forgot my clothes, I don’t have time, my major is harder than yours you don’t have to study as much as me. Someone broke my phone screen and I’m not on the mood to go. If we do legs Monday, my legs will hurt the whole week and I will be limping to class and work. It goes on and on. It’s been over 2 years now. He’s only gone with me twice. Smh!

  7. Only good excuse is being sick, injured, or something way more important that working out comes up (very few things meet that criteria)

  8. For awhile I thought I was on the right track. I went sub 8% on body fat, and had dropped from around 215lbs to 185lbs in about 3 months. I was absolutely shredded, but I was getting so tired, so sore, and so worn out that it started getting harder and harder to motivate myself to get into the gym (gallons of pre-workout were consumed). Eventually I started to fall into using excuses to rationalize my failure to workout till the point I just stopped going. Unfortunately things got much worse, and over the next few months I dropped down to 135lbs and couldn't really take care of my basic needs on my own anymore. Turns out I hadn't stumbled upon some awesome workout that gets you shredded super fast, I had actually developed Addison's disease. Apparently my excuses were completely valid at the time, but I was a little too stubborn to look at my situation objectively and seek medical help. Now that I've been diagnosed and put hormone replacement therapy I'm back up to 215lbs (actually 212lbs as of today, I'm leaning down for summer), and I lift 5 days a week and do cardio 6 days per week religiously. No excuses.

  9. For those looking for a great set of adjustable dumbbells, these Merax dumbbells are amazing quality for the price and go up to 71.5 lbs each. I've had them for a month now and they are terrific for working out at home on days I can't make it to the gym.

  10. I don't make excuses but I had serious injury in my knee so I make pause from training, next week will be two years of my pause. Better to be safe than sorry.

  11. Great video. 45 min, 8-10 sets per workout, 3 days a week sounds like a great deal! Does this time include warm up sets, and all exercises performed/body parts trained in the session?

  12. Great video man, keep doing videos like these last few. I think it's part of the solution for that kind of attitude, channels like your's help people because ,from my experience it's the lack of knowledge that keeps people out of the gym the most. There are of course people who don't have the right mind set, mentality to achieve their optimum, some are just lazy, but even though today's society is focused all on the outside, the looks ,there's no understanding for the part that is the most important –
    health. As dumb as it might sound, people should learn that doing something is better than nothing for their health and they gonna look better as well .So keep doing what you doing.All people are lazy in some way, wanna feel comfortable but today's lifestyle is not what our bodies were made for, to function properly we should do some kind of physical activity,even if it's only to go for a walk at the beginning, whatever keeps your heart rate a little bit up. I'm lucky so to say, from my childhood on I wanted to be big and strong ,and I actually enjoy working out and the pain ,I guess or know that is the case for most of us who train consistently from an early age

  13. Great video…. You are definitely right Sean…. My excuse was I was too busy… Changed that a month ago… I'm a over the road trucker… My hometime Sun&Mon… Those are my 2 workout days… 45min-1hr..mostly compound workout… at work and My body is sore..and I love it this means I'm making Gains.. . I Prepared meals ahead so I take with me on the road… Progressing every week…. So glad I'm over my excuses… "Thanks for this video Sean… Keep em coming"

  14. You're either motivated to workout or you're not, it's that simple. I'm 5'6 and was 200 lbs, now I'm 140 lbs after deciding one day enough was enough.

  15. I have school every day and sports after until 7:00 and I still workout every morning at 5 and that is my favorite part of the day. The hardest part is getting started. Once you get results it makes it way more enjoyable and motivating. People just need to get through the first month or two before giving up. Nothing happens overnight

  16. Hey Sean, I train when I've recovered from the previous workout! Which on average is every 3-4 days.
    One thing about Tiredness… Tiredness can come from feeling lethargic, which I often get because of a sedentary computer based job.

  17. Making excuses to justify skipping workouts and slacking on your diet is just about the worst thing you can do. As much as it may suck to have to workout tired and unmotivated, it’s way worse to see no results. If you’re going to skip out on workouts and your diet all the time you might as well just quit lifting. You’re just going to be frustrated when you realize it’s been a whole year and you made no progress at all. I was one of these people.

  18. What advice would you (or anyone else reading) give for someone that legitimately can't make it through a moderate-intense workout and simply fatigues quickly? I can't help it, the painkillers I take for my bad knee and the sedatives I take for my stress and anxiety can make me very lethargic and I'm pretty out of shape. I've only been working out for about three weeks after about an 7 year hiatus – mostly due to injury but also college, travelling and pursuing other interests like BMX riding.

    The desire is there and that fire inside me to go all-out and improve myself and get stronger is definitely there and I look forward to training. But once I do, I give in after 30-40 minutes because I physically can't go on.

    I've been splitting my work-outs in half. Early in the morning I'll spend 30 minutes just doing something like abs, calves, biceps and forearms or maybe traps (no big muscle groups) then later on at night, I'll do chest or legs or lats/back.

    I find it does kinda help but do you think this is a viable way to work out?

  19. instead of a bench and adjustable dumbells, I would recommend a barbell set (about $200 @ Dick's sporting goods for a 300 lb set) and an adjustable squat rack (maybe $150). Being able to squat and deadlift is much more important for overall strength than the bench press and you can't do a decent squat or deadlift with dumbbells. You can also do the bench press from the floor, or as I do, completely skip it. I have a shoulder problem and all I do when I bench is aggravate it, so I stopped benching, but I have been doing overhead pressing and it seems to still be hitting my chest muscles and does not aggravate my shoulder. When you think about it, the bench press is really one of the most useless exercises you can do. How often are you in a situation where you need to push something straight out in front of you like that?

  20. It is possible to hear all of the above lame excuses used by the same person, so he should probably be left alone.

  21. Sound advice. Bottom line, don't find the time, make the time. I workout at 5am 6 days a week. I'm not infringing on family time and the gym equipment is always available. Especially for super-sets. That's what works for me. Not for everyone but find what works for you. Determination.

  22. i have a dumb friend who kind of likes to lift sometimes, so he gave me this excuse,
    I ran out of cooking gas so i couldn't prepare my pre-workout meal and hence sadly i couldn't come to the gym
    This guy is literally so dumb in day to day life i just want to slap the shit out of him everytime he opens his mouth

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  25. I just have to remind myself that im a Star Trek nerd, and the only way for people to not see me as only that, is to be bigger than them.

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