Top 5 Foods to Increase Athletic Performance

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, founder of
and doctor of functional medicine. What I want to share with you today are foods
that can help increase your athletic performance. Also these foods can help you burn fat, get
lean, really get in the best shape of your life. And so, the top five foods you should
be consuming are going to help hydration, recovery, muscle building, and overall increase
your energy levels. And the first food you should add in to increase
athletic performance is coconut, especially coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium-chain
triglycerides and your body can actually not just burn sugar for energy but coconut, your
body can burn fat for energy. And that’s why triathletes today, marathon runners, they’re
starting to consume more coconut oil. So start using coconut oil in your cooking and coconut
milk in your smoothies. The second superfood that can increase athletic
performance are chia seeds. Chia seeds were known by Aztec warriors as warrior’s food
or runner’s food. And in fact, the Aztec warriors carried a little pouch on their side, and
they would do a tablespoon of chia. They said one tablespoon of chia seeds was worth a day’s
energy. And there’s also great studies out of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning
on this. Add one tablespoon of chia seeds to a morning smoothie or you can also do some
chia with some honey and kind of eat as a snack between workouts. The third superfood you should consume that’s
going to help increase athletic performance and recovery is getting a good quality protein,
especially a whey or collagen protein. Protein is so important for building muscle and burning
fat and it is vital for recovery. Most athletes surprisingly do not get enough protein. So
adding a good quality, natural, organic type of whey protein, not one that has all those
artificial sweeteners in it, a good natural protein powder is crucial as well. As well
as getting plenty of good quality protein from things like grass-fed beef, organic chicken
and turkey. The next superfood you need to be getting
in to increase athletic performance are more antioxidant-rich berries. Blueberries, strawberries,
raspberries, getting more berries in your diet, they contain the highest levels of antioxidants.
Antioxidants absolutely help with cellular regeneration, healing muscular tissue, and
recovery after exercise. The fifth superfood you’ve got to be getting
to increase athletic performance is coconut water. Coconut water is packed with potassium
and electrolytes. It’s actually known as nature’s Gatorade. So if you want to recover faster,
if you want to increase athletic performance, add in some of nature’s Gatorade by drinking
more coconut water, also known as coconut juice. Hey, those are the five foods that can help
increase your athletic performance.

51 thoughts on “Top 5 Foods to Increase Athletic Performance

  1. Raw coconut oil is good but Cooking coconut oil is BAD!!! Once you cook it Everything changes, keep in mind that coconut one is one of the most high saturated fats oils out there ! ! !

  2. thanks for this video can you recommend me a high Quality whey or collagen protein shake. they all look the same to me thanks

  3. Dr. Axe, 
    I am a health care practitioner and your videos and information are excellent!  I already know most of the information you teach about but I like how easy you present the information and I think we can always challenge ourselves to learn more and try new things.  Thanks for inspiring all of us to be our best and healthiest.  

  4. DR.Axe. I feel happy,and luky finding this videos on the net they are really wonderful,thank you for videos I love them.

  5. Hey doc. I went to my E.N.T on what you suggested. He didnt do much testing. Im thinking about going to another doctor. Whats a doctor thats check for excessive mucus or bad breath from throat?

  6. Beetroot juice and MACA root powder are also very good for Athletic Performance.

    Maqui/Acai/Goji berries for the high end Antioxidant Superberries. (Many times more powerful then blueberries and such.)

    Plant-based protein is absorbed much much better then Animal Protein. J/s

  7. Hi, Dr. Axe. I'm a basketball player but doubtful and worried if I take supplement and I have a skin problem like psoriasis. What is your possible advice for me? Thanks…

  8. great amazing helpful tips cheers mate. ?? I have just eaten a jacket potato and salad for my lunch after using the rowing machine (12 minutes, epileptical trainer ( 40 minutes) and kettle bells with power plate ( 10 minutes) then had a swim. i will buy a coconut drink when i take my doggy out for a walk. I really am determined to be the best i can be…mostly for my children. Take care ?

  9. I wouldn't sugest eating coconut oil as an energy source for marathon running, fat burns way to slow for quick energy, but would deff recomend it in a recovery drink as it does promote recovery and restore many nutrients!

  10. Hello Dr Josh Axe I need to know the white corn Bread is good for man Testosterone Level? I am 60 year old man my Testosterone Level is Very Low please let me know what kind of food is Bad for the Testosterone Level. Thanks

  11. Dr. Axe is always to the point and very helpful. Great vids, sir. All kinds of berries are great, except dingle berries; don't consume those 😉

  12. It is always good to see people take time t help others improve their wellness. We need more in this field like yourself!

  13. 1. Coconut Oil
    2. Chia Seeds
    3. Natural Whey Protein
    4. Ant-Oxidant Berry's
    5. Coconut Water
    Thank me later!

  14. can a 12y old who actively swim 2hrs in high intensity volume take Whey protein? I heard you don't feed kids whey protein powder before they are 14years old but I'm not sure if that is still true.

  15. Thanks for this great video i have embeded it into my website article. Thanks.

  16. Don't go hard on the coconut oil even if you are training. It will make you fat. Seriously. Just use before comps. Been there done that.

  17. Where's kale, spinach, and flax seeds . An all plant based diet will increase muscle growth and keep you from getting skinnyfat.

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