Top 5 dangerous exercises in a home gym ( right now )

Top 5 dangerous exercises in a home gym ( right now ) good morning everyone it’s Nicholas Dettinger
here back on awakendgainz here to Break your fitness limits and today we’re
talk about the Top 5 dangerous exercises in a home gym ( right now ) exercises you can do in your home gym if
you don’t do them properly and you don’t avoid safety techniques but to know we
can gains let’s Gregory for this limits by working on our homes yours
effectively and getting a great workout we’re also providing you the best the
health and safety that you can have to not get injured and recover faster and
perform better near sports speaking furnace limits awakened games
the first exercise they can go terribly bad is unfortunately the bench press for
a couple different reasons people don’t step up properly in their home gym one
of the biggest ways people set up the home gym wrong for a bench press is that
they don’t know first know how to bench press properly and the setup isn’t
proper for safety performance so if we don’t know how to set up a bench press
properly in general or the gym they’re gonna bring those habits back to their
home gym and they could end up getting hurt pretty badly the biggest mistake I
often see is people getting pinned under their barbell which is very much
unfortunate because you don’t need to keep in down your barbell and that would
be a terrible situation for you to have if you had to have a failing or come
home and rescue the barbell off you because you were stuck so to prevent
that getting happen first you should practice more on the bench press in a
gym situation so you learn the rhythm of your body for how you benchpress
properly so you can learn how many reps you can do for extra and how many
overall sets and reps you can do without feeling fatigued or where your maximum
exertion lies where’s that fine line where you can add another rep to your
set but you’re not being dangerous and over exerting yourself the two things
you need to do to make sure your safety rack is important for your bench
pressing is first to make sure these Jay cups which are these right here these
are where you rack the barbell are set appropriately to the launch date for
where you actually pick the bar up to benchpress off of and make sure your
safety bars are properly under your nipple to chest region depending on how
hard you hard your back for what are you bench pressing this is very important
because if you get pinned under the bar the oils going to save you is if these
safety racks are under your nipples at an appropriate height because if it’s
not under your nipples at an appropriate height you will be pinned and you have
to roll the are down your body to your hips and
hopefully you can stand up to get it off you but if you’re gonna squat rack you
can actually get in trouble because you have these big squat rack building
materials in the way for the bar knock out of the way so you need to have it
properly set under your nipple so that if all goes wrong and you’re trying to
do one more rep but you cannot do the rep you can bring the rep back down to
your chest deflate a little bit and it’ll touch the bar and then you can
shimmy yourself out of the way until you can get up off the bar if you have to do
that without the safety racks in place you’ll pretty much crush along or do
something terrible to your body that it’s not worth it at the time or even at
the future the bench press is a great exercise for you to help build your
muscle and get stronger when you take these things into account when building
your home gym so that you are safe when doing the bench press these second
exercise that can be taken not seriously in a home gym and have drastic effects
on your performance or even health is the back squat or the front squat for
this example I’ll use the back squat because that’s the one people most
oftenly accommodate when it comes to lifting heavier weights because it’s
pretty much easier to do a heavier weight lift on your back compared to the
front because of the technique differences so for the back squat disk
is a great exercise I do it every single day for my workouts but there’s a caveat
when it comes to injury risk the injury risk is when you don’t set up three
things properly the first one is not sitting the jayhawks to the appropriate
height when you start to lift it would really suck if you did up squat you did
a perfect new maximum but the Jay cups were a little bit too high and you had
to get up on your tippy toes to rear a kit and you missed it and boom came
right back down to your safety bars not ideal and I do not want that to happen
to anyone the second thing that would be terrible if it ever happened is if these
safety bars are not at the proper height when you squat this actually happened to
me and I’ll probably throw over the clip right now of when I pause 3:15 on back
squat I wasn’t ready at the time my hips flared out and it was a little too much
weight for me I did it once before but want try it again I I misjudged and I
had to bail from the rep book I did not have the safeties high enough because I
was like on Pascua I’m fine and I had to bail and the safety bars caught it but
the back squat but the bar actually did hit my
back when it came down right at the top I don’t have any injuries thank God
because I was flex all the time but that’s a real situation that can happen
to you and you need to be careful when doing these exercises in your home gym
especially the third situation you might find the funniest but that’s being if
you’re trying to clean in jerks in your home gym setup and you haven’t properly
set up your gym for doing clean and jerks in the first place
ie the height of your gym is not the appropriate height for doing that kind
of activity I didn’t think about this I was shooting my home gym when I bought
skipping rope which is why I always talk about in my cheap home gym buddy was
that I probably should have measured the appropriate height of my basement before
I wanted by skipping rope to do skipping in my basement because I see a rope
barely reaches the it actually hits the ceiling every time I do a wrap which is
kind of annoying for my parents upstairs so it’s not awesome but when it comes to
doing the actual activities when you’re doing a cleaning jerk you need a lot of
clearance from the top to the bottom because at some points you jump off the
ground when you fully extend you actually have to account but when you
jump up you actually have to account for the height of the plates and the barbell
because they’re creating added height they need it clear and if you’re using
big 45 pound plates when it comes to it you’re gonna hit your ceiling and if you
got metal piping as I do in front of me right here cuz I have an open basement
you’re probably gonna hit it and damage it and you’re not gonna want to have a
repairman come out and say hey your home gym is probably a little too low or
you’re not have enough room for your home gym plus the second injury I see a
lot of times we’ll build a home gym if they don’t have a large enough platform
to do their movements on when it comes to building a home gym for your specific
sport which is why I make them for every single sport the deadlift platform is
for dead lifting it’s not for the cleaning tricks because you need a lot
more lengthwise to the lift because you back up we do the lift
you also can bounce the way down so you might even more out of protection but if
you don’t have a long enough platform and you jump back you could miss because
you know the platform’s raised and you can go walk right into your squat rack
and hit it by falling backwards so if you’re building a home gym for
clean-and-jerk just be a little more safe to be a
little more cautious the fourth exercise that can be dangerous when doing a home
gym is if you don’t properly know how to do a hip hip duster
barbell hip thrusts are an amazing exercise that I recently just learned
about six months ago cuz I thought they were kind of girly but shame on me I
knew the exercise its potential as a hip dominant movement to include my glutes
and my hamstrings to get a better squat exercise and you know what it’s great
repertory squats and deadlifts to really activate those muscles but you have to
learn how to do the activity first before you can go out there and just do
the lifts it’s especially true when you’re trying to load up heavier weight
with the barbell hip touches because when you do the activity your back acts
as a lever between the bench you’re doing the hip thrusters off and your
body so when it comes to doing the lift it can be very important that you don’t
mess up it can be very important that you can tract your back and abs fully
because your back is acting as the lever transferring force between the barbell
and the floor as your body rotates like this off that bench is especially true
when it comes to having a heavier weight because if your body is not fully flexed
at the time you’re not ready for the load and you’re just using your back as
a leverage point you could be grinding right into your spine and that’s not
okay the other way that hypnosis can go wrong is if you use too much weight and
you’re not ready for it when you have to get up you have to scratch back up to
the bar you have to then hit like pick yourself up kind of sit on the bench and
then come from a dead stop and stand up that can be very dangerous if you don’t
know what you’re doing and you can hurt yourself because you can get pinned by
doing hip thrusters with this the barbell and maybe like 25 pound plates
and each side but the exercise is amazing and you should take it into
account when doing your home gym setup the final tip for my home gym video that
can be cause dangerous side effects is if you don’t do proper shopping or you
do cheaping out on very essential parts of your home gym the three most central
parts for getting the most amount of safety is a squat rack that has safety
bars and Jakob’s that are rated for a certain amount of weight let’s say
you’re a beginner and you’re squatting 225 well don’t just buy a squat rack
that’s ready for 315 because you’ll probably hit 315 pretty soon your squad
you should at least get one that’s rated about 500 pounds even if you only think
you’ll ever hit like 445 on a squat I’m my best one right now is 345 but I still
bought a 500 pound raid Sparra because they don’t the difference
in price is negligible if you want a full rack they’re obviously very strong
but the J cups need to be the same strength and it also goes with the
barbell if the barbell is not rated for a good amount of strength enough tensile
force it could snap on you when you’re lifting and that’d be terrible
also this happens do the same activity when doing the bench which I’m sitting
on right now for my videos because you know that’s why you buy a bench what
were you doing benchpress you don’t want the bench to break onto you the one on
like Amazon the Amazon basics home gym bench that’s only rated for like 300
pounds you’re a 200-pound guy 200 pounds plus
and you try to bench press on that and you’ve got 200 pounds on the bench press
on the bar itself man you’re asking for trouble so get a good bench is rated for
like 500 pounds because that’s what I got it’s steel and it was less
realistically $30 more than the amazon’s basic bench and I still got it from the
same place they gave me a deal so all this worked out well the most important
thing is don’t cheat balance spots that are gonna hurt your safety went doing
exercise because safety is the most important because you don’t want you
don’t want to lift you don’t you know you’re trying to get better at lifting
so you can do better your sports you don’t need to be down time because of
recovery cuz you got injured trying to work out in a home gym that was just too
cheap and I’m not afraid of getting used deals it’s just I need to make sure that
my basics are gonna cover it and one of them is my safety so I hope you had a
great day in broke your fitness limits this has been Nicolas here on awakendgainz here to break your fitness limits by teaching you the Top 5 dangerous exercises in a home gym ( right now ) dangerous if you don’t do them properly

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