Top 3 Mistakes of Ab Training

hey guys Kevin Kreider will pursue so in this next video I want to discuss with you the top mistakes people make when they do ab training Oh so the first thing that people make mistake make mistake with when they do have training is that they know other lower abs which are right here the lower abs are the hardest part to develop in most people’s physiques the reason why it’s the hardest is because people forget that they have to do lower body exercises such as leg raises hanging leg raises and they just have to do that because and they don’t do it first they do at last when they’re more exhausted so I prefer if they if I prefer my clients doing the lower part of the ABS first the second mistake that people make in ab training is that they don’t do weighted resistance for their abs the problem with not doing weighted resistance for the ABS is the fact that abs are just like your muscles they need progressive overload you need to feel the muscle working for them to grow and develop so what’ll end up happening is you’ll have flat abs or not very well developed abs then all that extra crisp sharp look that you see in magazines or on athletes or movie stars so you want that crisp little edges and shape and mold and sculpted abs that you see in the magazines and that you envy and you’re wondering why it’s because you don’t do weighted exercises you need to do weighted exercises for abs the next mistake that people forget is you need to work your core what I mean core it is your abs but you need to work on the stability and strength of it you often neglect roll out your Swiss ball roll out he also neglect your roll outs with the wheel the ab wheeler or planks you need to do core movements to strengthen the whole abdominal wall come with a bow ball you need to strengthen the whole abdomen wall so just focus on that as well and don’t neglect that as well because you want an overall well-developed set of six packs Set of apps so don’t forget to do that as well so guys I really hope you and so guys I really hope you enjoyed the YouTube video please subscribe to my channel I’d love to hear from you have some comments so i can make some more videos based off of what you want to see don’t forget to subscribe also go on to my body designer it’s right below click on it and it leads you to the perfect workout for the sculpted abs see you soon

54 thoughts on “Top 3 Mistakes of Ab Training

  1. So, I heard someone say that you can (just as you can overeat) eat too little ammount of food for you to build proper abdominal muscles. What┬┤s you opinion on this?

  2. You have perfect abs.. I need help getting my shit like that.. I'm at 8% body fat and it doesn't look that good, you see a 4 pack but still doesn't look good like most people..

  3. I'll try ab work at the beginning of workouts. Lower abs really are hard to get defined, even yours barely show. It's those top two wedges just under the pecs that give most the 6-pack look. When everything stands out it ends up looking like an 8-pack.

  4. yo bro! i am skinny but my belly feels so fatty. i cannot take it in my hands like other shredded guys. whaf can i do better to lower my BP?

  5. hey hi please make vid on exercises for athletes…. aesthetic, calisthenics or other? which is better?
    ps: i want speed, agility and keep muscle same time . thank you.

  6. Excellent advice about working out the lower abs first. I also believe a lot of people make the mistake by not working the ab muscles right…they just focus on the movement and forgot about feeling the actual muscle…
    kinda like when people workout their chest, they are focus on their arms and strength but never actually feel the chest muscle they are suppose to workout.
    The reason most people dont have abs is because they do not workout their abs and more so, they do not eat right….
    abs are made literally in the kitchen 75% of the time….
    anyone can build chest muscle, arms, back etc… takes a real athlete and 100% commitment to have ab muscles aka 6 pack.
    Thats why you see a lot of meatheads at the pool and beaches wearing shorts al the way down to their ankles lol to hide their 9 year old girls skinny leg lol and same goes with their obese belly but their abs look like, from someone who is overweight and is just drinking 24/7

  7. Solid info here, Agreed lower ab hanging knee raises and leg raises should be done all throughout and with weight, gravity boots or ankle weights.

  8. Good gosh. Typical online or 3 week and type trainer. Core is core, central. You hv 0 medical anatomy knowledge. Strengthen your core. How? Ab roller? No. Does a persons lower back not account for ones ability to "strengthen ones core?" . You seriously need to be vaulted by a REAL professional. Plus, currently 2017 u hv a muffin to, your "core" has hella fat. So…… You are not proving to be competent in your false facts.

  9. Thanks a zillion for the informative suggestion…. I was trying these exercises for a week then…now that I vl consistently work for months together with the same routine firstly leg raises….weighted crunch, abs roller. .. . N so on…

  10. There's no "lower" or "upper" ab, it's a single muscle. Where do you people get this from? However, your first tip to do a leg raises is great, simply because it's a very hard ab exercise, which creates more muscle tension than, let's say, crunches which most people usually do.

  11. Athlete x says we should work them everyday personally I only work then 5 days a week I would love to hear your opinion

  12. So far I really like this guy's videos because they are clear and concise. Don't need to ramble on for 10-15 minutes to convey information. Thanks Kevin. New subscriber.

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