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the understandably weight training can
be intimidating so I’m gonna show you three moves where
you can cover most your body this is seated press you can train
your back and your arm muscules your grab the handle here slide back with your feet on the platform
you stay upright chest toward the ceiling start to join
your shoulder blades back to move the weight encourage your back and your elbows
start to pull let it come forward slowly don’t want
the weight stack to hit and repeat throw your shoulder blades back slowly
keep pulling back your elbows are going just about you midline and then you bringing it forward again
this is called a chest Press you have to bring this seat up or
down depending on your height you’ll know that it’s at the right level
for when you sit down when you’re elbow lined up with your chest you don’t
want to your elbow to be too high you don’t want your elbow to low
it’s just a straight line between your elbow and your chest you can sit back keep your shoulder
blades drawn back look straight ahead have good form good
posture and then just press the weight stack away from you the handle the way
from you and then bring it back slowly keeping
goodform without letting your elbows rise or fall just press the weight stack away from you
and bring it back slowly repeating without hitting the weight
stack this is your leg press we are going to train our legs its your butt your back of your legs and your thighs when you sit down on the machine there’s a particular line
and that you have to look for so that you don’t get hurt you put both
your legs up on the platform you want to make sure that both your legs are even
that they line up with your hip, your knee and your ankle
say you’re looking for a straight line between your ankle hip and knee without knees drifting too far out to be a
midline or too knot knee once you have your leg alignment
you will looked straight ahead align your posture keep keep your shoulder blades
back look straight ahead and push the through your ankle and then just bring the
weight back down slowly you want to keep tention on these muscle and push the weight back away again
keeping these muscles tight the whole range the

16 thoughts on “Top 3 Machines To Use At The Gym | Shape

  1. How the heck is the first exercise 'seated press' when it's clearly a pulling exercise and not a pressing exercise?
    It's called a Seated Cable Row or simply Seated Row (and this one is a dual handled design).
    Where did she get her trainer certification?

  2. Amazing the misinformation they give you out there, you're right, it's a seating row, not a seating press!!  morons.. 

  3. I think she's wrong on everything! Maybe she's one of those amateur "trainers" some gyms hire, who don't know anything, just there to lure customers into "personal training" cause it sounds good. And did anyone notice how skinny she is?? Obviously knows nothing about how to work muscles!

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