Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Chest

Hello everyone, Pec tutorial – best excercises. I did abs last and a lot of people liked it,
so I will show you the best pec excercises ever. #1 excercise is pushups. The trick here is to do it perfect form. In perfect form, I mean you are starting with
your body straight, you’re going all the way down, all the way
up. Not just like this. This isn’t perfect form. You go down 2 seconds, hold it for one second
in bottom position, 2 seconds up. And then, directly go straight down. Don’t rest in the top position. I demonstrate: 1,2 1 second, 1,2 again 1,2 1 second 1,2 again 1,2 1 second 1,2 Rght now, I’m stressing a lot of triceps. The way to make it more directed to chest, you put your arms a little bit like this. You put your hands a little bit not like this but like this: and you make sure your elbows flare out when
you go down. So it will look like this: 1,2 1 second, 1,2 1,2 1 second, 1,2 1,2 1 second, 1,2 So – like that. You can go any position, there are different
ones. You can elevate your legs, you can do diamonds, because when you do diamonds, your arms also
flare out. 1,2 1 second, 1,2 And so on. As long as your elbows flare out, it’s on
your chest. Me second most favorite and best excercise
is muscle up. I will explain why in a second, especially
if it’s controlled. If you do a slow muscle up, for example. But even fast momentum muscle ups like this
one are really good for chest because when you go on top of the bar, this is the
motion that trains your chest. For the muscle, it is better when you pull
yourself up, over the bar, and in this moment right here, gravity is pulling you down, you’re a little
bit tired, and you tend to go lower so you have full
range motion. You push yourself up. So the muscle up itself is the second best
excercise for your chest, for your pecs. The third best excercise, which I never liked, but it works, are dips. Dips – also try to keep arms going outside
more rather than backwards. Go all the way down. Also 2 seconds down, 1 second hold, 2 seconds
up. 1,2 1 second, 1,2 again 1,2 1 second, 1,2 Really good for your chest. Especially if they are controlled. Those are 3 top excercises for your chest
and pecs. I’ll show you an extra. This one helps. It’s isometrics for chest. Alright, this one’s isometrics. It’s good for lower back, but because you
are trying not to cave in and fall inside, you have your chest really flexed, keeping
you in position. So this excercise right here is a lower back
excercise but chest is the primary holder here. You start in the bottom position like this: It isolates your chest and it is isometrics. It holds you in. That’s just an extra. But pushups excercises are the best excercises. That’s all I did for my chest. I did some dips, but I never liked it. This excercise I do once in a while. That’s about it. Like, Subscribe, I’ll put a link right here
for my abs video that I did recently. I have new videos : Handstand tutorial, and my full 1-hour workout
coming out, too. So I’ll see you guys then. Bye!

29 thoughts on “Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Chest

  1. Yeah the dips seem a little too low. It seems like you're putting too much strain on the shoulders and where the pectorals meet. I'd say just to keep a straight form and hit 90 degrees. than go back up.

  2. Women push ups and deep push up blocks.your chest will explode.not everyone is strong enough to do this dude exercises.make your own push up blocks,so u can decide the depth.not the push up device that gives you turn techniques.use 2by four and hand rail.with 2by fours u can make your depth bigger.

  3. terrible advice, you should never flare your elbows out, will definitely injure your shoulders. Same for dips, you never go that deep.

  4. Every time you told the camera man to do something you either went out of frame or got upstaged by a poll.

    Also you’re fucking jacked

  5. What a dumb fuck. DON'T flare out your elbows coz you'll injure your shoulders and rotator cuffs. The number 1 rule with pushups is dont flare your elbows so this guy clearly doesnt know what he's talking about. If you want more contraction on your chest then activate your lats and and pretend your are squeezing your lats/armpits. Mentally put your focus more on contracting your chest. Not only will this protect your shoulders but you will also get a much better contraction.. and much better results. Dont listen to this dumbass lol and most dumbasses on YouTube.

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