Top 10 Fast Food Restaurant Chains in 2020

Quick, cheap and reliable, fast food is the
ultimate comfort food for many people. While we all have our favorite restaurant chain,
the battle between each franchise for who is top dog in the fast-food game is a fierce
one. With that in mind, we look to the future to see which fast food joint will earn that
top spot. Here are the Top 10 Fast Food Chains in America
in 2020. Panera Bread The only new comer to the list in 2020 is
Panera Bread! Panera has recently announced their plans aimed at expanding their reach.
They want to continue to grow in both locations and sales in 2020. They’ve already got a very
loyal core group of fans and are looking to spread into more wide appeal, as their fresh,
health conscious offerings are becoming more popular with the fast food consuming public.
Panera was acquired by a holding company back in 2017 for the massive sum of $7.5 billion
dollars and this has spurred their recent growth. They’ve also revamped their coffee
menu, and are working hard at rounding out their dinner menu with items like artisan
flatbreads, bowls and hearty side. There is clearly a plan to grow beyond the lunch crowd,
which they’ve already captured. This growth is obvious as they’ve made the top 10 fast
food chains in 2020. Dominos Dominos is the only Pizza chain to make the
top 10 fast food chains in 2020. Keep in mind this list is based off of sales, so don’t
be upset if you prefer Pizza Hut, Little Ceasar’s, Papa john’s or any other pizza chain, as this
just means Dominos did more sales than the rest. This goes to show Dominos has had an
increased dominance in the fast food pizza space over the years with their plentiful
advertising, innovations like their pizza tracker, intuitive online ordering and lighting
fast delivery that have given them a step up on the competition. While the pizza chain
industry as a whole has been flat sales wise, Dominos has shown growths of around 20%. They
are showing no signs of slowly down in 2020 as they are projecting similar same store
sales growth and are planning to open up to 2000 more locations by 2025. The future is
definitely bright for this pizza giant. Dunkin’ Donuts This baked goods and coffee chain has seen
many changes and updates over the past few years, including removing “donuts” from their
name. They’ve been working hard on modernizing their stores with things like digital menus,
new espresso machines, new drinks, two lane drive-thrus, all to make the customer experience
an even better one. Other changes include modernizing the interior of the stores, with
things like front facing bakery cases, instead of everything behind the counter and an expanded
“grab-and-go” section. All of this, and the exterior facelifts many stores received have
really given Dunkin’ a more contemporary feel that the modern consumer is drawn to. So while
Dunkin’ has actually dropped a few spots on the list from years past, they are clearly
aware of that fact and they have re-branded and re-focused heavily on giving customers
an improved experience and modernizing which we believe will move them back up the list
in the years to come. Wendy’s ‘Where’s the beef?’ One of the biggest rises
and transformations in fast food in recent years has been Wendy’s. The ‘old fashioned’
style food restaurant has seen a dramatic facelift as they look to take on burger big
shot McDonald’s. Famous for its square burger patties, and fresh-never-frozen beef, Wendy’s
was founded in Columbus, Ohio by Dave Thomas in the late 1960s. Naming the restaurant after
his fourth daughter, Thomas wanted to produce good, old fashioned food that the whole family
could enjoy. The inspiration for Wendy’s famous square patties actually came about when Thomas
visited the burger restaurant Kewpee Hamburgers. Because the square patties stuck out of the
side of the bun, customers could see the quality of the meat, which is exactly the spirit Thomas
wanted to instill in his new restaurant: good, quality food. While it may have taken Wendy’s
a little longer to reach the top end of the fast-food royalty, The company has taken steps
to modernize the brand to keep it strong and relevant in the future. The focus is still
on quality as well as new procedures in place to source better and more animal-friendly
meat for its burgers, plus stepping up their healthier option game by adding more nutritious
meals to their menus, Wendy’s has also been working hard on productivity and cutting wait
times, while still maintaining their high standards of food. All of these reasons go
a long way to ensure that the red-haired queen of burgers is rising ever higher in the fast-food
world. Burger King Burger King was steadily falling on this list,
but are now making comeback! Going into 2020, Burger King is on the rise and there are a
few factors that are responsible for this. They’ve made some really clever advertising
initiatives including their recent “Whopper Detour promotion” in which Burger King offered
the classic Whopper for one cent if customers used to the BK app to order it within 600
feet of any McDonald’s locations. The BK app topped the charts in Apple’s App Store during
the campaign. Another unforgettable Ad was their 45-second long Super Bowl ad which featured
old stock style footage of Andy Warhol slowly unwrapping and eating a Whopper. They’ve also
partnered with “Impossible foods” to release a plant-based version of the Whopper called
the “Impossible Whopper” which has been a huge success for the company. The Impossible
Whopper was limited to certain stores but they now plan on rolling it out to many more
locations in the near future. Another avenue they plan on increasing is breakfast, having
recently released a coffee subscription program that offers customers unlimited coffee for
only $5 a month. So look for Burger King to continue this growth moving forward. They
even plan on reaching 40,000 stores globally by the year 2030, which would be more locations
then even McDonald’s! Chick-Fil-A Chick-Fil-A is one of the biggest family-owned
businesses in the country. It prides itself on its family-themed image. Starting from
humble beginnings, the company was founded in Georgia by S.Truett Cathy. After years
of making a living, just about, in the fast-food industry, Cathy came across a pressure cooker
that could cook chicken as fast as a burger. Following this ‘Eureka’ moment, Cathy trademarked
the name Chick-fil-A in the 1960s and made it his mission to bring great-tasting, and
fast, chicken to the country. Focusing on the chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A soon became
one of the country’s leaders in great tasting chicken products. Chick-Fil-A takes great
care and pride when it comes to speed of food and the quality of service it provides its
customers, as Chick-Fil-A continues to be the largest chicken focused fast-food chain
in the country. And that includes the fact that every single restaurant closes on Sundays. Taco Bell Next, we come to the biggest Mexican-American
fast food restaurant in the country. Taco Bell was founded in the early 1960s by Glen
Bell. Incidentally, Bell tried his hand at pretty much every item of fast food before
he settled on tacos. Starting with a hot dog stand in San Bernardino, Bell then moved to
sell hot dogs and burgers. Soon he added tacos to his menu, which proved to be more popular,
so he focused on them and opened taco stands. Once the 1960s hit, Bell was ready to unleash
Taco Bell on the world. Originally, Taco Bell was a window-service-only restaurant and had
no indoor seating or drive-thru. Taco Bell started to take off, and the company grew
into the chain we love today. Famed for its tasty tacos, as well as being a lot of peoples
‘go-to’ place for late-night snacks, Taco Bell continues to hold its own against the
big hitters of the fast-food world and this trend looks set to carry on in 2020. Subway Subway is one of the fast-growing restaurant
chains in the history of fast food. In fact, it has so many outlets that in the US alone
Subway almost has more restaurants than McDonald’s and Starbucks combined, which is a staggering
number. Famed for selling sub sandwiches, Subway paved the way for the healthier option
in fast food. The other big concept that set Subway apart from other fast-food chains in
the beginning was that you could actually see your meal being made. Rather than having
it prepared out of sight by people you couldn’t see, Subway made your sandwich in front of
your very eyes. Add to that the fact that you could tailor everything about your meal
– bread, filling, sauce, etc – Subway became a real fast food trailblazer. Of course, many
restaurants and fast-food outlets do the same thing now, but Subway was one of the first.
While being among the first means they’ve built a stable of loyal customers over the
years, it’s the great sandwiches and low prices that really keep them coming back over and
over again. Some of their best sellers include the Spicy Italian, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef,
Subway Club and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Subway continues to be a fast-food giant coming
into 2020 and stand firmly in the top 3. Starbucks Starting out in Seattle, Starbucks burst onto
the fast-food scene and very quickly became one of the hottest names in food and coffee.
Creating more of a concept and lifestyle rather than just a restaurant, Starbucks found itself
as the forerunner and face of a whole pop culture movement during the 90s. Even decades
later, Starbucks continues to promote its unique concept and brand management, and we
the public are still lapping it up. Not only has Starbucks prided themselves on their style
but also their customer care. After all, has anyone ever been served by a grumpy or rude
staff member? There may be the odd exception but we certainly haven’t. Starbucks takes
a lot of time and effort with its staff and it shows. It is no wonder that Starbucks is
still the biggest coffee outlet in the world and now the second biggest fast-food chain
overall. While many many coffee shops and chains have opened up since Starbucks made
it big, they all pale in comparison to the true leaders and rulers of the coffee world. McDonald’s Was there seriously any doubt which fast-food
chain would come out as number one? Whether you’re scoring based on financials, popularity,
or brand awareness, McDonald’s continues to be world leader and number one. Starting
out as a simple burger stand back in the 1940s by the McDonald brothers Richard and Morris,
their new concept of fast food proved a big hit. However, it wasn’t until entrepreneur
and salesman Ray Kroc got involved that the McDonald’s brand really started to sell. Kroc
franchised the new system across the country and turned it into the fast-food leader we
know and love today. It has been reported that McDonald’s sells an average of 75 fast
food items per second across the globe and this could increase as they have now entered
the delivery market with third party companies such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. McDonald’s
has been at the forefront of fast food for decades and they look to stay number one for
decades to come. All this talk of fast food makes us want a Big Mac! Tap that screen and we’ll deliver more great
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