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wherever you are assalammualaikum wr. wb , morning gaes (guys) so in this video I will discuss this a very interesting event in this life after update gaes precisely updated on September 25, 2019 eh September 26 gaes LOL September 26, 2019 so we will do snow mount event ?? mountain climbing event through the valley eeh mount everest maybe LOL so here I will tell you tips and tricks how to complete the mount snow quest this time the tips are the fastest and most handsome tips before we proceed to the video like this video first, subscribe to activate the notification and please share it with your friends and don’t forget my good looks eh eh eh don’t seem mount snow LOL if mount snow is a map while this time is our newest event namely Mount Wolf so here maybe we should destroy the wolves or err …? basically we will climb a mountain so if you guys want to get into mount wolf the easy way is to just click on the mount wolf icon and must create a team you can make a team of women or HODE all LOL ok, we finished mount wolf when you first enter the mount wolf you have to take the supply provided at the front snow stick here later we will walk like grandparents LOL if you want to walk fast in this snow we have to use the supply stick earlier and here we are given body heating food so here the mission is only to climb to the highest place sing: climb a mountain through a valley and you have to defeat the sleeping zombies afraid that they will interfere with our ascent on mount wolf we are required at least before 8 minutes must be completed so that you get a handsome reward for here we have to ask for the help of another pelayer or teammate hmm .. good for holding a girl too but all of them are male, it’s just the character LOL it doesn’t feel warm it becomes LOL if the rope has been passed down by a teammate we just need to go upstairs the biggest problem in mount snow, err mount snow again LOL which is a snow avalanche for this route you defeat the sleeping zombies actually can be passed alone but to be safer, we defeat the zombies first awright gaes if there is already a count above be careful of you and enough of you subscribe and like the video we must seek shelter on the edge of the stone so we are safe from an avalanche yes it seems the avalanche has passed Have you passed or not? eh already passed gaol LOL and for here we just jump in a handsome style gaes wow cool cool there is already an effect and sound here if we use a girl character there was a sigh of LOL manthap you just ignore the left and right side NPC ok next stepping second waaaaw cool LOL try if the camera can be directed down waaw maybe we will feel the sensation more ok now he sleeps again, maybe he is tired LOL sleep then sleep continue wkkwwk ok the ones here are pretty dangerous we have to defeat the zombie woman who is sitting again if not defeated he will call the avalanche 15 seconds to clash so to avoid it we have to look for rocks that have gaps you can search in every corner okay good position here if in this area ok we are waiting for the avalanche through the first gaes dangerous snow avalanches and destroy humanity Awright seems safe safe and prosperous and it looks like one of our friends died here you don’t need to be afraid to die here gaes because it won’t damage the durability … it looks like … LOL and here i don’t want to try to die lol here i want to search as fast as possible and give tips and tricks to you ok actually if you want it faster we can leave our team LOL our way like grandparents: v Don’t forget to subscribe, guys, and share with friends if one city needs: v you guys just enjoy this video LOL seems like here I have to leave my friends to be faster and clean the zombies here prioritize kill the squat female zombie first because it is the cause of the avalanche that falls faster my dog ​​got hit from behind gaes wow they seem to want to feel an explosion and this is the last point gaes we just need to climb up oh my, avalanche time is 15 seconds did we have time to go up * counting congratulations congratulations we survived the snow avalanche Looks like the landslide boundary is just to the right of it we are lucky thanks to LOL’s good looks wow one of our team mates died on the spot looks like he’s not handsome LOL ok here it is peak this stone is our last position gaes to easy gaes maybe i’m too handsome LOL and don’t forget to share the speed here to camp to show off a little LOL and finally there is the epic scene of our climb we can save this scene like this ok to get out of here just press the door icon and we will automatically exit this is the prize we get when you finish it before 8 minutes wow how do you know it’s easy right thank you for all of you who watched up to here don’t forget to like and subscribe help this channel to continue working and sorry for the English subtitles which are not so good

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