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Namaste everyone welcome to yoga with amit,
I’m amit namdev and today we going to yoga to improve the health of your thyroid gland so let’s begin come to into the vajrasana sitting
on to your heels bringing me hands on your knees close your eyes and then
bringing a chin gently towards your chest your chin is not touching the
chest is gently going to words so that you can keep breathing in and out you back to the center one more time bring
your chin towards the chest but the team’s not touching my chest you’re
breathing in and out normally coming back to the center and this time
you can inhale and now bringing a chin to the chest and you will hold the
breath inhale changing the chest hold the breath you gently release and exhale one more time
inhale chin to the chest hold the breath gently release and exhale we were
holding for about 10 to 15 seconds next we will do camel pose stand up on your
knees inhale bringing your right hand and bring it onto your right leg and
then check if you can bring another day another hand the same way and then drop
your head back stay there for at least 15 seconds to come back come back the
same way inhale bringing left hand up rising up
and then sit down back into the petrovna and then lie down onto your back hand by
the sides feet together tuck your chin to the chest
then inhale use your muscles in your abdomen to lift your legs up and then
push with your hands all the way legs up excellent pose for your thyroid gland
close your eyes stay there 20 seconds you to come out of the pose you goryeo get
down and bring your hands on the ground rule yourself easily without lifting
your upper body bring your hands by the sides push with your elbows lift your
head up and now chest out and roll your head back and you hang your head using
your shoulders let go the neck completely make sure you’re not feeling
any discomfort or pain 15 seconds you bring your head up and then gently roll
down relax for moments and then bring you both hand on the legs eat together
and so on the tines tuck your chin to the chest and inhale lift your head up
and hands up you exhale down three times inhale excellent down Nick you’re holding it
for longer then you can keep reading so you don’t need to choke yourself when
you’re time inhale come up exhale down then bend your knees hold the ankles if possible otherwise
bring your palm flat and ground because I can hold angle so I will hold ankles
then inhale lift your hips all the way up and rock roll your shoulders all to
the ground so the shoulders are standing on the ground and that will make your
chin touching your chest you I still come down and you can repeat
this pose for two to three times inhale lift your hips all the way up you you thanks to come down inhale lift your
hips you thank you to come down fuck that let go for a moment again you
and then sit up bringing your feet together
chest up bring your hand on the ground and lift the leg up extend the leg and
then bend them keep your chest up stand the leg bend one extend the leg
Brenda stand the leg bend them extend the leg bend them stance bent last
extend and Bend that’s it in sukhasana Childress and rest you you

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