100 thoughts on “Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

  1. 10 years to be able to crack a piece of glass with a sharp metal object. These monks are shown to be frauds ober and over again.

  2. Anyone notice the neddle not really a needle , and it was always thrown backwards , and never went through the glass it literally just shatters it … Lost a few brownie points my Shaolin Monk's

  3. I'm not surprised the needle didn't go through, I'm sad I didn't see the monks react to the truth of what was happening, and that the broke glass does the popping

  4. Credulous idiots: wow Shaolin monks are just so spiritual and amazing

    Me: but really they're just circus performers tho…

  5. 2:19 Slow Mo Guys, did you select and bring the glass? Because if you didn't, it could be the weakest slice of plastic for all you know. Also, 1:46 "he's bringing the energy to the diaphragm" is pseudoscientific nonsense. Just like the rest of these three.

  6. Shaolin monks lie. People who create video titles lie too. Some people even lie about the meaning of the word "through". https://ceramics.org/ceramic-tech-today/busted-monk-uses-needle-to-break-but-not-bust-through-piece-of-glass

  7. The first year of study they master "Rock through glass".

    The 100th year is "rice through stone" though nobody's studied long enough to master it.

  8. For those keen eyed viewers commenting on the marks on the glass from previous attempts: "Perfection is the unachievable goal"

  9. Kinda curious if anyone else noticed that the second needle the monk threw was spinning. Even at 28k fps it was still spinning quite fast.

  10. What is faster than light and how to record it
    These are the steps:
    1. Get a flash light
    2. Open it
    3. Record it
    4. Then ×2 the speed of the video lol

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