Thoracic Mobility & Rotation Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey what’s up everybody?
Mitch and Dennis here from Stick mobility. Today we’re gonna shoot the full video,
so we’re looking to open up T-spine. So a nice thoracic stretch with a little spin like we’ve
shown before, some of you may have seen when we just do our crossover T-spine stretch
from the standing or horse stance. So we’re going half kneeling. Here’s the important part, so if left leg is down, right,
your starting position is both our palms up. You’re gonna reach across. So you want
that same side to be the arm on top. So since left is down, we want left arm up on top
so we expand this tissue a little bit more. Once you’re there, hands are gonna start
pulling in on the stick to create tension, irradiate the tissue, build some strength
in there while it’s expanded. Now we’re going to explore. So Dennis
is gonna go through rotation, alright, and then take that to some extension
while he’s rotated, to some flexion. We’re gonna start playing around. So we’re starting
to really open up all this tissue, take that tension out, but at the same time right, when we stretch
something, we want to strengthen it. We want to start to own these positions. So it also can just become a play. Start you know,
playing around, moving to different parts and realms, rotating, extending, flossing different areas
and find where you need it the most. It’s gonna jump out, it’s gonna tell you
where I’m really tight, where I’m stuck, where I no longer can produce strength.
So those are the things we’re looking at. To finish you just unwind the arms and then you
switch sides, so make sure you do both sides. Pay attention to how the body feels
and where you need it the most. But here’s a great way to stretch and expand
that T-spine, take some tension out of there. Okay, so there you go.
Make your T-spine happy, try that stretch out. Until next time, we’re out. Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.

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