people would be like hey Jeff you have
pretty thin hair how I can see your scalp and I’m like I’m sorry alright
guys so I’m a little embarrassed to talk about this video but this is all about
my thinning hair so welcome to this video if it’s the first time on this
channel my name is Jeff kidding and I make a lot of videos that is pretty
relatable to you dudes and honestly I hope it makes you guys better men right
so fitting hair it’s kind of a big thing especially if you’re a guy and you don’t
want to be bald funny thing is is that I am Asian alright I believe that Asian
guys are the only race that don’t look good with thin hair unless you’re Master
Roshi then you rock the thin hair homie but give me an example man give me an
example right now of an Asian guy that looks good with thin hair or her bald
it’s for that matter give me an example of an Asian guy that is bald that looks
good white guys look good with a bald head
and some beard even like even black guys they look probably the best with a bald
head but I truly feel that Asians probably look the worst to pull the head
so you can imagine the fear that I have as an Asian guy with thinning hair as a
matter of fact here’s how my thinning hair looks like honestly right now it
looks a little better than what it is because I’ve been using a product
alright I’ve been using a product that has been helping quite a lot alright and
I’m gonna share with you guys what that product is in the next few weeks because
right now I’m going through the testing stages of this product that I’ve been
using and so far it’s been giving me some really great results
alright so stay tuned because there’s gonna be a video about that product that
has been helping my hair a lot and I want you guys to know about it so yeah
man I’ve been getting thin hair I’m 30 right now and it started when I was
around 20-something early twenties it actually started right after high school
and you guys seen my transformation the beginning of my transformation was right
after high school and I lost weight a little after high school so after high
school was when I stopped becoming fat and I started to get more confident in
body and while that was happening I was also losing the thickness of my hair my
hair was getting very thin so you could imagine kind of the the fear that was
struck in me after being fat for so long I started to look a little better and
started to become a little more confident in myself and then my hair
started to get thin so it kind of like brought me backwards as far as how I
felt confidently in my looks and man it was
it was crazy I started to notice it like after I got out of the shower I noticed
just hair in my hand after like a shower and I got to go like this and then Doby
like like probably six seven strands of hair in my hand all right that was scary
and where it really struck to me that I was having thin hair was one day before
school I didn’t wear gel or any type of hair product in my hair for a long time
and then one day I decided that I’m gonna buy some gel or I forgot what it
was I was kind of like a pomade anyways I put the pomade on put it through my
hair and while I was putting on I noticed that it was straight scalp
alright I could see straight scalp on my head
and it was weird it was weird I felt like this never happened before why is
my hair so thin why can I see my scalp it doesn’t look good so I’ve been doing
everything I can to make side comb hair cover up the middle scalp you know what
I mean it just sucked it just sucked man you guys could relate I know you can for
those who have thinning hair it sucks so just a pointer one of the things that is
your enemy of thin hair is anything greasy pomades that keeps your hair
shiny greasy stay away from that because that’s what kind of pushes your hair
down and mixer scalp more noticeable makes your hair look more thin so don’t
use those products so with my thin hair I became very embarrassed I looked at
every single remedy that I could do I used Rogaine I use special oils that
is natural for my hair I even used different products that you blow dry on
your hair to make it look thicker alright but one of the things I never
did use it was one of those thickening agents you know what I mean those
powders that’s supposed to thicken your hair that’s too fake it makes me feel
like you’re you’re practically putting on a toupee and washing it off at the
end of the night it’s it’s too fake I don’t want to do that I’d rather be bald
then use that powder I even bought one of these these things
this this this light thing okay I’ll give my review on that in the next few
videos so being that this is a no FAP channel I like to do videos that helps
you guys that relates to you guys that helps you guys to become more confident
become masculine men I’m gonna make more videos on this thinning hair topic
alright I want I want it to be kind of like a journey that we could all go
through how we style our hair how we cope with the fact that we have thinning
hair or even balding who knows Oh back to a story about how I put gel in my
hair and I started to notice how thin it was one of the things that got me was
that everybody started to point out that I had thin hair people would be like hey
Jeff you have pretty thin hair how I can see your scalp and I’m like I’m sorry
thick bed facial reaction I think I just didn’t know how to respond to it I would
be like yeah I have thin hair it’s my mom’s fault cuz they say that guy’s hair
comes from the mom side and yeah man my mom’s side they’re like practically the
guys in there like receding hairlines and you’re kind of bald and my grandpa
Lisak bald so I’m like I’m gonna get involved I don’t want to be bold you
know what I mean man anyways I know you guys could relate to this comment down
below if you have thinning hair alright also comment down below if you guys know
any Asian guy with a bald head that is sexy okay because man I hope I can rock
this sexy sexy thin hair or bald head look alright anyways other than that I
am testing out a product and I have great results from it and I’m excited to
share with you guys the product but again I’m still going through the
testing stages I’m still trying out that product and you guys will find out about
it shortly I am gonna do some reviews on Rogaine and that light that this thing
right here this $700 light therapy that is supposed to make my hair grow thicker
I’ll do a review on that so if you haven’t already be sure to check out my
other videos right here it’s all about no fab
a lot of videos that is gonna help you to become a better man so yeah once
again I just want to thank you guys so much for your time
remember whatever Charles you’re going through it’s all uphill from here as
always god bless you and have the best day ever


  1. Hey Jeff. Well on this nofap. I think my hair is getting healthier with cold showers which nofap and cold showers do connect. I thinking I am also starting to get more energy as well.

  2. Hey man much respect! I'm 26 and have the same issue. I've just embraced my baldness and there are lots of badass looking Shaolin monks. You'd rock the bald look with a beard! What I do!

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