Thigh Master Exercises : Thigh Master Exercise: Inner Thighs

This is the inner thigh master. The thing
about the inner thigh master is there is a couple of different ways that you can actually
use this on the inner thighs. Sometimes I like to just switch it up. Right now we are
going to start off right here. We are going to hold it in towards my body. And we are
just pushing in with those thighs. And I can feel it contracting particularly in the inside
of my thighs which is exactly where it needs to be working. Now unlike the outer thigh
master where I can actually feel it working the inner and outer thigh, this one I really
feel it more in the inner thigh. You can see it just slipped. That’s the one thing about
the inner thigh master, is you kind of really have to hold it there in order to keep it
in position. The other thing you can do with the inner thigh master is you can flip it
this way and you got to bring it right there in your knees and push in and out. Still working
those inner thighs, bringing it in and out. Repetitions to do if you are new, start off
by doing ten, ten to twelve, if you have been doing it a while like me, nineteen ninety
six I had my thigh masters, you can go ahead and do like fifty to a hundred reps. And again
you can do those while you are watching TV or reading a book. And that’s how you use
the inner thigh master.

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  5. I'm a beginner and I've been doing three sets of twenty reps. Is this ok for a beginner? You didn't mention how many sets of the reps a person should do.

  6. How many times a week would you recommend doing this exercise?  Is twice a week reasonable or is it safe to do it, say, every other day?

  7. Inner thigh master??? No, just thigh master and the ball is supposed to point toward the ground using it while sitting down. Haven't you ever watched Suzanne Somers' video on how to use it? I believe it's on this site. She had it on Arsenio Hall's first talk show and he held it the way you are and she told him if he holds it like that, he'll hurt himself. The ball is pointed down and you hold it in place at the top so the thing doesn't pop out of place when you squeeze. She's said in interviews she does 50 or 100 of these every night before bed.

  8. can this be use for kegel pelvic floor muscle exercises as well? I'm wondering because I heard if men don't exercise the pelvic muscles they can get prostate cancer.

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