what if there was a simple way to
transform your manifesting process and what if I had an exercise to prove it
today’s video is all about the truth about manifesting and simple thing is
that you might be missing in your manifesting process and I also have an
exercise for you to try at home so stay tuned if you’re new to my channel my
name is Mary Kay and I’m a mindset coach manifesting expert and founder of what if I told you that you are far more powerful than you
could ever possibly imagine did you know that your thoughts your beliefs and your
mindset all lay the foundation for successful manifesting so if something’s
missing in one of those areas I guarantee you whatever you’re trying to
create is not gonna happen in your reality when studying the law of
attraction you’re taught that your thoughts are everything think positive
thoughts and positive things will happen and that is true but then what about the
times for negative beliefs come up negative thoughts pop in do you feel
like all of a sudden you’ve lost all control and everything you’ve been
working for is completely sabotaged it’s just not realistic for negative thoughts
to not creep in here and there we live our daily lives under stress and
pressure and deadlines and of course negative thoughts are gonna pop up here
and there and that doesn’t have to derail your entire manifesting process
it’s 100% normal to not have happy thoughts and positive thoughts 100% of
your day and that’s okay give yourself permission to have that thought but just
don’t do well on it that’s what derails your manifesting
process when you start dwelling on things so because your thoughts your
mindset and your belief systems are all so crucial in the manifesting process I
really want to simplify and break it down for you
what the basis of all this is so if you think of these three like a little
pyramid your mindset would be on the bottom
your thoughts would be next and at the very top it would be your belief system
so your mindset is just your day-to-day mindset it’s how you view the world it’s
how you form your thoughts your thoughts are obviously things your thinking your
opinions on what’s happening on your daily life just your your thoughts about
things that are happening to you it’s all part of your conscious mind it’s how
your conscious mind processes things is through your thoughts up next at the
very top and probably the most important is your belief system the reason your
belief system is so important it’s because your belief system dictates what
you can manifest into your life if you don’t believe something can happen it
won’t manifest into your reality but in simpler terms all that a belief is is a
thought that you’ve thought over and over and over again until you fully
believe it so what if you could change your thoughts enough to form new beliefs
how could that open up your entire manifesting process it sounds like a
really simple shift to make but sometimes changing your core beliefs can
be really challenging a lot of the times the beliefs that we form our things that
have been programmed from early childhood things that your parents
passed off to you things that their parents passed off to them things that
your great-great-great-great parents grandparents passed on to your family
which passed on to you your thoughts about money your thoughts about love
your thoughts about relationships your thoughts about where you live your home
your job everything can be programmed in early
childhood and a lot of the times because you’ve thought those thoughts and
believed those things your entire life it’s not that simple to change the
ability to change your belief system can open up your entire world if you fully
truly completely believed that you were a millionaire and could have beer do
with anything you want it would have no choice but to materialize into your life
a lot of the times the reason that that isn’t happening for you is because deep
deep down your subconscious mind doesn’t believe it to be true and therefore it
doesn’t happen in your reality and you can’t force your subconscious mind to
accept something as true it’s something that you’ve conditioned your
subconscious mind through conscious thoughts that you think over and over
again to program your subconscious mind to accept it as true and that’s your new
belief system try and simplify it as much as possible so you have your
pyramid you have your mind set your thoughts and your belief system so
because your mindset is the foundation for this whole process be aware of the
foundation that you’ll a are you in a negative mindset do you expect things to
go wrong all the time are you in an anxious mindset are you always worried
of what’s gonna happen next or are you in a powerful affirmative mindset where
you believe that you make things happen and you consciously create your reality
make sure you lay a strong foundation because your thoughts follow whatever
mindset you lay and like I said your thoughts are your thoughts
things are gonna pop up here and there negative thoughts are gonna creep in but
a great tip I have is whenever you feel like those thoughts start to creep in
shift it to gratitude so if something happens and you’re having a negative
thought about something immediately shift it to first something to be
thankful for there is always something to be thankful for if you have a roof
over your head or someone that loves you or a bed to sleep in you have enough to
be thankful for if you’re not sure but to be grateful for which is really rare
there’s always a million things to have gratitude for immediately shift to your
physical sensations are you fed is your stomach full are you sitting in a
comfortable chair how do the clothes feel against your body what sensations
do you feel that you can be grateful for in this moment there is always something
to be grateful for so the second those negative thoughts
shift in just shift it to gratitude you don’t have to stay on that thought you
don’t have to dwell on that thought and you don’t have to worry about derail in
your whole manifesting process because you let a negative thought creep in the
whole trick is to just not dwell on negative thoughts let them come and go
and shift to gratitude and try and focus on the higher vibe thoughts and more
things that you want to attract into your life and your belief system that is
something you can consciously work on over and over again and the exercise I’m
about to go into will show you how to work on your belief system to accept the
thing that you want to manifest before we get into the exercise if you’re
liking this video so far be sure to give it a thumbs up below so in order to do
this exercise you need to grab a piece of paper and a pen so pause this video
and go do that now okay so now you have your pen and paper
the first thing I want you to do is pick one thing you’re trying to manifest and
write it down yes I know I’m sure there are tons of things that you’re trying to
manifest but always pick one at a time if you start focusing on too many things
it causes way too much confusion and you really need to focus on one at a time
you could do this every day for a different thing you’re trying to
manifest but for right now pick one thing you’re trying to manifest and
write it down pause this video now okay so now you have written down exactly
what it is that you’re trying to manifest now I want you to write down a
number between 1 and 5 of how strongly believe that what you wrote down you can
manifest and it’s yours so one would mean not really sure it’s kind of a big
thing I don’t know how I could shift my mindset I’m not really sure if I can
manifest this I’m gonna try really hard you don’t really believe it’s happening
yet five would mean it’s gonna manifest today within the hour it’s mine I don’t
have to think about it anymore I surrender it’s totally yours so go
ahead be honest with yourself don’t lie because it won’t work so write down your
number between 1 and 5 pause this video and write it down now so now you should
have written down what you’re trying to manifest your belief system number and
now we’re gonna get clear on your mindset so you picked your number
between 1 and 5 and most of you I’m assuming did not choose 5 if you chose 5
then you probably don’t need to do this exercise because your belief system is
super strong and you already know it’s yours but most of you probably did not
pick a number that is out of 5 so why did you choose the number you chose I
want you to write down at least 10 beliefs that you have surrounding what
it is that you’re trying to manifest it can be positive it can be negative it
can be anything that comes up do not censor yourself because you need to get
clear on your thoughts and beliefs about what it is that you’re trying to
manifest so pause this video and write them all down now so now you have
written down what you’re trying to manifest your belief system number and
all of your thoughts and beliefs about what it is that you’re trying to
manifest so anything you wrote down as to why you
don’t believe or you don’t fully think that you can have whatever you’re trying
to manifest I want you to figure out where those beliefs come from where does
that stem from what conditioning taught you that where did you come to that
conclusion how did that get into your thoughts try and get as detailed as
possible as to where that belief came from so pause this video and write that
down now get as clear as possible so now you have clarity as to your thoughts and
beliefs around what it is that you’re trying to manifest and now you
understand where the sources of negativity are the things that make you
feel like you can’t have beer do anything you want or coming from so it’s
your job now to heal that to change your perspective to change your beliefs there
are so many different techniques you can try but to simplify it for you a belief
is simply a thought that you think over and over and over again it’s not part of
your identity it’s just simply a thought that you think over and over and over
again so if you want to shift that belief think a new thought think a
better thought over and over and over again until you fully believe that it’s
yours I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a
thumbs up leave me a comment below I read every single one and also turn on
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you’re interested in any more subconscious mind programming tips and
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59 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT MANIFESTING | + A BONUS Manifesting Exercise To Try

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