The TRUTH about Love Handles (How to Get Rid of Them!)

Love it or hate it. Can you handle the truth
about your love handles? Today, we’re going to find out. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Let’s get right into it, the truth about love
handles. Right. A lot of questions, a lot of misconceptions when it comes to training
the love handles. Can we even do it? Are there exercises that
help us to target that area? I think all of that needs to be discussed. But first and
foremost, we need to know what it even is. What are we talking about when we’re talking
about the love handles? Well, we know that it’s this area right here over the pelvis
on our side. But what is actually going on underneath?
Well, what that is, is our external oblique. Ok. So, the external oblique takes up this whole
area from right next to the six-pack area, the rectus abdominis. This whole big chunk
of muscle right up through here is the external oblique. Now, the internal obliques are in there too
but they’re not visible. They’re underneath. Same thing with the transverse abdominis. So, what we have is a visible external oblique,
a visible rectus abdominis. So, what we have to do is realize what the
function is here. The external oblique, if I were to turn this direction, you can see
that it becomes much more visible. Right? As I turn to the left, the external oblique
on the right becomes visible. Of course the lat is here, but framing right through here
is the external oblique So, we want to know, we want to work the muscles.
You can see also that the direction of the fibers is not straight up and down, but it
runs on an angle like this. Ok. Keep that in mind when we go over a couple
of the exercises. But, first and foremost it does some flexion
to the side. It does rotation to the opposite side. Now, let’s get into a discussion of what the
love handles are not, and what you should not be doing about them. Ok. First, let’s cover what not to do. I talked
about the external obliques and how, when you look at their orientation, that they run
like this. So then why are we doing Weighted Side Bends
to get rid of our love handles. Right? How many guys do you see pick up a dumbbell
and do this over and over and over again, thinking that because they’re crunching down
in here and you can see the obliques working or contracting,
that they’re doing the right thing. Well, we know, again, that they will assist
in side bending. But what’s also happening here is, you’re bringing in another muscle,
the quadratus lumborum. One that lays back here right around the backside
of this, and is responsible for hip hiking. So, we talked about relative motion, right,
whether we bend from the top down or whether we bend from the bottom up, it’s still going
to involve that area. And if you keep doing this, you are going
to develop the muscle there to the point where you could thicken the area. So, if you have any overlying fat at all,
it’s going to get worse. You’re going to cause a bigger, thicker waistline. Especially those guys that have sort of short
torsos, right, between the top of the pelvis here and the bottom of the chest. If you’re a guy that has a shorter torso,
it’s going to look even worse. Ok. So what we want to do is, we want to focus on things
that work the obliques in the direction that they’re supposed to be. So, let’s throw this dumbbell down and promise
me you won’t pick it up again and do this, and I’ll show you something else that you
could do instead. Ok. So, let’s get to what I think we should
be doing. Now, I mentioned if you want to work the external oblique, alright, because we know that is at least the area
that the love handles are in. It’s the area beneath the love handle. Then, you have to incorporate rotation. Ok.
None of this side bending crap. Rotation. And what we want to do is, if you want to
work that right external oblique, you got to rotate left. If you want to work that left external oblique,
you have to rotate right. But, what if there’s a way that we can make
them work together. Alright, if you guys know from following the ATHLEANX Training Program, or just from watching my videos, we like to
train like an athlete. And athletes train on their feet at all costs, ok. We also like to work muscles together in cross
patterns because muscles prefer to work that way. So, if we can get them working the way
they want to, another bonus. So, I set up this cable machine here with
two of the cables, one up here at shoulder level on the right side, and one on the left
side. Now, before you flip out, guys, you can do this with a band. Two bands, hook them up for less than 20,
30 bucks, and you can do the same thing that this $5,000 machine does. Ok. But what we want to do is, grab the cables
here, and then as you’re rotating left, ok, you’re pulling back with the right. So, we’re working on rotation, left which
is going to get that right external oblique. And then as we come back, we’re going to eccentrically
control that. So, what’s great is we got internal and external
oblique working at the same time, one eccentrically and one concentrically. Now, is this involving the chest? Yeah, because
I’m pushing, but don’t try to push through the arm, guys. We know that you can do a cable
crossover, right. What we want to do is work on using the core
to drive the rotation.Ok. See how it gets harder for me to talk, because
as I’m really trying to focus on pushing with the core and not my arm, it gets harder for
me to talk. Ok, so we want to work on that. Of course, you’re going to work the other
side, too. But, what’s key here is, we’re working the
muscle in the direction that the fibers are oriented, the way that it prefers to work,
working both sides together, and targeting the area that is over this area
that we hate, alright, the love handles. Now, doing this all day long, guys, is not
going to help. As I said, diet. You got to get your nutrition under control. We do that in the ATHLEANX Training Program.
We have the X-FACTOR Meal Plan geared to helping you cut body fat. So that when you do get rid of it, if you’re
training the muscles the right way, athletically, then you’ll be able to see them. Ok. So, this great alternative, a great way to
be training your obliques, if you want to start training them not just more like an
athlete, but actually the way they’re meant to be trained. So, there you have it guys, the truth about
love handles. Hate them or love them, you should be hating them, you got to know at
least how they work, can we target them, right? Dispel all the myths because the faster you
get to learn about what is actually needed, right, and get rid of all the other crap,
the quicker you’re going to get results. And talking about quick results, guys, you
know the ATHLEANX Training Program is known for that. It’s known for delivering fast results because
guys start training the way that their muscles have been meant to be trained all along.They
start training like athletes. So, if you haven’t already, head over to ATHLEANX.COM
right now, grab our 90-day training program. In the meantime, make sure if you like this
video, if you found it informative, leave your thumbs up, leave a comment below. Shit,
tell me how much you hate your love handles. Whatever you want to do. You can vent if you
want this time, ok. In the meantime, I’ll be back here in a couple days with yet another
video. I’ll see you guys later.

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