The Perfect Kurta For Every Body Type

The quintessential kurta is a must-have for every Indian woman out there. It can be dressed up or down depending on
the occasion and scores high on comfort. While all the prints and silhouettes can overwhelm
you picking a kurta that’s apt for your body shape can do the trick! If you have full, curvy hips and a slender torso – you’re a pear shape The key to picking the right kurta for this body type is to draw attention to the torso and away from the hips. Fun colours are a great way of highlighting the upper body. Prints and bright colours are ideal for the
kurta. For the bottom – keep it skinny! Avoid keeping the length too short mid length kurtas are perfect! Next comes the apple body shape characterized by a full torso and slender legs. The neckline is very important when picking
your kurta. V-necks create a vertical line that breaks the attention from the chest area. Adding a dupatta or stole to the look worn sideways will further create a vertical illusion for the top half. Make sure the fabrics are soft so that they don’t stick to your body or create unnecessary structure. Mid-length kurtas and short kurtas show off your slender legs. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings to attract attention to the legs. An hourglass figure is characterized by a slender waist and wider chest & hips. An anarkali kurta works perfectly to accentuate
the hourglass. Stick to cinched and well fitted outfits for the most flattering results. Stay away from loose fitting kurtas. If you do have some lying around simply use a belt to cinch at the waist to draw attention. Flaunt your curves and your slim waist with
these kurta styles. The rectangular body shape is characterized by a fairly straight silhouette. The trick here is to create curves. An empire line kurta works best for this body type. Yokes and panels are something you could experiment with to create curves. If you have broad shoulders and slender legs you are an Inverted Triangle Body Type. The goal here is to balance out the extra
weight in your shoulders by drawing more attention to your bottom half. Opt for kurtas with a high and low pattern they create a flare around your feet balancing out your shape. Anarkali Kurtas that highlight the waist with a flowy bottom will create proportionate curves. Use these styles to create shapes and a balanced silhouette in your outfit. These tips will ensure you walk out in a perfectly styled Kurta everytime, so go ahead and flatter your body shape! Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  1. Confused about your body shape? Here's how to find out what's your body shape:
    -Team Glamrs

  2. Very good video
    Though I not wear kurta very often but ya occasionally I do wear them
    So this gonna help
    Love glamrs πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ

  3. Very helpful video for those who knows her body type but I don't know what is my body type I am unable to analyse by body type by herself

  4. Thank you for the video but the problem is I am a plus size and I am short and obese from all 4 sides it's still very hard for me to know which is my side……..

  5. ❀ may I know from which site you brought black anarkali kurta ; I'm totally in love with that kurta😍

  6. Very interesting…I thought with this type of clothing bodyshape doesnt matter…but now I can see the difference.

  7. Hey glamrs,Why didn't you mentioned the link of all kurtas and accessories used in the video..😨😒☹️

  8. These clothes are all so beautiful and your hints always make sense and translate nicely! I wish I could wear them too

  9. I think it’s better to use normal usual words to describe the body shapes and types rather than very fancy words just to understand for every one

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