The Most Powerful Ab Exercise Ever (6 PACK POWER!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. An ATHLEAN XPRESS video for you following
up on the concept that we introduced last video of Weighted Ab work, and whether or
not it was something that you should pursue. I told you how it had an impact on the visibility
of a 6 pack, especially if you’re somebody that’s already lean but not really seeing
your abs. That being said, don’t think that weighted
ab work always means taking a weight and moving your body through space and trying to crunch and do all those things,
some of the things that I even showed you. Here, the Rope Pull Downs. A lot of the function of the abs is not just
generating flexion and generating motion, but it’s actually preventing motion, namely
preventing rotation. So, here’s a great exercise that you can do
that works on the anti-rotational function of the core that you can load up and weight. It’s using a land mine set up here that we
put it into a corner of a room. Again, one at the end of the bar, one loaded end of the
bar. And what you do is you get into an athletic
stance here. You grab on with 2 hands, and you’re going to kind of swipe this thing right
and left as quickly as you can. I’ll show you in a second. And you’ll see
that the idea is not to let everything turn the way it wants to. You want to keep your torso and your abs facing
straight ahead so that when this weight comes over, the challenge is to not let it take
you with it. So your core has to fire and work. The same
thing over here. When it comes over, it wants to take you with the bar. Your core has to fire to prevent that. So,
looks like this. Nice and quick. Down to your hip. Down to your hip. You can see the whole time, a lot of stuff
going on up here. Nothing really going on here other than the stability. And yes, it’s a Weighted Ab exercise because
you can add to that weighted ab arsenal. Now, one last point. One of the best ways to engage the core is
to use your shoulders. See, your shoulders are periphery attachments, really. There’s a proximal joint, but they have to
control these peripheral arms. When you do stuff with your arms, you can
certainly impact your core. If you want to do a quick test, go take your arm. Put it out to the side. Have somebody press
down on it quickly. You’ll notice your core will engage just to prevent that tilting over
of your body. That’s where we have to start understanding
that you’ve got to start thinking 3 dimensions, guys. Don’t just start thinking about flexing
the abs. Thinking about all the other things that you
have to actually do and think about all the other ways that we can engage them and work
them by using muscles far away from the area of
actual interest. If you want to start doing that, and do that in every single workout, we put abs in every exercise in the ATHLEANX
Program, you can find that at ATHLEANX.COM. Get the ATHLEANX Training System and start
seeing what it’s like to train like an athlete. Start putting the core at the core of everything
you do. Alright, guys. If you found this video helpful,
leave a thumb’s up and a comment below. Whatever else you’d like to see, I’ll make sure I address it here in one of
our 3 weekly videos.

100 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Ab Exercise Ever (6 PACK POWER!)

  1. Extremely dangerous for the lower back. I do not recommend it for those who do not have a very strong core!

  2. Your the best not a fake,I benefited so much from you,and fixed my exercise mistakes,one day I'm going to hire you to come to australia.

  3. Man thats a good one its funny cause we would do that in football just because and had no clue what would achieve this was back in 1990!

  4. very nice, i think out of the box stuff like this, set you apart and make the difference when your trying to sculpt.

  5. I just discovered the landmine at my gym the other day. I can't wait to start incorporating this exercise into my workout routine, especially on days that I train my arms and shoulders, since it seems to work them a bit as well!

  6. You can also do that twist motion holding a 35 or 45 on a decline bench hovering just off the bench. This keeps the core engaged while doing the exercises. I'll have the routine up on the Crippled Critter GYM channel this week. 👍

  7. Very creative ! A real pro who cares of novelty and real development. He just not wanna look pretty himself ! He help us ! Thank you ! 😀😀😀

  8. On the strength of this video alone I've bought a landmine barbell holder for my home gym (one that clamps to my bench – don't wanna risk my walls bro)

  9. I broke my lower back a few years ago. I've been looking for an exercise I could do to work my core. Everything else I tried of your programs hurt really bad. I tried this today and very little lie back pain and wow did it work my abs. I love it. I might be able to get my 6 pack back.

  10. This is literally the best ab exercise ever, it has helped me a lot, thankd, most people dont incorporate weights when working out abs, but its really "REALLY" important.

  11. Back in the mid 90s when I was in my early 30s I was working at a machine shop and I had to all day long move 55 gallon drums that were full of metal shavings and that right there gave me an absolutely monster core, 55 gallon barrel with sand in it would do the same thing, monster core!!!!!! You basically grab the barrel by the rim and you twist it one way and then the other to move it forward.

  12. Will it make 6 pack abs? Actually I hate doing seat ups because my back got hurt .I feel back pain .but I like this workout.. please reply

  13. Cool…looking forward to trying this. I discovered something similar by accident a few years back when a buddy of mine told me to do straight-armed pulldowns on a pulley machine for my lats. The next day my abs were so sore I forgot I even had lats.

  14. I try watching as many as your vids I can but I’m always busy with work I work out a lil right before I goto I don’t have weights I just want my upper body to be toned and I want my legs to get bigger can you point me in any directions . And another thing man my upper core is decent but I can’t seem to tighten my lower core I have a muffin top and it pisses me off lmao

  15. Just tried this today…wow, really hits the abs…I'm making this a staple exercise…thanks, Jeff.
    Someone else mentioned that it hits arms and shoulders as well as the entire core…I agree, it really is a complete movement.
    I used only 25lbs and it kicked my butt.

  16. Excellent I'll try this one pronto ……Been doing tonnes of Abb work but still they hide and im not a fat guy at all LOL

  17. Super fooook yeaaaa 🤩🤩🤩
    I know this will certainly take to the next level
    I am most eager to start

  18. This is the way abs are meant to be trained, your core provides rotational stability, which things like crunches don't utilize. (Not to say crunches aren't good but this is directly training what they're meant to be used for)

  19. You will get older. You will get softer. Improve your mind. Find someone who will accept your flaws. Love yourself. We don’t walk around top less. Peace ✌🏻❤️

  20. On a whim, I did these in my apartment with just the (Olympic) bar pressed into the carpet, with no weight. I felt this IMMEDIATELY. After gaining some (minor) love handles, this & the side plank, are my go-to oblique busters, FOR REAL.

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