The GRAND Tour of our Garage Gym!

hi everyone today I am going to give you
a tour of our home gym we moved into our house 11 months ago so we’ve been here for about a year. meet my kitty, so our garage is actually
where we built our home gym so one of the perks is or I guess drawbacks depends
how you look at it and if you like cats but both of our cats live here so every
time we work out there that are with us which sometimes can be annoying but
anyways we went into our house 11 months ago so almost a year ago and one of the
priorities was put in a home gym we live in the middle of nowhere, we have no
Wi-Fi and no internet obviously since I guess we don’t have Wi-Fi but our cell
service is not very good I don’t have cable so we don’t have TV and it gets
really cold here it was 30 degrees this morning I had to warm up with John robic
rowing for about a half an hour before I even warm enough to begin lifting
weights which is crazy our garage is not insulated that the project for next year
next summer we’re gonna work on that so our garage is our home gym and we
live in western New York like I said it’s cold I just wanted to give you a
little home tour show you all the equipment that we have what we bought
first but we’re a priority to us to get started here’s our other cap
this is boom we have two there from the barn they’re actually Bart rescues so
these are children for now I’m sorry let’s get started a new home
due to her so our gym has really set up on two
walls of our garage so I’m gonna start with the first wall with the main piece
of equipment which is the first piece we bought which is our squat rack so this
squat rack is the r3 and it is from rogue so we actually bought this last
year on Black Friday we got a great deal and the reason we chose this particular
rack is because if you look at it you can see that there are poles all over
and up top so it’s really easy to adjust to do all sorts of exercises and what
you want to do on it so it’s just really affordable I think just shipping since
it was Black Friday I think it might have been free but it is a great rack we
absolutely love it and it works really great for us one of the other things we
bought when we bought the rack as we bought an Olympic barbell which is over
here in our storage rack and then we also bought a bench and bumper plates
those are the main things we bought right off the bat so right here’s the
bench that we bought this one is it from rogue as well and if we’re really
heavy-duty bench it’s really nice and you can adjust it so it comes all the
way upright if you wanted to we did not spare any expense on the bench because
we only wanted to buy one bench we wanted it to be nice and to serve the
purposes that we needed so we just bought a really nice heavy-duty bench
and it is very heavy to move around next up are the bars so we bought the
traditional Olympic bar which is right here and next is the safety squat bar
this one we actually just added into the gym about a month ago now I almost said
a year but no a month ago and this one is by grogg fitness I think you can see
it there and this one’s great because it helps if you have any mobility or
shoulder issues it is a safety squat bar you actually don’t even need your hands
on the bar to perform a squat it will stay balanced across your
shoulders which is really nice now we have our bumper plates we got those from
rogue as well but we do happen to a couple additional ones on our storage
set and then well as our smaller plates just for
smaller weights if we want to go up but we can’t make the big jump to ten pounds
so we have some fives and two and a half’s and that this we also added this
year which is our storage weight tree for a proper place I absolutely love
this because before this we just threw all the weights on the ground this one
you can’t really tell because there’s a mess in front of it but it actually has
a wheels so you can move it around if you want to stir just something that has
made a huge difference in our gym the bands we’re working on storage for that
eventually they’ll be on this back wall and we’re gonna have a big mirror so the
bands will all be able to hang there and the mirror and then we can get them off
of the rack but we have bands varying in weight from light to very heavy so we
have a bunch of bands use those all the time jump ropes right here I finally
bought a good jump rope this year which I don’t know why I’d never bought one
sooner because I love the jump rope and I would always buy really cheap one at
the store they were about five bucks or whatever and they were terrible not that
I use a good jump rope I will never go back and the good jump ropes aren’t even
that expensive either I think that one was maybe 20 or 30 dollars which is
nothing I definitely should have invested in a good one to begin with
because now that I have I will never go back and so don’t make that same mistake
I did get a good jump rope right off the bat here we have our dumbbell rack and
all of our dumbbells we have a variety from 10 pounds all the way up to I think
our highest weight is 95 we don’t have all the sets going all the way up we
start at 10 pounds and I think we have all of them up till 50 and then from
there we kind of have sporadic weights we have a few cutter bells right here
which I smaller ones are mine that’s Mike we got AB wheel slamball this is
great actually use that a lot for tabata sets absolutely love that
and so that is most of our gym right now the other two pieces we have are the
plyo box and the water Brower sorry it has just never leave they’re all right
here but I have the water roller I actually never really used one much
before I’ve been on a rower in the gym on occasion but it got the water over
really love it it’s great on your joints comes less impact and then I have the
plyo box which this one is weighted so when you jump on it it’s really sturdy
and it has the size of 20 24 inches and 30 inches this one is also from Gronk
fitness and you can hear it have it so that way if you hit your shins on it
you’re not gonna scrape anything I was gonna try to flip it but it’s too heavy
to do with one hand at least for me I’m not strong enough yeah I’m just getting
back into working out so I’ll have to just show you what I’m actually using it
to work out which will be tomorrow so that is our home gym or garage gym
whichever you want to call it we have the tools this will squat rack the
bumper weights all the band’s then we have over here which has all the
dumbbells and kettlebells slamball and then lastly the water rower and playa
box we’re gonna be adding more to the gym set up as we go
however right now we have our main pieces of equipment that we wanted and
it’s not really as much of a priority anymore since we got everything that we
really wanted I know the thing that I definitely want to add still is a
treadmill which probably realistically we won’t be getting until next winter
because I can run outside when the summer comes and there’s just other home
improvements that we got to work out first so that is our gym we have more
than enough equipment to get started and – I mean really you don’t need any
equipment to workout that’s not an excuse but we have more than enough
to get a great workout in thank you so much for tuning in please subscribe to
my channel I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the equipment we have and knowing
why you chose it and until next time we’ll catch you later

3 thoughts on “The GRAND Tour of our Garage Gym!

  1. I really enjoyed the video; thanks Nikki! You’ve got a very nice gym started there. I have always enjoyed following your hunting and fishing adventures and this channel will be such a great bonus for all your fans to get to know you better. Have a great day, Nikki! ????

  2. Cool gym setup
    That’s plenty to stay in good shape, I’ve got some of the same stuff in my basement. I park my vehicles in our garage, so where’s your car/truck? As cold as it gets up there I hope you can keep em out of the weather? Like the U.S. flag in there also, that’s important! Good video Nikki !!

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