100 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

  1. I for one am glad to see an Original IP win the Awards, Also I think the Sekiro team really deserved it, Maybe an unpopular opinion but hey, Congrats anyways!!!

  2. 2:14:03 & 3:18:29 are the best things in the entire show. They SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN. The game awards should be about existing games getting the recognition they deserve, not a glorified series of ads intermediated by nonsense victories and undeserved loss. The people should be able to judge these games, not some secret council that thinks they know better than everyone.

  3. I refused to watch the game awards cause..I don’t want to. I called my friends dumb for watching it, and they cussed me out and laughed. Who’s laughing now?!

  4. Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

    becomes the best selling fighting game in less than a year

    gets nominated for GOTY

    gets snubbed by some wack Weaboo game nobody talks about

    Yeah okay…

  5. Geoff Keighley said sonic would appear in the game awards with an announcement and instead he lies to us and gives us nothing except a waste 4 hours of our time

  6. It's one thing for Smash not getting GOTY but it really grinds my gears when there are no new Smash reveal trailer not even at the end of the event! Such a waste of time.

  7. The Game Awards for this year SUCKED . And no, im not just saying it because im a “tOxiC sMaSh bRos fAn”. Im saying it because there was literally no huge announcement other than Xbox’s “Series X” console coming out. This year cant even compare to last years hype

  8. the fact that the sonic appearance was just the voice actor for sonic voicing some guy from apex legends was such a delicious dickslap across the face

  9. Xbox series x? Gonna be a lot of kids next Christmas getting Xbox one x's and crying about it lol do they not understand marketing?

  10. Sure sekiro is a great game but here’s the thing, smash was so obviously the goty. If you looked at the polls on twitch smash won, if you looked at overall rating smash wins, even the number of copies sold. Also i wouldn’t have cared if they at least had some smash reveals at all.

  11. Aside from RE:2 and Outer Wilds not getting anything, this was a pretty decent year. Very happy some of my votes went through. Some great reveals, too!

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