The Best Lower Ab Exercise Ever?

Right here I’m doing hanging Reverse Crunches and this is a great ab exercise and I’m guessing most of you watching this can’t even do 1 of these but don’t worry because later on in this video I’m going to show you how to work your way up to doing this and if But note that how when I do this I’m not swinging or using any momentum. I’m just going at a normal steady pace and notice how when I finish I just don’t drop down I contract my abs and upper back muscles again , to allow me to come down slow and under control Now actually the first part of this movement is a leg raise and at that point my hip flexors are doing most of the work while my abs just contract to stabilize my body
And the last part of the movement is actually a reverse crunch because since my hips are now already flexed I have to use my lower abs (and not my hip flexors) to rotate my hips and to also push my feet all the way to the top.
Now if you can’t go all the way to the up to the top then you want at the very least come up to a point where you have to rotate your hips so your lower abs get a better workout because if you just raise your legs without at least rotating your hips… You’re just going to get a good hip flexor workout and a not so good ab workout and what you see me doing now is the easier version of this exercise where my knees are bent and not curling all the way up but I’m at least curling up to a point where I have to at least rotate my hips so my lower abs are working more so basically to work your way up to getting your feet all the way up to the top…
You can start doing it like I’m doing now on the left but not coming all the way
up and if you’re unable to at least come up to a point where you rotate your hips… Then start off doing reverse crunches on an incline bench or even on the floor like I’m doing on the right But no matter how you do this exercise… Do 2-to-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps 1-3x per week and you can expect to tone up your abs very quickly doing this exercise but don’t expect to get a flat stomach or a visible six pack just by doing this exercise You’ll need to lose belly fat to truly do that so go to to lose belly fat fast

8 thoughts on “The Best Lower Ab Exercise Ever?

  1. Is there a way I can contact you for some help I'm 235lbs I'm 5'9" i need to lose wait wanna be at 185 190 maybe is there a way I can get a meal plan and workout from you please you are a inspiration

  2. I like how this shows what muscles are being worked and when, really helped me figure out where this should go in my workout regime

  3. Love how your probably the person to actually say " you're not gonna get a six pack" because its dependent on your bf% not your an routine +1 sub for being real haha

  4. Adrienne you got it going on I'm telling you at all the videos I've seen yours is the best you straight up and you're funny also you made a video where you were sitting in the chair using the deck of cards to work your abs can you tell which video that was thanks

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