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on any of my future content. Today, I want to share with you the best hip stretches to
do pre-workout or pre- or post- injury, if that’s where you’re at. At the end of the
video today, you’ll know some of the best hip stretches to do pre-workout. I also prescribe
them during injury recovery with my patients. Stephanie B.: Your pain can start anywhere,
at any time. Most of the time, it is a cause of muscle imbalance, tissue tightness, or
lower extremity alignment issues. I’m not going to explain this in great detail today.
However, I will in a subsequent video because it’s really important. But basically, it’s
a similar concept to what I explained in my Things to Avoid with SI Joint Pain video,
that over time and repetition, imbalances occur in our bodies, because of the patterns
we’re in every day, that eventually lead to injury and pain. These exercises today that
I’ll show you are a great way to not only identify some areas of tightness you may have
in your hips, but also a great way to stretch them out to prevent future injuries.
Stephanie B.: These exercises are best performed pre-workout or any time during the day if
you don’t plan on working out that day. They’re dynamic stretches, so you’ll be moving continuously.
These exercises should not be painful. If you do experience pain, try doing smaller
movements. Check your form or just skip that exercise for the day. Here they are, the best
hip exercises I have found to do pre-workout or for injury recovery and prevention.
Stephanie B.: Here’s some hip mobility exercises. First, I’m going to do just a lower trunk
rotation. I’m just going to rotate both legs together, side to side. My low back is getting
a good stretch as well. Then, I’m going to walk my feet out to the side, keep my knees
bent. I’m going to try and drop one knee down so I’m getting a nice kind of stretch through
here. These should be pretty symmetrical. If they’re not, I need to work on that a little
bit. Side. Then I like to do a leg over. This is more of an IT band mobilization. I’m going
to bring my leg up. Then I’m going to go over, so a nice stretch on the IT band. I’m in the
hamstring as well. I’m going to switch. Stephanie B.: We are going to start with a
alternating forward walking lunge, keeping good form as we go. Transition to a soldier
march, which is a good warmup for the hamstrings. Next will be an alternating lateral lunge.
Make sure that butt is going back like you’re sitting in a chair. Then, we’ll do an inchworm,
which is good for the hamstrings and calves. You’re going to walk your feet up towards
your hands, lift your hands out, and continue. Last will be hip openers. We’re just going
to swing the hip up and out. Also called a hurdler’s stretch, I believe. Alternate both
sides. Stephanie B.: These exercises should be done
slow and controlled. We are going for a warming up and stretching of the muscles. We do not
want any discomfort or pain with them. So if you do, again, experience some pain with
them, either check your form, back off on that exercise for the day, or just don’t go
as far into the movements. Stephanie B.: So now you know the best hip
exercises to do pre-workout. It doesn’t have to take much time. As I said earlier, these
can be done any time during the day. Maybe you’re traveling, cramped in an airplane for
three hours and then you have a three-hour layover. Find a quiet spot in the airport
and throw in some of these dynamic stretches. Your body will definitely thank you later.
I really hope this helps with some injury prevention. Next week, I’ll share some hip
strengthening exercises to do post-injury or also for injury prevention. So stay tuned
to that. If this video was helpful, hit the like button. Leave me a comment below. As
always, please share these videos with your family and friends so we can all stay happy
and healthy for years to come. Thanks for watching.


  1. These exercises have helped me so much with injury prevention over the years, I hope they can help some of you too!

  2. I'm so bad at remembering to warm up! I know that it completely changes how your workouts go and the progress you make. Totally are inspiring me to get myself together and warm up haha

  3. I'm definitely going to try these before working out. My hips are really tight and lately I've been feeling some pinching in the area while exercising.

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