The BEST Guitar Warm Up Exercise EVERY Guitarist Should Know!

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we’re looking at what is without a doubt the best warm up technique; certainly that
I’ve encountered; not only a warm up trick, but over time should have a really positive
impact on your playing, producing noticeable improvements; particularly regaining tension/relaxation,
fatigue and effortless playing . Alright, so I only found out about this a
few months back, maybe a year at the most and which I knew about it sooner. The first
player I heard it from was Rick Graham; if you’re not familiar with his playing, do
yourself a favour and check out his channel- I’ll stick it in the card up there; loads
of amazing playing and great advice on there. And if you know his playing style; farmiliar
with his work; you’ll be aware of how effortless and smooth his playing looks, that the guy
has some serious knowledge and skill on the instrument. The other day I was watching a
Kiko Loureiro; currently playing for Megdeth; again another monster player, with great technique,
again some cool content, you can find his channel up there with the card. So both these guys do this; before you even
go to your standard chords, scales , or whatever warm up exercise, dial in how much pressure
you need to use. Take your fretting hand and hold above the strings; don’t even touch
them. Start picking the string slowly move the fretting hand towards the fret board,
you’ll star to get muted notes and/or harmonics. Then just after that, with a hair more pressure,
you’ll get the note sounding out. What you’ll likely notice; just like I did!; that you
don’t need to apply as much pressure as you might have thought, or would otherwise
do, had you not followed this exercise. You might notice as a result your fretting
arm feels overall, just more relaxed, this is a good thing! So repeat this with the remaining
fingers; off the string, pick the string, move it closer, until you get a sound, even
lift your finger up to make sure you’re not applying any more force than is totally
necessary, move it back down if necessary. Repeat this if you want to get a better feel
for everything. Ok, so now the last two fingers. Now I don’t
usually advocate doing spiders, because scales; while an exercise can be more readily used
in a real life context. But for the purposes of this, I’d go with a spider- as you’ve
probably guessed, here we’ll use each finger in succession, still not a at particularly
fast tempo And hopefully our fingers have retained some muscle memory of the required
pressure. Spend a bit of time really getting this locked in. It’s worth noting that this
is also worth doing with your picking hand; see how little force you can use to generate
a sound. Now, this will only work with certain gernes/styles or setups; a more compressed
sound, with gain will generally benefit from this; lower gain AC/DC player- opting to hit
hard to get a full sound; example of what I mean with that lesson card up there; a Gypsy
Jazz, maybe acoustic player, or if you’re more of a dynamic blues based type of guitarist,
locking in a weak right hand attack might not be the best approach!
That being said, try some scales, chords; or your favourite exercises like mine in the
card up there. After a minute of two repeat the initial steps
to make sure you’re not digging in more than is needed. Obviously this might take
some time to become second nature in your playing; it’s still a work in progress for
myself. The main issue I tend to run in to, is with bending. So, if I play a fast run,
bend then it’s more fast playing, I tend to find it hard to transition back to the
light playing after having needed to exert force to bend the string. Lighter string do
help, but I don’t like the feel of bending 9s, compare to 10s . Any ideas or suggestions
fire them in those comments!
That was my favourite warm up tip, this has been quick guitar tricks; that’s the playlist
there, for more left hand work out’s check out this Steve Vai style legato lesson, but
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