so today I’m going to demonstrate how to
build bigger biceps now the way I like to train my biceps is by going with one heavy exercise one exercise with your arm in front of your torso and another exercise
your arm behind your torso so the first exercise we’re going to do is a heavy
bicep exercise now the exercise we’re going to choose for that is weighted chin-ups
now you may think chin-ups is more of a back exercise but loads of studies show
that chin-ups has great activation on the biceps and using the weight allows you
to put extra tension which is one of the key factors for building muscle using heavy weights also recruits more muscle fibres chin-ups are so effective because
they utilize all three functions of the biceps the functions of the biceps are
to bend the elbow also known as elbow flexion to supinate the elbow for
example when you’re holding a bowl with the palm of your hands and to assist the
anterior deltoids with shoulder flexion after weighted chin-ups we can go
straight into body weight chin-ups as a drop set this will increase volume and
fully fatigue the biceps so now we’re going to do a biceps exercise that emphasises the long head which is the part of the muscle here and as you can see we will put the biceps in a stretched position by putting it behind our torso as such and then from here this stretch increases the range of motion of the movement because the long head of the biceps crosses the shoulder joint manipulating
our arm position changes the emphasis on a particular head placing our arms
behind our body hyperextends the shoulder and increases the stretch on
the long head this places greater emphasis on this particular muscle forcing it to work harder and eventually leading to more muscle growth so the next exercise we’re going to do targets the short head of the biceps which is the inner part now this exercise is called waiter’s curl and your’re going to hold the dumbell up about here and curl this puts the short head in a favourable position and emphasises this muscle the waiter’s curl when done correctly forces our elbows into a hyper supinated position
in order to hold the dumbbell with only our inner palms placing our arms with a
narrow grip in front of our torso reduces the involvement of the long head
and accentuates the short head of the biceps
we should also aim to keep our wrists bent back to reduce involvement of the
forearm flexors this will ensure the short head is getting near maximal work so the final exercise we’re going to do for this biceps workout doesn’t actually target the biceps what does it targets
the brachialis muscle which is in between the bicep and the tricep right
here now brachialis supports the biceps in elbow flexion so that’s why I
include it in this biceps workout the brachialis is is the round shape muscle that sits
between the biceps and the triceps although it assists the biceps to flex
the elbow it is not involved in supination or
shoulder flexion therefore by going from a supinated to a neutral or pronated
grip while flexing the elbow we shift the emphasis from the biceps to the
brachialis therefore it is key to add some variation of a hammer or reverse
curl to really develop this muscle make sure you are controlling the reps if we
go too heavy and lose form we may start to cheat by bringing our arm up at the
shoulder joint which will increase biceps activation if you have found this
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