Hi guys its riley from , I specialise
in helping people with pectus excavatum fix their condition
without surgey So in todays video I am going to cover the
best exercise to fix pectus and that is the dumbbell pullover so, why is the dumbbell pullover the best exercise compared to the others? for its ability to fix pectus in numerous different ways, so not only its ability to build the chest & in particular the inner
and upper chest which is key for pectus but it also builds your lats will help you correct
posture, stretch the chest wall and sternum out it also works your core and you can
focus on tightening your core through my pectus specialised dumbell pullover technique which
I will show you in this video which will help with rib flare So this exercise will help minimise your ribflare & your indent and it is the ultimate pectus excavatum exercise


  1. Hey Guys, I hope this video was hopeful (sorry about the background noise & poor audio)


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  2. Thank you so much for making these vids man. It's unfortunate in a way that you'll have a relatively small demographic but you're very much appreciated by those of us who have this condition!

  3. I have a question, when I do this exercise I generally feel it way more in my triceps than my chest or ribs (I make sure to squeeze in my chest and ribs while doing it), is this normal or may I be doing the exercise incorrectly?

  4. Mate, going to have to disagree with you here. This was regular exercise for me for years and didn't help. I think you were on point with the abs and inner chest. I didn't do enough of these exercises and my rib flare got worse and the pectus more obvious as the outer chest grew. My point is not to trash this exercise, just saying it's not the most important. Might just be me though.

  5. My chest looks exactly like the person's chest in the last picture! How many times did he workout the chest in a week?

  6. Teaches calisthenic forms more because many people in this channel can not afford gym

  7. Thanks Riley! Im going on holidays to orrow and im going to try and get confident enough to take my shirt off… Also if you're reading this is it normal for your chest to sink in further with deep breaths? Thanks riley

  8. Hi, I have Pectus but your excercises have really benefitted me sooo much. So i would love to thank you at tell you to continue the good work. Thank you very much

  9. Thanks you a lot for those videos, when i discovered that i had a pectus, i though it was weakness, but now i feel it like a strengh ! thumbs up

  10. Is it more important to go high weight and have fewers reps or lower weight and more reps for this?
    Great video!

  11. This is exercise is by far the best exercise you can do to improve the appearance of your chest. I have pectus carinatum which is the opposite. After working out for 3 years my chest deformity has improved by 80%.

  12. Riley do you have more transformation photos than just the one on the diving board with the goggles?

  13. Melhor canal pra quem tem esse problema. To malhando há 2 meses e vou mudar meu treino amanhã. Depois posto o resultado.

  14. Hi riley i have a question what if im doing this like everyday at the gym "five sets of ten reps" and even more exercises you have showed in the other videos is that like quite alot ? or its good i am 18 yrs old i just started from two days ago haha. is that also late? , hope you reply ,u the best and you give me so much hope

  15. riley you operated or not, or is it pure exercise your change answer me please, good video I wait for your answer

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