The 6 Biggest Mistakes to Lose Weight (AVOID THESE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, It’s that time of year again, but this video
is going to apply at all times of the year. I want to share with you how to lose weight. You guys know that I’m going to set the tone
from the beginning of this video. I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m going to tell you exactly what you need
to hear, and the things that will actually work. These are the six biggest mistakes that people
make when it comes time to trying to do this. First of all, the number one thing you need
to do is, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable. Not anybody else. When I talk about that, I’m talking about
a very deep, meaningful level. Like, what is going to set this up as a different
scenario this time than it was any other time that you tried to do this? Are you trying to set the example for, let’s
say, your own children to be healthy? Are you trying to be a fitter person because
you know that other people depend upon you, both at work, and at home? What is it that you’re going to do? Are you going to – maybe it’s even a more
trivial level. Your favorite TV show, you will not pull yourself
away from. Great. You want to watch it? You only get to do so if you first work out. Even someone like Jesse, we actually put him
on camera in front of all of you to make his changes, and be held accountable by doing
so because if he stopped working out, he knew he needed that. He even asked me if he could do that. He wanted that level of accountability. Hold yourself accountable and I promise you,
things will change this year. Especially if you go for that deeper, more
meaningful level. Next up we know that losing weight is always
going to have to factor at some point back to how we’re eating. I’m going to tell you this. One of the biggest mistakes you’re making
is trying to setup an eating plan for yourself that doesn’t mesh with your personality. I’m going to give you an example. If your issue with eating right now is that
you’re a grazer – meaning you eat at all different times of day, with no real focus,
or plan on how, and when you do it – then trying to jump into an intermittent fasting
lifestyle is going to set you up for failure, and a big disaster. Why? Am I saying that intermittent fasting is not
going to work, or help you lose weight? No. People are losing weight doing intermittent
fasting. The problem is, for you, you’ve just gone
completely opposite of how you tend to eat. A grazer eating multiple times a day will
feel ultimately restricted by being put into an eight hour eating window, or a six hour
eating window. Whereas, if your problem is eating in large
portions – not necessarily eating throughout the entire day – the large portion eater
could benefit really well from having a shorter time frame from which they can eat. So that means maybe instead of having four
big, huge meals throughout the day, they’ve consolidated that into a shorter eating period,
and that tends to work for you. So you have to find the style of eating that’s
going to help you restrict calories – because ultimately, that’s what they all do – in
the most effective way for you, and how you are right now. Mistake number three is one that I’ve talked
about here on this channel many times before, but I’m going to say it again because it’s
going to matter to you. That is: you’d better get your hydration started
early in the day. 75% of us walk around every, single day in
a dehydrated state, and we’re never, ever caught up, no matter how much we try throughout
the day. That is because we’re missing the best opportunity
we have for getting ahead. That is to start focusing on it when you wake
up. 20oz-30oz of water, the first thing you do. It’s a great habit to get into now. I say ‘habit’ because I will tell you this;
you can ask your friends, you can look around those that you see in the gym that are ultra-fit,
you’ve never met someone incredibly fit that isn’t also regimented. That doesn’t have a routine. That doesn’t have a series of habits. Get into the habit of developing more healthy
habits, and I promise you, you’ll be in a better spot next year this time, than you
are right now. When it comes to drinking water your energy
levels depend upon it. Even a small dip in your hydration levels
will cause you to feel more fatigued, more foggy, but more importantly, probably less
likely to want to get your ass to the gym later on that day. If you stay hydrated and stay ahead of the
game your energy levels, and your anticipation for actually wanting to go train will be high,
and you’ll never miss your workouts. I guarantee it. As we roll into mistake number four we have
to understand that any video about losing weight is ultimately going to rely on your
ability to look at yourself, whether you’re in clothes, or out of clothes, an notice the
changes that you’re making. Those changes are what will inspire you to
continue to try and make more. I’m going to tell you this: you’re absolutely
not going to like what you see if your only efforts in the gym are jumping on a treadmill,
or trying to jump on the stair climber, and do all of your exercises in that form. The biggest thing you need to do to change
your body and the way it looks is to change your body composition. You need to build lean muscle, in addition
to losing weight. The fact is, you can actually afford to lose
less weight if you improve your body composition because you’re going to look better. The more lean muscle you add, the more aesthetically
pleasing you’re going to be, the more you’re going to like yourself in, and out of clothes. The fact is, two people that weigh the same
with one carrying a lot more muscle mass than the other, are going to look extremely different
standing side by side in their clothes. One’s going to potentially look skinny-fat,
and the other one is going to look incredibly fit. You want to be the one that looks incredibly
fit, and that means you want to make sure, without negotiating here, that your plan for
losing weight also includes picking up those damn weights, and moving them around a little
bit. Mistake number five is going to ruffle some
feathers here, but do me a favor and hear me out. When it comes to healthy fats you’d better
have a respect for how much of them you’re eating. Look, I’m a big believer in including healthy
fats in your diet, but you have to understand – as we’ve pointed out here – any attempt
to lose weight is going to demand that you get into a hypocaloric state. Meaning, you are taking in fewer calories
than you are burning in a given day. The caloric density of fats cannot be understated. They’re twice as dense, calorically, than
carbohydrates, or proteins. People think that they’ve heard how much carbons
are the enemy – which is not the case either, by the way – and have flocked to eating
healthier fats. They’ve confused ‘healthy foods’ with ‘foods
that make you skinny’. That is a big, big mistake. If your attempt to lose weight in the coming
months is eating a salad every afternoon that is filled with olive oil, avocados, and nuts;
I’m telling you, you’re not going to lose a lot of weight. Calorically, you’ve just loaded in about 1500
calories into that one, healthy salad. Again, don’t get me wrong. They are incredibly important, but you need
to eat your fats in moderation if you’re going to be able to maintain a hypocaloric state
that is necessary for losing weight. Keep your fats in your diet. Do not cut them out. But making smarter choices when it comes to
those is going to be critical for your ability to lose weight once, and for all. Last, but not least, one of the biggest mistakes
you could be making here, when you’re trying to lose weight, is making this time look all
too similar to the last time. You see, as soon as you head to the gym, and
you swipe that card, and maybe you break out the same new shoes you got for Christmas last
year, and the same new gym outfit you got last year, and you miss one workout; what
does it look like? It looks like the same thing that happened
last year. Immediately, you know that. You recognize that, and you feel to yourself
“It’s all happening all over again. I’ve already lost.” So what you need to do is, you need to somehow
make this time look different. I would first advise you to get a plan because
if you went there last year with no plan – you didn’t know how many days a week you were
going to train, you didn’t know what you were going to train while you were there,
you thought it was all about just doing the cardio – whatever the thing is that you
did wrong, you’re going to be better off with a plan. But if you had a plan, then do something else
different. Change the time that you go to the gym. Change the gym altogether. Maybe bring someone else to the gym with you
to, again, hold yourselves accountable. Maybe, don’t even train at a gym at all. Train at home this time, or maybe even introduce
some supplements that you’re now having to hold yourself even more accountable toward
because you feel at least there’s something different that you added. It actually cost you some money, so now you
have to make sure that you’re holding up your end of the bargain to allow those supplements
to work. Whatever it is, you’ve got to make this time
look different from last time. If you did have a plan, and it didn’t work,
guys, you know I have plans that will help you. We lay everything out day by day, meal by
meal. I try not, as a coach, to let you fail. That’s my responsibility here as a coach;
to make sure that I can take you through your workouts, motivate you, keep you motivated,
and keep you on track. All of our plans are available over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
here and I’m happy to do that for you guys. All right. I’ll be back here again soon. See you.

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  2. The drinking water at the beginning of the day tip is something that is 100% true for me even when I'm not trying to actively lose weight.

  3. Agree with everything except the blanket statements on healthy fats. For people who are eating 'balanced' macros (30/30/40, or something similar), he is correct. Do not eat a whole avocado for lunch. For people who are running on Ketones instead of Glucose, eating an entire avocado is completely fine and you will still lose a ton of weight. Great vid!

  4. What's your take on the keto diet? I have lost weight doing it but with that being said I also lost muscle mass as well.

  5. Great vids dude, however, I am going to challenge you on caloric density. Different calories set different hormonal responses into play. For instance, fat does not elevate insulin and has a much higher satiating value than carbs. Therefore, fat will dictate through the neuro-regulation of appetite how many calories you will or won't eat throughout the day based on hormonal responses that are set into play based on the types of calories you decide to consume, NOT the amount. You can NOT underplay this rule if you want to completely help folks!

  6. I used to be a grazer and could never lose weight. Now on a 16/8 fast I'm finally starting to see results. the intermittent fast forces some structure into your life and diet. Like, self discipline is better than imposed discipline but imposed discipline is better than no discipline at all! Grazing matched my personality which is why I was never successful eating that way. And I'm also drinking more water all day long, cause when that tummy starts rumblin and you're in fast mode you can drink water, black coffee, or water. And My cravings for wine and alcohol have disappeared, no more fatty meals with a bottle of red wine.

  7. This is what I needed to hear. Everything he explained in the video was a mirror image of myself. I've failed so many times, it's hard to have faith ill succeed this time around. That being said, I'm going to do things different this time around.

  8. I’ve lost 9 pounds in 17 days. I drink water right when I get up in the morning and then do my Wim Hof Method. My first eating for the day is between 11:00-12 noon. I blend 1 avocado, 8 cups of Super Greens, 12oz’s of Yerba Matte liquid tea, ice, and a 1/4 banana. I do yoga stretching and muscle toning in the morning after Wim Hof. During the day I eat 6 slices of roasted turkey. For dinner I eat approximately 1 cup of chicken. Oh before dinner I swim outdoors 1200 meters. I am getting in the best shape in the last ten years. The avocado doesn’t seem to hurt my weight loss. 1 whole avocado in the morning and that’s it. I love avocados. Question, would I be better off eating a half avocado in the morning? I am 62 yrs old.

  9. Jeff is arguably the best trainer on YouTube…but he does not yet understand that consuming healthy fat does not lead to body fat production, especially in the context of low/no carbohydrates. Calories are not the issue for the most part, it is what the calories come from. Different sources mean different effects/actions in the body. I eat a tremendous amount of healthy fat, saturated and otherwise from top shelf sources and I am at least just as lean as him. Blood lipids are spectacular too. A scoop of oatmeal in the morning, for example, acts totally different in the body for most americans than a scoop of coconut oil or pastured eggs and bacon. If insulin were kept low most of the time… the average American would lose body fat. There would be exceptions, but they would not be the rule. I wish he would read or listen to Dominic D'agostino or Gary Taubes.

  10., here is it right off the draw. From your Canadian military. Who do you got Marching out here? Give me a list.

  11. I have to be honest there is one thing that's kind of contradicting scientific facts I know that he saying that hes not saying not to eat fattening stop but he sing don't get it for every meal but that's a problem that contradicts the keto diet Which has been doctor proven so I think what he should have said was that to not eat as much for every mill get the right portions for every meal Not saying that you should limit how many Meals you have If I misunderstood that's what I took from it I'm sorry and my feathers aren't ruffled I which just morning to point that out

  12. I've started eating advacados after I used the egg/advacado mix on my extremely dry hair, and it became nice and silky smooth. Strangely I find if you salt an advacado it tastes very similar to eggs, not what I would expect from a fruit!

  13. I want to lose weight to become a more efficient climber as a tree surgeon, right now I’m too heavy. I struggle to get up trees and I’m exhausted when I do finally get up to the top.

  14. i got sucked in by the avocado caption but ended up watching this video. i'm in shape, but if i weren't I wouldn't be looking at this guy to help me. let me shame you about failing each time before because you lack discipline and are a poor example to your kids and family HOWEVER you know if you pay me i get results. i don't drink millions of gallons of water that's a myth. you can adjust the ratios but essentially you just need to eat less and exercise more. genetics plays a large part, if you don't lose weight don't let roid douches like this guy tell you it's all your fault.

  15. Keto diet is the best. You get to live on steak and ice cream and in 7 minutes you’ll have a six pack and natty complex.

  16. See I was just thinking if you start intermittent fasting, then you’re probably just eating the same amount you did before you ate.

  17. I still struggle wrapping my head around maintaining a calorie deficit but still eating enough to avoid being skinny fat. The information can be so overwhelming and contradictory when you're first starting out. So far I've learned; there are no shortcuts, there is no magic pill. Your workout means nothing if the rest of your day is sitting and eating until bedtime. If your not busting your ass in the gym near everyday your wasting your time, assuming you want tangible results.

  18. Next time you make a video, make some documentation, because you make false statement.
    Avocado don't make you fat, avocado help you lose wait. Get some info for your next video.

  19. If you are not a nutritionist or dietician don't talk about what people should eat. All this bro science is hurting my brain

  20. Thank you brother this was very helpful. I think I'm might be interested in getting a nutrition and workout plan from you. I've been lifting weights and training ever since middle school. I'm 41 I'm 6 foot 3 200 lb. I'm fit but I want to get more cut and more strong and just overall challenge myself more. Can you help me?

  21. An avocado, almond salad that's 1500 calories?

    How big is this fuckin salad man?

    Started eating avocados and almonds coincidentally months ago and already lost a very large amount of weight.

    Cancel the carbs, try to eat light on bread, avocados, nuts, no dairy (or very little) and lean meats (primarily poultry).

  22. Your videos a pretty solid! I do 14 to twenty miles everyday with weight! My food intake is important!

  23. Guys I’m 12% body fat and I eat an avocado daily. The key is portions. Just know that some foods are calorie dense.

  24. Honest to fuck, what the hell can you eat ? Are their any good foods out there ? Fruit is good for you BUT the sugar – hence turns to fat Vegetables theyre good for you but – theyre bland Healthy fats such as nuts, avocados are just okay in moderation……jesus Christ honestly what the FUCK can a person eat for fuck sakes ??

  25. As for hydration I set up a macro on my phone that displays a "drink" message and a short vibration every hour. Got it set from 6am to 8pm daily. Macrodroid is the app I use. Also it only goes off when I'm home. I tend to drink a lot when working.

  26. This guy talks too much bla bla unproven bro science and bullshit !! Avacados are great for fat loss !!! Unsubscribed bye

  27. Thank u so much for explaining that people eat differently. Over my years I’ve felt like I had to change from a grazer to literally everything else. I snake because I have adhd and literally stopping, cooking, eating, and washing damned dishes is like 2-3 hrs of my life I’m never going to get back and wasted…imo. Lately I said that I’m going to eat like I did when I was a kid…but healthier choices. I immediately stopped gaining weight with the few smart choices and it’s getting better all the time. Thank u for that.

  28. I have eaten a ketogenic diet for the past 4 months. I lost nearly 90 pounds. Have about 80 more to go. I can barely get down 1200 calories a day.

    That is why a high fat diet works, because you are not hungry all the goddamn time. After a month, on this diet after still being over 300 pound my joint pain went away, I stopped snoring (I used to fucking shake the walls), my blood pressure stabilized (I no longer needed meds for my BP after like a month of this shit, my blood pressure got so low I got constant fainting spells when I stood up), I NEVER FEEL FUCKING TIRED ANYMORE.

    Carbs are fucking poison. A fucking disease. We are not meant to eat this crap. I eat more vegetables now than I did in my entire fucking life, and I eat more healthy meat than I ever did.

    I am never coming off this lifestyle, pizza, isn't worth it, beer isn't worth it, donuts aren't worth it. FUCK CARBS. Life is good now. I can go days without food (and I have now done a few long term fasts with amazing results both mentally and physically). and I now basically eat once a day and when I eat I eat to satiety and I am almost never hungry.

    Sugar is fucking poison.

    I have so much energy I am fucking exploding, I've not drank coffee for months now because it makes me so fucking jittery. This is fucking amazing. And for the past month I've been going to the gym and even after I'm never so tired I just can't live anymore, like it used to happen before (even got a personal trainer, who keeps telling me to change my diet).

    I personally feel that carbohydrates are fucking poison and I will never fucking eat them again. Pizza be fucking damned (it used to be my favourite food).

  29. Great vid… “But”… what is that green caterpillar ? like thing in the window over your left shoulder? Curiosity kept me distracted. ??‍♂️

  30. Hi Jeff, I never post anything on YouTube but I just have to say I’m hooked on your channel it got me inspired and very well informed. Thank you very much!

  31. Depending on my stress level and intensity of work, I need to eat either one big meal like during a intermitted fast or many small meals a day, but I cant control that, because I never know how much stress I will have at work and what my body is going to want next week. When I plan to only eat in the evening, I feel that I need sth to eat at work quickly. When I cook several small healthy meals for the next day, I am not hungry the whole day.

  32. As a psychologist who is Board Certified in Neurofeedback in Alpharetta GA, I am a 100% “backer” of these videos. Body – Mind connection is essential for change and growth, but Jeff helps get the body right. Call me for the brain stuff.

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