Thanos Vs Thor – Fight Scene – Thanos Snaps His Fingers – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD

I told you, You’d die for that! You should.. You should have gone for the head NO! Daughter? Did you do it? Yes What did it cost? Everything What did you do? What did you do?!

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  2. Thor spent too long, listening to the guy he tried to kill, and didnt even carry on finishing the job, by either killing thanos or taking off the glove…..

  3. Everyone sleeping on Thor this guy right here is the "Strongest Avenger" not Scarlet Witch, not Captain Marvel and not even Doctor Strange.

  4. you should have gone for the head. Man when i first heard that line in theaters no less it really through me off i thought thanos was finish and then he says that. God damn

  5. Basicamente a situação do universidade é a situação da terra se for comparar ….

    Se inscreve no meu canal de animes da essa força 😎

  6. If you break it down you can watch how damaged his arm is and little sparkles of all infinity stone colors healing and pulling out the axe kinda cool

  7. I have a confusion.
    when iron man injured thonas red blood came from thanos's face but when thor stab thanos's chest violet blood came in thor's axe.
    HOW ????

  8. Dumb to kill off indiscriminately. Snap the poorest. Those who don't do any work or contribute to society. Not sure if that's be 3.5 billion, but it would help the world more. Change my mind.

  9. After the snap Thanos meets Gamora
    Infinity War

    Gamora: Did you do it?

    Thanos: Yes.

    Gamora: What did it cost?

    Thanos: Everything.


    Black Widow: Did we do it?

    Iron Man: Yes.

    Black Widow: What did it cost?

    Iron Man: Just us.

  10. Nada a ver o quadro dos Vingadores né Por que os Vingadores 4 a viúva morre o traficante gordinho Homem de Ferro Morre nada a ver eu e o Capitão América fica velho

  11. Alot of people ask why Thanos was so overpowered in Avengers Endgame just with his Double-Blade sword, and in Avengers Infinity War Thanos had all 6 Infinity stones yet Tony and Thor nearly defeated him by themselves. In Endgame as people who have probably watched, know that it took Thor who was the strongest he's ever been, Tony with the strongest and most powerful armour he's ever created and Steve with Thor's old hammer Mjolnir to take 2014 Thanos down and still failed to do so even though this version of Thanos was not as strong and trained as the current version. Now the reason being is that in Avengers Infinity War Thanos was only set to accomplish his goal which was to locate the Infinty stones, have them in his possession and wipe out half of all life with a snap. He didn't want to kill any of the Avengers, he just wanted the Infinty stones and do what he came to do. Since he already knew that the snap would decide and kill most of the Avengers, he just got them out of the way and did what he did, he was holding back. In Avengers Endgame, Thanos had witnessed the outcome and aftermath of his success and then decided that he would kill the Avengers, shred the universe to it's last atom, create a new universe and then destroy all 6 Infinity stones so that then his devious actions cannot be undone whatsoever. I know this comment is not really to relevant to this video but it's kind of why Thanos won in Avengers Infinity War and Was defeated in Avengers Endgame. He was patient and didn't rush things. He held back, But in Endgame he did things the other way round and didn't quite go as he expected it to.

  12. Thanos, I am that

    Avengers, I defeat that,

    The universe, I erase 50% of that

    Endgame, that’s the end of that

  13. I feel like so much was at stake in infinity war and ultimately is the better film especially w that ambiguous ending, but that’s only cuz endgame was the movie that we all knew was supposed to resolve the issue we saw coming

  14. Thanos is right, it’s not always the heart that can easily get destroyed. Wolverine knows that too, like in the hotel seizure scene, he pierced his Claws through the soldiers heads while they were frozen.

  15. OK so if you were Thanos wouldn't you just get rid of everyone who had opposed you and therefore leave no possibility of them finding any way of reversing what you had done? Just seems like something that any normal bad guy would have done; in my opinion anyway!

  16. Thor (in Infinity War) and Wanda (in Endgame) was going for the slow and painful way of killing Thanos but they didn't realize that it was only delaying Thanos.

  17. Whats sad is that when thanos stapped tony when they fought he didnt groan but thanos acted like a cry baby i this one wow

  18. I told u mang, I toooolllld u mang…don't fuk with me. Nooo, but-chu wouldn't listen..why you stupid fuk, look at-chu now.

  19. Every time I search a video on YouTube about Thanos on my phone. It Autocorrects my sentence and it replaces ‘Thanos’ into : ‘Thanks’
    It’s creeping me the fuck out.

  20. THANOS:you should of gone for the head (snaps)
    Next day (Thor goes to thanos’s planet)
    THor:chops of head:

  21. Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes in the MCU
    5. Vision
    4. Scarlet Witch
    3. Binary Captain Marvel or Celestial Star Lord
    2. Doctor Strange
    1. Prime Stormbreaker Thor
    0. Doctor Strange with Time Stone

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