the guys I was asked to make a
recommendation on a supplement in regards to gynecomastia if you’ve seen
my one day of eating or one meal a day video it’s right over here guys go watch
it you saw my supplements regimen in the
morning that I took and one of the things I take is just
secret ingredient let me grab it real quick gokzarah
go Cheryl but basically this is tribulus the reason I take tribulus um if you
guys don’t know already it’s because it helps to increase your testosterone we
all know that estrogen can create manboobs estrogen creates gynecomastia
having high levels of estrogen in the male body can lead to gynecomastia it
can lead you to having more feminine like features and also just holding on
to more body fat so to combat this estrogen you need to start your own
right and here’s the dangerous guys here’s the thing everything a lot of
guys take synthetic hormone boosters or testosterone boosters that just messes
with their hormones beauty with this tribulus is that it’s an herb alright
it’s not gonna message your hormones but it is gonna stimulate your testosterone
so it can increase your testosterone and that’s the reason I take it and the fact
that it’s natural and not synthetic not made in a lab is that it won’t give you
those adverse side effects that you don’t want alright like testicular
shrinkage it was a rock-like shrinking your ball sack guys all right this is
natural and I’m all about how to naturally reduce the appearance of man
boobs so yeah guys this is something I would definitely recommend if you guys
have not heard of it again it’s tribulus Koshiro is the medical term for it I
guess you could say I bought it on Amazon link in the description alright
if you guys want to buy some of this so serving here is half a teaspoon so I
literally take half a teaspoon put them in mall and I just drink my pre-workout
shake or whatever morning shake that I’m drinking
so this is just one of the things I would recommend guys there’s I’m gonna
make more videos on other supplements that I would recommend to get rid of
your gyno but this is what I take I just take it like this and I just
boop-boop-boop drink it off give it a shot let me know what you guys think
have you ever take tribulus before here’s the thing here’s the thing here’s
the truth if you do not exercise and watch your diet but you’re taking this
supplement nothing will happen alright nothing will happen you’ll stay
fat or you’ll still hold on to body fat in troublesome or embarrassing areas in
order to completely not completely completely but in order to reduce the
appearance of manboobs I’m gonna enforce this again
alright strength training diet and exercise
alright be sure to like be sure to comment and be sure to subscribe to this
channel guys more videos over here in regards to man boobs I’m gonna go more
into detail on workouts I probably already have a workout video here it is
check it out you want to go more into diet and also give you more tips on how
to lose those bamboo SAR gynecomastia so guys thanks again for watching I hope
this video is helpful give this a shot who also another thing shameless plug
have you ever heard of no FAP check it out I think it can benefit you guys
those are you’re trying to lose gynecomastia no FAP knowledge can
definitely help you in just overall becoming a man alright thanks again for
watching comment down below if you can relate to this do you guys have man
boobs what are your action steps you are
taking to get rid of it all so is this video helpful comment down below if this
is it not helpful comment down below let me know as so guys as always thank you
very much for your time god bless you and have the best day ever


  1. Do you guys take any supplements already for gynecomastia? LIKE SHARE and SUBSCRIBE n ill be posting more supplement videos SOON!

  2. so glad i found your channel, i’m 13 turning 14 and it’s so hard doing normal things with gynecomastia as it has me losing all my confidence, theres no point in telling my parents cause they just wont understand. admittedly, i’m overweight but i’m playing football and i’m starting to go to the gym so thank you for dedicating your time for people like me

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