Sunny Health & Fitness ?EXERCISE BIKE w/Adjustable Arm Bands SF-B2710 ?

Welcome back to the channel. We just got
a new exercise bike by Sunny Health & Fitness. you know they call it the sunny
health and fitness total body bike I put it together couple the days ago it
did take about two hours I’m putting the pieces together when I first looked at
it I was kind of overwhelmed because they you see a lot of bolts and little
pieces but wasn’t too bad somebody who is extremely mechanically inclined or
maybe two people could get it together in less time but it did take a couple of
hours one thing that I liked about this one reason I wanted to get this one over
some other of the recumbent or semi recombinant type bikes was that it has
armed arm and leg resistance bands that you can use and this one we’re not
experts or anything on we’re not what gym rats using a little informal home
gym all right we have it now in the fully upright position there’s actually
two more notches we can show you how to do that to adjust it so it’s leaning
back more like in the recumbent position but this is all the way up it happens to
be the way I like it here and also it’s the same knob because it can fold up so
it folds like all the way up so that’s a lot slimmer if you want to like put it
in a closet or something yeah I’m not sure that it will need to do that but
yeah actually if we need to move it or want to move it but some people put them
in the closet or theoretically you put one on your bed I’m not sure about that
so it’s pretty comfortable it’s nice you know if you want to relax a little bit
it has the the backrest or if you want to you know lean forward it’s got the
you know the heart rate monitor sensors here you know if you want to lean
forward more like more like riding a bike you know or you can hold it here
here whatever is more comfortable for you
or if you just kind of want to relax back
it does have the the heart rate in the distance and everything on the digital
monitor here these are nice to use I like to use them this way because it
helps you know build the chest muscles a little bit a little extra work out while
you’re riding the bike and the literature did say it holds up to 265
pounds it takes a little wider and thicker than someone so a lot of
exercise bikes especially the ones that are recumbent bikes have really
uncomfortable seats but this one seems to be reasonably comfortable would you
say it’s pretty comfortable it’s got a little cushion on it it’s definitely a
lot more comfortable than actually riding on a bicycle is it it’s very
quiet I guess it’s because it’s magnetic it’s not noisy at all I mean if you had
a child sleeping or anybody sleeping in the next room you should be able to use
this without bothering so this feature is kind of cool here still learning – we
just got this bike but you can like put it on and then you know the resistance yeah no don’t say I haven’t use that
function but just saying the literature that’d be the arm and it’s in good hands
or adjustable so I wanted to show you you see this is a fully upright position
there’s two more positions to make it lean back zone hold it here is this loosing this one
and it has three different holes here and then the hole it’s all the way down
a little bit tricky that is if you say if you put it here and match it up at
the last hole that is like if you want to fold it up to put it in the corner of
the closet and then the seat there’s another adjustment for the seat oh yeah
the seat can go farther back this is all the way those taller people and
everything that I was looking at the reviews along the bikes who say oh this
is only for short people are only for tall people but this seemed to satisfy
most the reviewers yeah this is pretty personal this does did you take it all
the way out it’s not the easiest sometimes yeah so you have to allow a
minute if you can’t change it I think this is new – yeah I’m making used to
using this I think most people if you just have a single user you’re gonna
find which of the three positions you’d like to use yeah we’re sharing it you
know a couple of minutes too switch so that’s all the way back
insurance I guess so this is gonna come this is a totally different feel here
and that’s where you lean back or see you lean back so this is more I mean you
could just read a book watch TV and just you know relax and get some low-impact
exercise and again it is very quiet oh my god
even the manuals right whether the man regular nice excited I can I’ll barely
hear anything yeah if you wanted to get up early and exercise and not wake the
other people in your household kind of hard to do that with the treadmill
unless you have it maybe on a different level okay absolutely position as far as
keeping it there see this is the the mid position so it’s not quite as upright
but definitely a lot more right than the last one so it’s all about what level
you know you’re comfortable with yeah I’m just gonna show that the user manual
is primarily primarily reparse and here’s the exploded diagram and when I
saw that initially that was very intimidating but it does take you
step-by-step through the assembly but there’s not much here on instructions
otherwise oh wait adjustments folding and moving and there are few few
diagrams for using the bike but it’s definitely warm that’s kind of
I use an instruction manual although honestly as I look at a diagram as
opposed to more step 1 step 2 okay to give you a look at the control panel as
you see it’s kind of toggling back and forth as you go but if you want to look
at a certain mode you just push the mode button miles per hour the calories that
you’ve earned so far see here oh and the pulse see if I can so you put your hands
there and it’ll register your pulse yeah a lot of people have the fitbit’s and
the Apple stuff you know and there is a little slot there that I guess you could
put your phone or tablet if you want to oh yeah exactly
right here one thing I did notice is there is not here that not most of these
that are in this size and price range there isn’t a cup holder do you see
anything right now there’s no you’d have to if you want
something maybe you have to get like the bottle before one of those clips or
something yeah you can clip it on but no that’s the only downside that I see it
says this is a nice little bike I do like this pane it’s quiet yeah it’s
really quiet man I pad and I hear and that’s you know it’s not that you know
you know we were talking about not waking people up but another advantage
of something quiet like this is if you want to watch television or even less
the music but right you watch television when I want to treadmill I just put on
the closed caption you know me to read something but yes you just can’t hear
yeah I have definitely had that issue I’m like oh well hell just you know you
know watch something and run on the treadmill and it’s not very easy to do
treadmill it’s pretty loud well let’s move it all the way down okay oh there’s nothing right okay so it
does both oh okay interesting yeah yeah so what’s 8 right
there’s something at least in the middle yeah the one it almost feels like you
know when you get your bike and you put it all the way down where it’s not
really in gear and you’re just you know spending yeah the show for the pedals
for the resistance is just for the pedals so look I just figured out so the
arm and the leg band resistance I look down at the the pulley system down here
pull this out and if you push this so there’s three so if you push it down
like this it’s a little bit more and then you push it all the way down here
that’s the maximum or resistance okay okay so this is clarify the the pedals
have eight levels of resistance and the band’s resistance bands have left three
right I think that’s about it for the sunny fitness bike and as I said in the
beginning we just got to put together a couple of days ago so we’re learning yep
it’s a nice bike though be sure to check the description section
below for more information to be a link to this product you want to take a look
at the user reviews that sort of thing or have an Amazon link we appreciate
your comments and likes thanks for watching

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