Stretch in Bed- 5 Minutes in Morning/Before Sleep

♪ Bob and Brad, the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the internet. ♪ (exhaling) – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous
physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – So we’re going to show
you how to stretch in bed five minutes in the morning. You can also do it right before
you go to sleep at night, maybe it will help you facilitate sleep. – Right. – You stretch out, get
oxygen going to everything. – So it’s one of those days where you open up your eyes in bed and you just feel– – You don’t want to get up. – You don’t want to get
up, everything feels like you need another three hours. – Which for me is everyday. – Yeah. – I am not a morning person so I’ve had to train myself to become one and so a lot of morning I just lay there and I like, you know, I
gotta do this in phases. – Sure. – I gotta get up in parts. By the way, if you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how
to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload everyday. Also join us on our
social media platforms. We’ve got Instagram, we got Facebook. We’re probably giving
away something right now, I don’t know, we did this
one quite a few weeks ago, this video, so we don’t
know what we’re giving away right now but we’re giving away something. – Right, well, all this year, 2019, we’re doing some good stuff here, Bob. – Yeah, we’re being good,
we’re being like Robin Hood. We’re taking from the rich companies and we’re giving it to the people. – Right. – Alright, so you’re in bed,
let’s go right through here. I’ve got 10 of ’em that we can do. Before you even start, a lot of times before you even start to the stretches you can do a little relaxed breathing. I like diaphragmatic breathing, in through the nose and when you breath in you actually expand the
diaphragm which means your stomach and your tummy
is actually going to go out. So in through the nose (inhale) and I purse breath out through the mouth like you’re blowing out a candle (exhale). (inhale, exhale) You can actually put a
little teddy bear there to feel it go up. – Oh yeah, that was one of the cues. Yeah, so take your teddy bear. We should have had you wear
pajamas with this spot. – I know, I should have my teddy bear, the one I sleep with at night. Alright, next one, these are the stretches we’re going to start off on now. And I like these ’cause a lot
of ’em are kind of passive. So you’re going to start
off with just ankle pops. You know, you’re tired,
you don’t want to do much. – Look at those ankles move. And this is one of those things because probably when you’ve been sleeping your feet have been plantar-flexed or pointed down like this
probably most of the night. So you want to get those going. – And again, being lazy
I’m going to go ahead and take my heel and I’m
going to stretch the toe. – Yeah, right there. – And the bottom of
the foot so if you have plantar fascitis this
is actually good for it. – Sure. – And I can do the other side, too. I’m going to stretch
the toe and the bottom of the foot and the heel cord all at once. – Or if you don’t have planta fascitis it’s a good prevention so you
don’t get it, there you go. – Next one, just some
gentle trunk rotations. Again, trying to wake up
here, thinking about my day, what’s going to happen, am
I going to see Brad today, oh my god, yes I do. – That’s traumatic. – That is traumatic. – And yeah, you gotta be
psychologically prepared. But look at this, his
hips are actually moving so you get a little back range
of motion as well as hip. So it’s a good– – And then you can even get
in a little extra stretch like this as you go over and
you can go stretch this way. And if you have somebody in bed with you, you know, your spouse or your partner, you can go ahead and kick
them, whatever it takes. – Wake them up until you’re up. – That’s right, next one is figure four. You just go ahead and cross your ankle over the other knee and if
you want you can just relax. Give a little push there,
fantastic one for the hip. This is one everybody should do. Keep that hip moving and
generally more movement you can get in the hip, less pain. – And the longer they’re going to last if you have a little
arthritis, it’s going to be good for that as well. – Alright, next one Brad, this one you gotta work out a little bit. To do a hamstring stretch you actually have to lift the leg
up, grab it underneath the knee like that and now I’m
trying to straighten the leg. Do you see how I’m doing that? – So yeah, the knee should
be up above the hip, kind of vertical. – Yeah, we’re starting with this vertical and you get to that point
and then you go ahead and just stretch the hamstring. – And you’ll feel it stretch there. – Now you can put this leg down too and you’ll get a little hip flexor stretch at the same time you want to. – That’s a bonus then, there we go. – Now this is another one
that we just kind of started, Brad and I, you’re actually,
we were working this as external rotation of the hip. Now we’re going to work
internal rotation of the hip by grabbing over and this
pulls it over like that. – [Brad] This one, you know,
I haven’t done this one until the last year and
I really like this one. – Yeah, this is a great one to do, it’s one I never did before and again, keep motion in that hip and
reduce pain quite often. – And one thing to keep in mind
with all of these stretches, if you notice one leg or one
side is tighter than the other, go after that tight side and get after it ’cause often times it is my right side that is clearly tighter than my left. – And as you’ll note with
all these stretches so far, I have not lifted, I have
stayed in the same position, I haven’t had to get up
or do anything yet, so. Next one is hip flection. And you can actually
start by putting it up on the other knee like
this and just stretch it a little bit like this, again
kind of the lazy man’s way. But then you eventually can go to this and you can put this leg down
and stretch it even harder. – [Brad] End range, hip range, end range flection we call that. That’s a nice– – That’s a nice one to do. – [Brad] Nice get-up-and-goer. – And now we’re going to go ahead and get the pure form of this, or you can actually get maybe
the IT band a little bit. So you cross over by the knee here and you give a little yank here. Give a little stretch. – [Brad] Technically speaking
we’re going to yank on it. – Yep, there we go. I’ll show it the other way, too, so you can see it on this one. – [Brad] So we call that,
little over pressure. – Yeah, there we go. Now where we at here? I’m trying to read my writing here. – [Brad] You couldn’t
memorize this, huh Bob? – Oh, wrist, okay, yeah, there we go. We’re going to go ahead and do wrists. You’re going to go ahead and
put your wrists up like this and you’re going to
turn them out like this. You want to show which
way I’m going, Brad? – So he’s going down and
if you look at it this way, he’s rotating out so it looks like this. Boom, and that’s one of
those stretches that gets the muscles that are hard to stretch, the wrist extensors we call ’em. – And then we’re going to go ahead and just making the big Y here, stretching out the chest,
stretching out the arms. – Again, if there’s someone next to you, don’t worry about it, it’s
time to get up anyways. – If they aren’t up give ’em a little pat. – Yeah, a love tap. – Then the final one, you’re
actually going to have to move for this one,
but I take my pillow, it’s a great one for the mid-back. – Oh, yes. – You roll it up like this, and now you’re going to go right
on the top of it like this, and then you stretch that
mid-back and go back over the top. – You know you may not
even have to roll it up. You might be able to just
slide it under there. – Yeah, it might do
the job but if you want to get a little more aggressive stretching you can go ahead and roll
up and then you’re ready for the day Brad, right? – Yeah, and by that time
the person next to you is awake because you’ve
been bothering them for the last five minutes. – Yeah, so she’s ready to
go get your coffee for ya. – Oh yeah, up and at
’em, then rock and roll. – She’ll throw it right
in your face probably. – Oh Bob, why Bob, why? – Thanks for watching.

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