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hello everyone you are welcome back to
today Mukbang and today I’m going to show you another mukbang that will help
you to lose weight in five days and also help you to get rid of stomach fat super
super fast if you do this for five to ten days you will see results, one thing i like about today mukbang is that it’s very very very very easy to prepare
and easy to eat so you are not going to find difficult to eat it, while
you’re eating it or while you eat it you burn belly fat so this will help
you to lose weight super super fast you are going to enjoy the drink, and while you are enjoying drink you are losing weight and this are apple, ginger and onion yes,so
first thing I’m gonna do is for me to cut the Apple I’m using the red apple
you can use the green or the red apple but I’ll be using the red so I cut the
Apple okay I’m gonna throw this one away, so I finished cutting this I’m going to go ahead and cut the onion next is for me to slice my ginger now I’m gonna use small amount of ginger, friend this is okay this is it i will wash the ginger and onion i will put it into the bowl and wash it very well I’m going to keep this one aside and
then drop this, so I grab my blender and then transfer this to the blender okay
so keep this away alright then what I’m going to do next is for me to add 300 ml
of water so guys this is it, this is 300 ml of water o will pour it into the blender alright and then I’ll blend
before blending i will cover it and blend. friends I have finished blending this, you
can’t see it so what I’m gonna do next is for me to grab my glass cup and then
my strainer because I’m going to strain this, if you wanna drink it
without straining it, that’s perfect but I’ll be straining it i have finished straining and i will remove the strainer and keep it away. the last thing i will add into the juice is honey. I want it taste great so I’m going to
add half tbsp of honey into this and also want to have power, honey help to boost your stamina and manpower why you are losing weight and getting rid of stomach fat it’s also good for
you to have energy it’s not good for you to lack energy while you are losing weight and burning fats so guys that’s all I have to do. i will stir and mix it very well, this is good, this is really refreshing, I feel fresh if you want to lose weight super fast, this is another mukbang for you. so I’m gonna keep it aside why
I enjoy my drink. friend the onion we also have to improve
your sight, do you see my eyes I’m feeling very very good you know that shedding tears is also good and this is super good, do you see how my face look. go and try this if you want to refresh your
body, you wanna look young, want also lose belly fat, you want to slim down go and
try this and friends you’ll be seeing amazing results, this is all you need to do for today mukbang. do it in the afternoon or before bedtime and you will see results, I’m gonna see
you again in my next video bye bye.

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