Start THESE Profitable Businesses in 2020!

What’s up! It’s Matt. In this video I want
to talk about 5 business models that are looking extremely lucrative to start
in 2020. And these are business models that you may not have heard of yet so
you’re definitely gonna want to pay attention because especially on YouTube
people like to put businesses into these little tiny boxes like start “Shopify” or
start “affiliate marketing” so you may not be aware of some of these opportunities
and I think these are some of the best ones out there so no fluff, let’s just
get straight into the first business model
first up Airbnb and there are definitely different models for Airbnb business
models but there’s one in particular that has been emerging that just I can’t
seem to stop thinking about it and I definitely want to get into it and it
seems very very scalable and much much less investment than you know buying a
house so potentially not hundreds of thousands of dollars needed at least in
a place like California to start with this model and the model I’m referring
to has a few different names but I usually see it referred to as Airbnb
arbitrage and the core difference between this model and your traditional
buying a place or an apartment and renting it out on Airbnb is that in this
model you don’t actually own the place you find rentals that you can arbitrage
on Airbnb so hypothetical numbers let’s say you can find an apartment that rents
for $3,000 per month and you find that this property on Airbnb could
potentially pull in five thousand dollars per month well now your startup
costs are only basically first month’s rent, security deposit, and some furniture
to get you up and running on something that is immediately cash flowing at
quite a high ROI if you do the math I mean to be able to invest ten twelve
thousand dollars and immediately potentially be netting thousands of
dollars per month if things go well I’m sure there’s a whole spectrum but that
is a very very very high ROI and you can quickly see how one property could very
quickly pay for the next property and pay for the next property and the next
one and there are people that I have looked into that have hundreds of
listings on Airbnb without owning any of them and one of the obvious downsides is
you’re not building equity in the homes or apartments the way you
would be with buying but that’s the trade-off of not having to put a 20%
down payment to be able to put that property on Airbnb, and of course also
you have to do this the right way where you’re legally able to and you’re making
an agreement with the landlord you’re not just renting an apartment and
putting it on Airbnb because you will get kicked out if that’s not agreed upon
and I think that would probably the main difficulty is getting landlords to say
yes and while you’re not building equity in the apartments or the houses
something that I think even the people doing this are missing is that this is a
business that could be sold in my opinion because you’re basically
building an investment portfolio in a way and if you build this sustainable
thing that has managers running these properties and it’s all just pure cash
flow you could sell the whole roll up of all of the management of your properties
like an LLC that has all these rental agreements and you have everything
streamlined with cleaners and all of that and you sell the whole thing as
just a cash flowing profitable business at a multiple of probably three years
profit or more I would guess maybe even more in a business like this side note
this one also really appeals to me because I think it could be amazing from
a lifestyle perspective and as a business owner as an online entrepreneur
I’m always looking for lifestyle hacks and I think of myself as wanting to
potentially have really sweet air B&B ease and several of my different
favorite places in the world and be able to you know block off a month here there
and also just enjoy it which would take out of the cash flow but major life
improvement and I’m no expert in this I’m only looking into it but I have been
watching the Airbnb automated YouTube channel and it’s pretty solid so you can
check that out next up is a business model that costs almost nothing to start
so this is a great one to get yourself off the ground and start building up
capital to roll into other things it’s not the most scalable but you can do
very well with it and like I said it costs very little to startup and what
I’m talking about here is reselling and I did this for many years before rolling
it into businesses that would be more scalable but this is essentially buy low
sell high you find stuff locally you find stuff on Craigslist you find stuff
on eBay you find stuff anywhere that you can buy that maybe you have a specific
set of knowledge where you know about cameras or clothes or phones or
skateboards or snowboards… I don’t know and you can find that you know this
thing is actually worth 100 bucks more I can get it cheap this person is
desperate to sell it I can list it properly and I can flip it and make that
profit and you know you could start this with free items potentially Gary Vee has
talked about that or you could buy an item for 20 bucks and you can sell for
40 bucks or you can find the item for 50 bucks that you could sell for 100 bucks
or you could buy a freaking car or boat or house and flip it for hundreds of
thousands obviously this does go at this is there’s multiple levels to this
downsides I’m not crazy about the scalability that was why I ultimately
stopped it I was running around selling phones mainly for a few years and then I
was selling vintage watches I’m very into watches so I was scouring eBay all
the time looking for things that were not really represented they didn’t know
what they had and yeah she’s very time consuming and not particularly scalable
but the upside is that this is something you could probably start today and if
you’re interested in this I’ll give a shout out to my wife’s YouTube channel
which I’ll link in the description she’s been doing eBay and reselling for a
while and it has been making some videos about that so check that out third
business model this one’s interesting because it’s both lucrative and scalable
and something you could potentially start with very very very little but it
does require a bit more of a skill set and this is to start an agency this has
been popularized by ty Lopez SMM a social media marketing agency but there
are many types of agencies from Amazon PPC agencies too
I talked about this a little bit in a recent video about other ways to make
money surrounding the Amazon opportunity but you know you can agency anything to
use that as a verb and there’s a ton of opportunity here because your clients
are going to be business owners and people that are making money maybe it
could be influencers anything and people that opportunities that you see that you
could sprinkle something special on it and make them more money that is
something that is high high high value in something that people are willing to
pay for you know companies pay millions of dollars to advertising agencies to
run Super Bowl commercials whatever I mean
that’s at one very high level but you know there are anywhere from getting a
$1,000 a month retained client or even $500 a month to run a company’s
Instagram something like that start racking those up and that is also a
business that is scalable and sellable too and the downsides being you have to
have a skill set and you have to be able to sell it you have to convince people
that you are worth their investment and I do think that initial grind of getting
those first few clients especially could be very very difficult but I still think
this is one of the best business models out there going into 2020 and in the
past and probably in the future because you can just rack up clients and
potentially you know how the whole team doing the actual deliverable work for
you on behalf of a clients over time and scale this up you know sell it have new
skill sets of new categories that you are an expertise on you know maybe
you’re doing video and then you’re doing Instagram and then you’re doing whatever
else and you can have different offerings to your same client base or
expand it to new ones and before the fourth business model
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ok so forth business model this is to start a physical product company and I
sort of teased this in the intro that people like to say Shopify or affiliate
marketing or Amazon or whatever else drop shipping and what I want to talk
about here is creating a brand of product because I probably think that’s
I definitely think that’s the main angle to go with in selling physical products
but I am NOT saying Amazon I’m not saying Shopify I’m not saying drop
shipping I’m saying building your own brand with a long term approach to
selling on multiple platforms and obviously if you’ve been watching my
channel a while you know that this has been the main topic over the years if
you’re new here there’s a lot of Amazon specific building your own brand
specific content on the channel in the past that you can definitely check out
but the real opportunity here is to build a product brand build a product
company right and that’s the way I’ve always talked about starting on Amazon
and I think that still is the opportunity to leverage platforms like
Amazon or to leverage Kickstarter and then
bring it to Amazon to get selling on Amazon and then to start thinking about
selling your product on your own Shopify store and running social media and all
of that to your own store and to also be thinking about what is my strategy for
getting this product into the store shelves offline you know on to retail
stores because that is still a major major major component of selling
physical products you know we get so excited by the sexy online marketing
stuff but there are so many products sold off the store shelves and this is
something that you can still do remotely and relatively hands-off by selling
massive quantities of inventory in bulk so thinking about that that Amazon that
direct and that wholesale to other retailers angle is kind of this the
trifecta of building a real product brand and you know so many old-school
companies are just going out of business every single day from storefronts to but
also just outdated brands that don’t have any direct connection to their
customers I mean all you have to do is get the first ad on Instagram to see
some old-school product being positioned in a new way there’s a ton of
opportunity to basically refresh every physical product out there in the world
and do it better do it in a new tone and just do it the 2020 way okay so the
fifth model and then there is kind of a bonus opportunity after that so don’t be
too ready to click out but this fifth one is to produce content and stick with
me for a second obviously there’s YouTube there’s all
these different content we hear about it we have you probably have an Instagram
whatever but I think there’s a real opportunity that’s just maturing which
is to really take content very very very very seriously maybe have maybe team up
with some people and produce very high-level specific content in any niche
it doesn’t have to be about business or making money or what you see me making
content like here and my content is not even really at the level that I’m
imagining it in what I’m talking about I mean there’s such a higher level of
really making things professional and basically just starting shows and
starting channels and starting these authorities for specific types
content from from business to news to cooking to guitars I don’t know but just
very high-level tailored content I think isn’t is a massive opportunity with so
many ways to monetize it and probably the maybe even the most long-term
thinking strategy of all of these because when you have your own platform
there are just so many ways to monetize it from physical products to agency to
affiliate marketing to basically a combination of almost all of these that
you could do maybe not Airbnb specifically unless you’re making
content about real estate or air be beer whatever I don’t know but there’s a lot
of ways to go about this and I’m not just talking about YouTube channels here
a really interesting example is the Hustle Co they have an amazing
newsletter literally an email newsletter and this thing is only a couple years
old I believe and they’re now pulling in well into the eight figures per year
which is insane for an email newsletter because they can have ad spots and they
can have they have a premium newsletter and group thing and there’s so many
angles when you have this core audience and they do it by having a team of
writers and making this highly curated content that is exciting to open and
read it’s not just another spam in your inbox but it’s something you want to
sign up for so that’s what I’m talking about is this highly tailored curated
high quality content is attention-grabbing because right now
there’s so much noise so when you can make very specific tailored content
there’s a massive opportunity there and there was a great podcast breaking down
the hustle it was on the mike dillard podcast or the mike dillard show which
is one of my favorite business podcasts but I’ll link that down below to the
episode with Sam par the founder of the hustle it’s incredible and will
definitely blow your mind into the opportunity of this kind of Refresh of
how we’re thinking about content and monetizing it so hopefully it came
through in the way that I talked about these that it wasn’t just drop shipping
and affiliate marketing for example with building the audience you can plug these
things into it so that’s kind of the way I think you should think about business
models which brings me to the bonus model which is think about business
models that don’t fit into any of these boxes you know especially in these
YouTube space is it gets very very segmented shopify
amazon drop shipping real estate and you know give yourself the creativity to
just come up with novel ideas to because some of the best business models are not
20/20 business models they’re just interesting novel ideas that create new
things in software forms and physical forms in you know retail locations you
know think about the biggest companies out there think about the platforms we
talked about think about Airbnb Airbnb was a novel idea Airbnb was not just
like whom what should I sell on Amazon it was a novel unique opportunity so I
hope he’s got you thinking let me know in the comments down below which ones
you might be running with and if that fourth one about Amazon and building a
brand is interesting to you definitely check out a lot that is already on my
channel and if you’re really looking to dive in with that I do have a course
it’s a program that runs you a busy getting started launching your brand
through Amazon and then also kind of laying that foundation to move on from
there and really establish it as a long-term thing you can check that out
in the description as well as a bunch of other tools and resources and things
like that I hope you really enjoyed this video definitely do smash that like
button feel free to also follow me on Instagram just to see what I’m up to and
yeah thanks for watching I really appreciate you and

20 thoughts on “Start THESE Profitable Businesses in 2020!

  1. I find niche-specific high-quality content in video form incredibly appealing in 2020 and beyond. I understand YouTube has been around for many years but there is just too much room for growth. New generations are not "adopting" YouTube (as we did). New YouTubers producing great content are growing exponentially and big brands are all over this!

  2. Content business model is crazy – Barstool just sold 30% stake for $430M.. The long term content model arbitrage is crazy. Thanks

  3. I'm actually looking into the exact model you mentioned for Airbnb. It's a bit tricky as it needs to be zoned for short term rentals and the landlords in those zones already caught on and they're boosting rent prices because of it. Still gonna make it happen though!

  4. We started with reselling, then moved towards wholesale + private label. So many people ignore how simple reselling is. Look around your house and sell things you don't use. We still do eBay, it is a great way to add to our multiple streams of income. In 2020, we want to get into real estate. Hoping to find a cabin in northern Arizona to AirBnB. Diversify is the key!

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