Standing Plank Stick Mobility Exercise – #9 Fundamentals

Alright, so we’re gonna go over a standing plank series We’re just gonna show from our first stance So just like a medium horse stance But we want to talk about the importance of it, because if you walk by and saw it, or on videos it doesn’t look like we’re doing anything, but we’re gonna show you how it is pretty demanding and you’re gonna see Dennis shake and we’ll do some stick checks, but the idea here is Dennis is going to be in a narrow grip right now just remember we can progress this, we can regress it, so we can go to all of our Stances we could take it out into a wider base horse stance. We can go feet together. We could do a single leg Split stance, lunge, you name it. So all of them could make it harder or make it easier, but the idea here Is that you go arm’s length away You always have the sticks angled in towards the midline and towards the body. Why is that important? Well, it’s important because that is our natural arm drive So that’s the way the body drives out to walk to run to do anything fundamental. You don’t want it away from you So if Dennis took the sticks outward that push is going to make you start leaning and get into a bad position, shoulders roll We might not have posture it’s not where we’re meant to be. So if they’re angled in that is our natural drive and our natural arm drive for everything that we do. So what it also does is Increases the tension and the force going through your core So if he’s just standing here, we’ve gotten him already in place these arms length away about shoulder height sticks are angled in So I’m gonna have him push what it’s gonna do a few to see it will start off at fifty percent so five seconds fifty percent if you see here he’s shaking that’s his core firing and relax If we crank it up a little bit we’re gonna go to 70 percent and watch everything go so you can always see if someone’s doing it by stick check and relax Ninety percent on this last one make it really work So shoulder blades should be driving to back pockets by pull on it right has to really work You can see my muscles going trying to pull up. So there you go. It’s working. You can’t deny it relax My bust a blood vessel or something keep going there, right? So we also want to take this into rotation Well, we use as the clock system. We’re not going to show all of them. We’re just going to go to a couple positions So that we challenge the core Rotationally as well his hips are gonna remain the same. We’re gonna rotate their upper body So can we disassociate lower half and upper half and create force and stabilize the trunk? So 50% Drive You’re gonna see the body work one side has to work a little bit harder and relax You’re also getting a lot of lat Recruitment right triceps this whole posterior chain and lateral chain has to go So the further we come out in a rotation with the sticks We start challenging different points that we start challenging our frontal plane and our lateral fascial line more and push 70% Three two One relax, so you’re gonna see every time we crank it up. He’s got to breathe a little bit harder We see more shaking. We see that fascial tensioning happening and ninety percent Really crank it down and push three two one relax good We’ll take it to the other side just to see so I don’t want him walking out of here a lopsided one side Activating the other side’s not so 50% push five four three two one good relax Ringo 70% and push so just to reiterate make sure shoulder blades are gliding down the back towards your back pockets like they’re supposed to Relax that gets those lats engaged A lot of people don’t know how to engage the latch down and properly work through scapula and push 70 percent Actually 90 percent. Let’s just go for it 90 push five four three Two one and relax. So there you go. Like you saw him have to work. This is very fundamental very Functional we need to start training the core on our feet where we spend majority of our time, right? we have to know how to stabilize and Create force at the same time know how to absorb forces So we’re teaching that by pushing and driving the sticks into the ground using fascial tensioning through I semesters isometrics Okay, standing plank series

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