Standing Pilates Exercises : Ply Squat Pilates Exercise

This Pilates standing exercise is called the
plie squat. So now, you want to take your legs as wide as possible. Pull you adominal
muscles in. Your knees and toes are facing the same direction; about 45 degrees. And
I want you to think ballerina, long, lean muscles. So you are going to come down and
then lift up. Reach your arms, squeeze your gluts. Down and up and down and up. So this
is a nice flowing movement working the gluts, the hamstrings, the quads and then you can
even come down and do some pulses. And really feel the burn here. You can even lift up one
heel at a time as you pulse. And then the other heel. And this you can just shift heel
and heel. So there is lots of variations that you can do with this plie squat. And it is
all geared towards that lower body. Down and up. So you take any version of the plie squat
and perform it for about a minute. And that is your plie squat.

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