Squash Stretches & Training Exercises : Seated Stretches for Squash

Okay, it’s good to, another good stretch is
you can put your heels together and try to pull them towards your seat like that, and
try to press, get your knees to go down. So this helps stretch the upper legs. Very, very
important because you’re going to really put a lot of stress on them when you’re running
around the court. And then, you can change the stretch, go to this. So you put your right
leg against your left leg and then just lean out and try to grab your bottom of your feet
and try to touch your head here. And just hold the pose, don’t force it. So you just
try to hold it. And then you switch legs and do this. And the more warmed up you are before
you play, the less likely you are to just pull something because that’s usually when
the most, most injuries happen is right when you start. And the final set of stretches
on this series, is just grab your toes like that and just try to pull your upper body
down and just hold it. So when you hold it, it’s going to really force the stretch and
it also warms the body up. So you don’t have to try to muscle it or do any of this stuff.
You want to just have a good, gentle stretch. And if you do this on a regular basis, you’ll
start really feeling the results of it. You’ll be more limber and you’ll be better on the
court and you’ll probably reduce the number of injuries that you ever get.

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