Sports Drink Disaster (HIDDEN SUGARS!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Out of the gym, in the kitchen to talk about
one of the most commonly asked questions that I get, and that is, ‘Jeff, what is the value of sport drinks before
I train, or while I train, or during my game?’ It’s a common question. It’s one I actually know a lot about because
back in Major League Baseball, we sure as hell had a big bucket of Gatorade in our dugout
every single game. We would instruct players to drink a Gatorade
in between one inning break and then water in the next inning break to try to balance
it out. One for the value of the electrolytes of the
sport drink, and then one for the hydration of course from water. But how good are they really? Well, guys,
if you look at this, I’ve got 3 different sport drinks sitting in front of me. And I want to show you guys one of the biggest
tricks that sport drinks will play when they’re trying to hide some of the things that aren’t
so great about their drink. Right here, we’ve got our classic Vitamin
Water. This is a Vitamin Water Zero. So, the sweetener used in here is Stevia. So, for those looking for the all natural
sweeteners which I tend to and we put in our ATHLEANRX Supplements, Stevia here is going
to be the sweetener of choice. And you’re pretty much good to go. You’re
going to get the hydration. You’re going to get the electrolytes and you’re going to have
again, as your sweetener, Stevia. So you’re not so bad if you’re going to be
using a sport drink. This other one here, bai5, it’s actually, it’s really good. It
tastes good, I like it. They use erythritol in here as their sweetener
and that’s a sugar alcohol. A lot of protein bars will use the same thing. You see the difference. They have the sugar
alcohols and the regular sugars. And the sugar alcohols are not counted towards the carbohydrates. That’s because they’re not digested the same
way. They’re not broken down the same way. The only complaint that people have about
sugar alcohols is their likelihood to cause indigestion or diarrhea or you know, gas pains
if you drink a lot of them. Guys, we’re not talking about drinking tons
and tons of these bottles everyday because there’s a far bigger value to drinking water
if you’re drinking too many of these. You’re excluding your opportunity to drink
water. But if you’re going to have one of these a day, you should be totally fine. But here’s where the tricks get played. Now
this is a new brand. My wife actually bought this. I mean, it looks really cool. It’s got all the great things on the side.
The electrolytes, 2 and a half times of the sports drink. Vitamins, 200 percent of the
RDI. Coconut water, right, we know the value of
coconut water. So, it’s got everything in here. Natural flavors. No artificial colors. Here’s the trick, though. You’ve got to look
at the serving sizes, and you’ve got to look at the sugars that come in these sport drinks. This sport drink here, 18 grams of sugar.
Now, that, guys, I’m going to show you in a second here how much that really is. That’s 18 grams of sugar, but guess what?
There’s 2 servings in this container. Now, I don’t know who you are, but when we drink
these things, when I drink these things, I drink the bottle.
I don’t drink half of it and put it away and come back the next day. I drink the bottle. So, there’s not 18 grams
of sugar in here. There’s 36 grams of sugar in here. And guess what? That’s every single calorie that it’s in this
thing is straight sugar. Now guys, you know I talk about the value of constructive calories
versus destructive calories. Or, at the very least, nonconstructive calories.
Plain sugar is a nonconstructive calorie. You don’t need it. It’s going to help you to build muscle. It’s
not very valuable for you. It’s excluding, again, guys drink this at the exclusion of
natural, plain water. And if that’s what you’re doing, you’re making
a big mistake. But let’s underscore how much that really is so that you can see what it
is you’re putting in your body if you drink this. So, the rule of thumb, guys, 4 grams of sugar
per teaspoon of sugar. Ok, so for every teaspoon you get 4 grams. We have 36, 36 divided by 4 is 9. So, that
means we’ve got 9, 9 grams. Here. 1, 2, count with me, 3, I’m not even
half way there. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Come in close here and see how much sugar
you’re getting in that 1 bottle here of that. Does that look like that’s good for you? Is that going to be powering you as an athlete?
The breakfast of champions? Likely not. All we’ve got to do is add a little
water, and we’ve got that sport drink. Guys, this is one of the areas that sort of,
you know, blows my mind when I think about the kind of crap that could be put in front
of us. But really, it’s your responsibility, alright.
I tell you all the time, we know what the right thing is. The right thing is to hydrate
with water. That’s the right thing. If you’re going to
hydrate with sport drinks, good. Be responsible, have one of them. And choose the better options,
I believe. Natural Stevia. But, if you start having these, and you start
cranking these down and chugging these down all day long throughout your workouts, multiple
bottles, guys, get control of your hydration. You need to have much more water than this
and you certainly need to stay away from this garbage because that’s not going to help you. So, hopefully, guys, you found this video
a little enlightening. Again, you may not have known how much sugar is actually in these
things. And you may not have known about this little
trick that they play, the 2 servings per bottle. That’s straight bullshit as far as I’m concerned
because again, nobody drinks just a half of a bottle. They all drink a bottle. So, if you found this helpful, guys, make
sure you leave a thumb’s up below. And in the meantime let me know what else
you find helpful, I’ll make a video about here in the upcoming videos. Thanks, guys.

100 thoughts on “Sports Drink Disaster (HIDDEN SUGARS!!)

  1. Hey Jeff. I've got this idea about sugars and their high glycemic nature. The main effect (and I'm guessing problem) of sugars is their stimulating of insulin to high levels. Now, if this is done regularly, then the overtime bad effects of sugars come about (diabetes, fat gain, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.). But, since insulin is an anabolic hormone, in every way (not just fat, but protein and glycogen), is it fine to have a meal with high glycemic load after a workout to quicken the recovery process (stop the protein degradation effect of the recent workout? The downside to this from what I see is if workouts are done in such a frequency that taking this post-workout meal would become too much and cause you to be on the path to problems. And if not that, then it would reduce the post workout lingering fat burning effect. But if your concern isn't fat burning to the max and you workout enough to not cause problems, then the previous statements no longer hold as problems and it would seem fine. Also, what about during an activity where you want to maintain max level of performance as much as possible- as insulin will reduce protein degradation and increase glycogen and fat stores for energy use? Also, what about exercising with a moderate to high intensity after a high glycemicly loaded meal to quickly counter insulin production by the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine and other "anti-insulin" hormones?

  2. Isn't it all about nutrient timing though? I mean sugar is the fastest digesting carb and have several benefits when taking it the right time:  To spare muscle glycogen and maintain constant release of insulin to inhibit cortisol release (catabolic) during/after workout. Just want to get your thought on this AthleanX, because I really look up to you and would love to get your input on this 🙂

  3. I really like your video tutorials. And I for one have gained hugely. However your demonstration of sugar content would have been more scientifically presented if you'd used scales. As you say let's put the science back in your training.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Yo! @ATHLEAN-X™ can you plz do a VIDEO on the regular meals intakes per day like say for…… example that someone who eats 3 times a day and each meal is 500 or 600 calories would that be healthy or are we suppose to eat 6 times a day to see results in our body. For me my brother I weigh 230 and I eat 3 times a day big meals (healthy) with water..just wondering if u can weigh in on that type of topic thanks!

  5. @ATHLEAN-X™ , @Jeff Cavaliere , we all have the same question. Wasn't that a tablespoon in the video? It seems so. Please reply.

  6. I'm a sophomore in high school and run cross country for my school and I found that if you drink 1 Body Amour before running it benefits you greatly! The potassium eliminates cramps while running (if your breathing technique is down,) and the vitamins give you the energy to go the extra mile. For these reasons, I feel as if the 36g of sugar is cancelled out by the benefits I've gotten from the drink. As long as you drink 1 like the videos say, I think Body Amour is the best sports drink on the market!

  7. Shots fired at his wife for picking up the drink.
    I say…Drink whatever the….Fuck you want.
    Great I formative video though Jeff.

  8. The thing is though is that they're not lying. If you don't read the label it's on you. Even with natural sweeteners it just masks the actual sugar, in which case you're still taking in sugar regardless of what they "replace" the sugar with. Body Armor uses pure cane sugar, something I'm much more comfortable knowing rather than a drink with "zero" sugar and sucralose or stevia. It's practically impossible to be on a sugar free diet. Even vegetables and fruits have natural sugar and are both deemed as some of the healthiest foods you can eat. That being said I mainly drink water and rarely have a sports drink, unless I'm feeling really depleted.

  9. I run cross country i drink the whole thing about 30 min before a race and a bottle of water after I swear to God that body armour makes me feel like I'm on steroids while I'm runing it is a alot of sugar but like most sports drink it isn't for the average Joe

  10. Jeff.. should I be wary of the sucralose sweetener in my BCAA powder mix? Does this warrant the same kind of caution as the sugars in sports drinks? Thanks.

  11. You have a tablespoon in your hand buddy, not a teaspoon. One teaspoon of sugar weighs slightly less at 4 grams. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, One teaspoon of granulated sugar equals 4 grams of sugar. To put it another way, 16 grams of sugar in a product is equal to about 4 teaspoons of granulated sugar. So your 18 grams is about 4..5 teaspoons of sugar.

  12. awesome video I terms of information and education. I would rate it at a 7, a 10 with a better camera, stabilizer and audio.

  13. Let's be honest…We don't need sugar in our daily lives.

    But we can't go more than a day or two without it. WE ADDICTS MAN!!

  14. i add water to my sports drinks, me thinking that it helps reduce the sodium and sugar and boost the elctralights, but its just a theory of mine, would that help?

  15. If you train and usually have a good diet and workout drink only one sport drink a week I do it on my cheat meal day.

  16. Water is your best friend, ffs your body is 70% water.

    I used to drink a lot of soda but once I started replacing that soda with water it made a world of difference.

  17. You're using a tablespoon 3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon your calculation is off. And I'm happy at least they're using real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners that may cause harm to your body because we have not been able to truly test the results of them on our bodies.

  18. How's that a disaster? I just worked out for the first time in a looooong time, and i almost passed out to low blood sugar… do you have an episode on that?

  19. never mind sports drinks, what about energy drinks!! i`ll never understand why anyone would consume them. a lot of the fitness model`s drink them, but i don`t know if they know what`s in them or why they drink them, with exception to the caffeine!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  20. I get the point Jeff, but you are using at least a tablespoon of sugar per scoop. A tablespoon = 3 teaspoons, so while there is a lot of sugar, that is a bit excessive.

  21. I drink zero calorie Powerade. I was wondering if that’s about as good for hydration as water. I take creatine and am doing a Keto diet.

  22. He’s 1100% Absolutely Wrong.! It’s not straight bad sugar Mr. wanna be Personal Trainer Dude.! It’s [Natural Fruit Sugar] the sugar your body needs to Help you after a hard long workout

  23. " Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth."
    he used a TABLESPOON what a moron i hate people like that put 9 heaping table spoons ,the drink has less sugar than half of what he showed!

    simply fuck you for having this video still up its a flop anyway ,and overkill against sugar ,basically you are flat out lying ,visuals lie facts and numbers dont

  24. I know this is an older video but can you do a video about normal water vs. alkaline water? Everyone at my gym is talking how alkaline water is "the way to go"

  25. dude your like a body builder, these drinks are for athletes who consistently burn away calories on the court.

  26. Are you aware that’s a tablespoon? And that’s not how you measure it either I would say that there is a total of 18 tablespoons in that glass for a total of 72g

  27. Excuse me WTF did Gatorade payed you the body burns sugar Boodyarmor has all natural sugar that the body burns.

  28. Totally got sucked in by all the “natural” stuff, definitely opened my eyes to see the whole picture of what information is in front of me

  29. The thing is Jeff when you’re doing 3-4 hrs of cycling high sugar content is just the ticket, we literally fill our water bottles up with water and 6-7 heaped tablespoons of sugar , on top of that 2 or 3 pinches of salt, a bit of magnesium and boom 💥 you’re in business , I know what you’re saying but it really boils down to the level of intensity and duration , when you ride above your threshold you burn a lot of Carbohydrate and sugar is the quickest way to replenish on the bike either by gels or sugar water

  30. So glad I watched this. I've been drinking the 28oz Body Armors and they have 3.5 servings. Holy toledo!!!

  31. So what's best to drink to rehydrate yourself rehydrate when you're working really hard in the hot weather straight water

  32. So does having a regular Gatorade after training or performing hurt? I've read it is good to have a Gatorade, but I've also read its bad so i'm just not sure. Anyone wanna clear it up…

  33. Sugar – glucose – fuel – glucose consumed but not used – glycogen – glycogen is stored for later.

    Sugar is our friend.

  34. I got tricked by this once, the. During a wrestling tournament I decided to read the back and saw that it said amounts of sugar per a serving then I realized that there are 3 servings or whatever. Never bought those again. Have made my own

  35. What about the zero sugar zero calories energy drinks like monster are those bad for you I usually drink at least one a day?

  36. Hi I wasn't sure which video to comment on but what are some good ideas to stay in shape when I have a leg injury and I'm a soccer player and my favorite day is legs it's probably all I do now that my knee and left achilies injured just want some ideas or suggestions

  37. lol those are HEAPING table spoon measurements not teaspoon or tablespoon. Use a REAL teaspoon and tablespoon measurement then try again. Mislead much?

  38. That woke me tf up! Thank you so much for this info! I thought I was doing great until I stumble on this. I'm forever thankful. God bless you , man.

  39. I literally was wondering about stevia and looked up stevia ATHLEAN and I popped up…just stop dude ur going to fast for me lol. Ty

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